OTC: Mike Anderson Stays At MU / Josh Selby KU Bound

Missouri head coach Mike Anderson.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Suh and Tebow at Arrowhead might actually make me use my tix and not sell them.

    Thanks Mike Anderson for telling Tiger Woods enabler in chief to FUCK OFF.

    Zack will be fine. The Royals not so fine. I still think Walmart should change the name of the dog food from Ole’ Roy to Ole’ Royals.

    The schools should lose a scholarship for every kid that does not stay for four years. One and done is bullshit and is the equivalent of putting a kid into a higher academic version of the KCMO school district.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Zack seems almost careless so far. 2 starts ago he gave up back-to-back homers off the exact same hanging curve ball. His pitch location seems off. He’ll correct it. He’d too talented not to. But he’d do himself a favor to figure it out quick before the Royals bats go cold.

    Anderson messed up a bit, I think. His situation at Missouri is GREAT…good facilities, a great class coming in…probably a Top 20 team next year. Why mess with a messed-up program like Oregon? If Anderson IS in fact intrested in the “best interest of his family”, then his best bet is to coach what looks to be a VERY good Tigers to the top of the Big 12 next year. THEN he’ll have real leverage with Alden for more money should a team like Arkansas come calling.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lots of whispers about Mike Aviles being a product of the juice. Think about it. A 27-year old minor league lifer who gets bigger and then all of a sudden in one season is the big team’s MVP. Then bang, the balloon pops and back to oblivon he goes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anderson does not seem like the kind of guy that would like the whole Pac-Northwest lifestyle. He’ll never get National Championship talent at MU and I don’t think he can coach up that much. He will get a shot at some FU money down the road as long as he keeps his program CLEAN.

    I’m on board with Suh and Tebow. It’s actually a doable deal. Chiefs nation would go batshit with those two. Like Uncle Dick said after I called this shot many months ago…. Tebow can just write fuck off on his face instead of a Bible verse to communicate with Haley.

    Zack has some problems. The Royals have problems. The Chiefs have problems. The city has problems. No problem

  5. Anonymous says:

    MandDShagger sed:
    Zack has some problems. The Royals have problems. The Chiefs have problems. The city has problems. No problem

    Donkeypunch sez:
    Speaking of problems, found two large snakes in my yard yesterday. Greg, if you need some extra income I need a guinea pig to lure the snakes out so I can whack them with my shovel


    GH: DP, If I was that talented I wouldn’t have a yard full of moles. I’ll trade snakes for moles anytime. Snakes = good. Moles = bad.

  6. Anonymous says:

    KC Fan
    I fully expect the Chiefs to draft Bulaga. That is the kind of move they would make. It would please the Iowa fans, and continue the KC tradition of doing one for a friend. (Kirk Ferentz is the Iowa Coach and he and Pioli are long time friends). This goes back to Ryan Sims (Dick Vermeil and Carolina Coach John Bunting). Let’s not forget the numerous ex-Braves under Dayton Moore. This will serve to continue the irrelevance of pro sports in this country bumpkin hick town. We don’t want NBA or NHL, why would we want championship teams.

  7. Anonymous says:

    KK is right on this one. If we take the second,SECOND OT in this draft I’ll be dangerously close to being done with the Chiefs. 3 top five picks and we get Dorsey, Tyson Jackson???(still never heard his name, who the hell he was in college or why he’s going to be a good pro) and Bryan Baluga? You have got to be kidding me. Take a freaking playmaker. Suh, Okung, Berry in that order take who’s left or trade down.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Donkeypunch, pour gasoline down the holes and light ’em up for dinner.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Suh’s gift is “thank you” money for covering up his drunk driving incident in which he supposedly swerved to avoid a dog and hit several parked cars. Rigghhttt.

    We’ve already taken a “can’t miss” Nebraska star here (see Alex “pussy” Gordon) … let’s not make that mistake again.

  10. Anonymous says:

    MandDShagger sed:
    Donkeypunch, pour gasoline down the holes and light

  11. Anonymous says:

    Donkeypunch…Gas works like a mofo or if you wanna pay somebody call Critter Catchers at 816-452-7448. Ask for Jody. He helped me with a bat problem. Cool dude and much more reasonable then the other companies I called.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wow! 12 posts and not one Jayhawk disputing GH’s prediction that KSU will still be predicted to finish above KU next season now that they have their PG. You Squawks are slipping.

