Tony: A Tribute To Rick Ryan

Local Internet fame can be tricky. To be kind, Kansas City is a niche market and even most newsies at big media outlets are looking to move up and out. Meanwhile, the local Internet scene is marked mostly by entrepreneurs hoping to spin content, links, photos, calenders and all variety of schemes into gold.

My favorite of all online operators has to be Rick Ryan of Independence. The vlogger has quietly become one of this town’s most consistent content providers online.

Ryan is a 61 year-old dude from Independence, Missouri with a penchant for strippers. In fact, he has recently expanded the content on his youtube channel to include more eclectic content. Back in the day he used to include nothing but stripper interviews like this up close and personal look at stripper/porn star Shyla Stylez at a recent visit to Bazooka’s.

Now the guy is doing pretty run-of-the-mill stuff like features @ Planet Comicon.

And all of this is just a reminder to dear readers that even the local Internets is bigger than anybody can possibly imagine and very often mainstream media dictates our perspective about what’s online. Really professional Vloggers like Ramsey Mohsen get a lot more play on local TV and in the news (Ink counts, right?) because he’s a really nice, young and enthusiastic dude whereas I contend that Rick Ryan speaks to ethos of the local Internet just a bit more closely.

Tony Botello
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3 Responses to Tony: A Tribute To Rick Ryan

  1. Anonymous says:

    The one with the gloves is a mutt. You sure that isn’t horse face sarah jessica parker. Geez that nose. Looks like a Glazer girl. the other is cute.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Too bad this dudes 15 minutes of fame is on KCC where no one will know about it. Raoul Duke is not impressed.

    If he had a unique POV like interviewing their tits or vaginas or anus’ I might be impressed. He’s just an old perve wasting his Viagra scrip on hand explosions.

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