  13. Anonymous says:

    There’s only one problem with Rany’s reasoning on the Royals keeping 13 pitchers: who can they bring up that will provide punch at the plate for weak-hitting starters? There isn’t any great bench quality with 12 position players on the roster; adding one or two more punchless hitters wouldn’t be much help.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Cliffy you’re a freaking idiot. Time for you to learn a lesson…
    1. Nebraska’s legal limit is .035, less than half of what it is in KS and MO.
    2. Suh consented to getting tested.
    3. Suh was under the legal limit of .035. Not under .08…under .035!
    Don’t agree with any of this???
    Here’s the police report jackass. boom roasted

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ptolemy…sorry I missed that and let me file my official protest…NOW! I don’t care how anyone feels about KSU next year, they lost to KU three freaking times this year, put it together and had a good run. They were FOUR games behind KU, correct? It wasn’t even close. They lost at home to OKst and Iowa State…and they return pretty much the same team. KU has won 6 conference titles in a row with a ton of different players and has never had this good of a point guard. KU is STILL the deepest team in this league. The real question is will Self better utilize his depth next year when he doesn’t have the obvious guys to play through. If you’re going to talk shit on KU, talk shit about their losses in the tournament. Don’t even say you’re the favorite to win the league because you’re assuming all the worst of KU next year and all the best of KSU. Not happening. PT i’ll bet. Jojo i’ll bet. KU vs. either KSU or Mizzou KU will come out ahead.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan

  17. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    sure, ksu is better than ku. they nearly beat ku in three tries this year.

    in the long run, you recruit the best basketball players, and you’re better off. no one can predict the future. I’ll bet on the team with the best talent.

    anyone remember KU losing its best player before the 07-08 season? don’t worry, julian wright was at the title game. you can see him on the cover of SI midway thru Mario’s shot.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Annabell Adamo
    Heya, already been following your blog for a long period. I operate a similar blog although I always keep receiving a great deal of spam remarks, how can you keep your blog site so unpolluted?


    GH: We get some spam as well, although only a few a week. I manually move these comments to the spam folder and delete. Our webmaster has a good handle on filtering out most of the spam before it gets to the site. But there is no real cure for spam — it is the common cold of the web.

  19. Anonymous says:

    GH sed:
    I manually move these comments to the spam folder and delete. Our webmaster has a good handle on filtering out most of the spam before it gets to the site.

    Donkeypunch sez:
    Might want to fire that webmaster of yours. JOJO’s posts still show up

  20. Anonymous says:

    donkey punch….if not for me this whole site
    wouldn’t be worth the $5 its listed at now.
    I’ve not seen one single contruactive/intelligent/factual post by you.
    All you do is critique others which to me is
    a waste of time.
    Amd at 6:08 am you probably havent taken your
    meds yet so this time i forgive you for
    trying to insult me.
    By the way…whats with the name…
    you do remind me of the north end of a south
    bound donkey…an asshole.

  21. Anonymous says:

    stevo…got $1000…this time i bet ku doesnt
    make it to the sweet 16 next year.
    They’ll be lucky with what they have to even
    win their first round game.
    We saw the true hawks this year. What a waste
    of time. You hawk fans wasted all that time and
    effort and b.s. building up your team and you
    got knocked out of the big tourney.
    Talked with a friend in lawrence…said the
    city literally has closed down since the team
    lost. Business is off…peoploe on prozak…
    you hawk fans really need to find something better to do with your time. Mayvbe take up
    knitting…read a book…volunteer at the
    local pet shelter…but don’t waste your time
    again thnking you’re going to win a
    national championship. Ain’t gonna happen boys.
    Maybe take up gardening. Lawrence looks like
    a shithhole and it could use some sprucing
    But remember..football is right around the
    corner. Alreeady hearing that uncle tom
    turner is having problems with players…
    so get ready for a real ass kicking this
    fall….it ain’t gonna be pretty hawks…
    the tigers are loaded up and ready to
    kick your ass back to that disgusting little
    bastion of transgenderism…lawrence.
    Could someone please do something with that
    city. Its such a rat hole.

  22. Anonymous says:

    JOJO sed:

  23. Anonymous says:

    Been a KU fan my whole life, but actually LOVE the thought that K-State MIGHT be the pre-season pick to win the Big 12.

    But I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

    Sounds like Self has a good shot at getting another top 20 recruit (Terrence Jones). Even if not, I think voters will realize that KU shouldn’t slip much with all the guys they have coming back. Clemente’s loss, in my opinion, will be fairly huge.

    KU losing Aldrich’s shot-blocking will a big hit. But with Danny Manning’s assist, I think the Morris twins, Robinson and Withey will do a fine job. Collins fear-lessness and toughness (much like Clemente’s) will be sorely missed. But it’s sounding like Selby has a similar mind-set…and add to that Elijah Johnson, who all around the KU team say is perhaps the most talented guard on the team.

  24. Anonymous says:

    nick sed:
    and add to that Elijah Johnson, who all around the KU team say is perhaps the most talented guard on the team.

    Donkeypunch sez:
    Assuming EJ can lay off the cronic

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