OTC: Royals’ Pen Pure Bull / Oregon Wants Mizzou’s Mike?

Detroit Tigers Johnny Damon dives back safely on a pick off throw to 1st base after getting on with a 1st inning walk .

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice column, Greg. If Anderson really did turn down Oregon for that kind of money (and the rumors are that he turned down ever more money last year from Memphis), it seems Mizzou, for better or worse, may have their lifetime coach. Unless he has set his sights on a job like Kentucky or UCLA or something, it sounds like h e gonna be there as long as they’ll have him.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    This town has good sports fans. They don’t need championship teams. They don’t even need great teams. They just need teams that have a chance to be good.

    Too bad the Glass and Hunt families aren’t interested in producing those. They do love making money and soaking us taxpayers though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The season opener and a Red Sox series do not a season make. Unless they start winning look for attendance to be down from last year or look for those Walmart discounts after the 4th of July to keep butts in seats.

    If David Glass REALLY cared he would have whacked Hillman and Moore after the Debacle in Detroit just for effect. If they blew a 5 run lead over three innings I could deal with that. They did it in one, in the worst possible way. It was the equivalent of getting ready to shag Uma Thurman and then castrating yourself.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I like Danny after Chiefs losses and Jason Anderson after Royals losses. WHB bitches and moans with the best of em!

  5. Anonymous says:

    outlook on sports. WHB AND 610 READ THIS!
    1. Tiger..if you never play another tournament
    great! If you decide to move to vegas to be
    closer to your whores…great. But you now
    officially are a loser.
    2. Glass: I’ve decided that david glass has
    done a decent job giving the reins to mr.
    moooooore to run this team. Moore has some
    players to work with (pod/dejesus/butler/
    callaspo/ankial) but his bench is filled with
    trade bait. Aviles/gordon/other minor leaguers
    etc but he needs someone who can immdiately
    determine if these guys are majors or if they
    can be traded. We’re at that poiint. And moore
    won’t do it. And hillman…well enoughs been
    said here to fill a book…this guy just hasn’t
    got it. We need someone with a winning record
    and we neeed to go get them by May 1.
    3. 610 SPORTS: if they actually have made the
    move in their format as greg indicated…going
    more to politically and socially oriented
    sports discussions its a brilliant move.
    I’m surprised i never thought of it.
    I listened to their shows this week and I
    noticed the phone lines were clogged up.
    I also noticed that whb’s were not.
    Two weeks ago I found software on the internet
    that has been used to determine the winners
    of American Idol 98% of the time by measuring
    the busy signals. I won’t go into details but
    I found out that I coulddetermine how many
    calls a station gets with this software
    adjustment. If its true that callers determine
    listeners and that callers are usually the
    most loyal listeners of a station then I am
    seeing a shift from whb to 610.
    The idea if they really are trying to do it
    is that there’s only so much crap that can be
    said bout the royals and chiefs. Bascially whb
    is getting stale. What 610 did was energize
    a new audience. I thnk of it as the “sports
    baggers”…people who love sports but want to
    discuss the juicy items like ben’s sexscapades..
    Sports is not just runs and touchdowns. If 610 can differentiate themselves from 810 in this
    way they could hit a home run. Kind of like
    a “rush limbaugh” show about sports.
    810 better wake up to this because a whole new
    listener is lurking to hear these types of
    discussions. I think its going to work.
    4. wHAT More can glass do to improve this
    team?” Get more bullpen help…thats why
    he depends on his pitching coach/manager/
    moore etc. to do. If it doesn’t work…can them
    …they’ve had their chance.
    5. Glass is making money. Thats more important
    to him than winning a trophy. So kc get used
    to it…its a fact and noones going to change
    it til glass realizes he made a hugem istake.
    And remember…noone ever gets fired at wal
    6. Chiefs: I’m ready. I’m psyched. Charkie
    blew the marshall deal (couldnt we give up
    2 draft choices for marshall?)….why do we
    waste these draft choices on worthless
    talent when we can trade them for good
    expeirienced talent already proven players?
    7. Chiefs are looking at that linebacker
    from northwestern…quintin ?….watch for
    them to draft him…incredible linebacker.
    8. Chiefs assistant coaches: did romeo keep
    all his assistants…one he did who won’t be
    here long is gary gibbs. He got a raw deal in
    new orleans but he’ll be back as defensive
    coordinator somewhere else real soon.
    9. Anderson: as an avid mu fan I hate to say
    this but I personally would not be sad if
    he left. His style of play and that 40 minutes
    of heck will nver put MU in the topelite
    basketball programs in the nation…in fact
    it probably won’t put them even in the top
    50. He’s recruited some real talent so hopefully
    I’m wrong but it’s wearing thin and the really
    top players don’t want to work that hard
    when they’e needding to score 15-20 points a game.
    So ducks have at him…but wait a year…we want
    to see what he can do with the top 10 recruiting
    class in 2010-2011.

  6. Anonymous says:

    kc rush
    GH: … Crowe, Carlos Rosa, Michael Montgomery and Daniel Cortes need to be in the Royals

  7. Anonymous says:

    kc rush
    GH: Alexander is hosting an evening show on 810 that is pretty entertaining. If you

  8. Anonymous says:

    I gotta admit I listened to Nick Wright during an hour-and-a-half commute the other evening and was entertained. I said it here a long time ago … whether you like the guy or not there’s not doubting he has talent and is going to have a very nice career.

    However, I gave Fescoe another try this morning and was thoroughly disappointed. A Jackson County tax to go to Royals salaries? Insipid conversation. A real waste of air time. I think they might be better off moving this new Shariff guy to morning drive. At least he sounds intelligent.

    You’re wrong about Mike Anderson, JoJo. Wait and see.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’d be curious if Coach Anderson is keeping an eye on/waiting for Arkansas as the only place he’s willing to leave MU for.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Read up on Oregon, and it’s ZERO surprise that so many coaches aren’t interested. They had a weird shake down in their athletic dept. in the past year. The guy interviewing is a former Oregon AD. The President will be making the final decsion.

    Why deal with that mess when you got a supposedly top 25 team at Missouri, can try to make a good run next year with the returning players and 2 new good juco players, and Arkansas seems likely to be in the market for a new coach in the next year or two….which either Anderson could take for a pay increase, or use it as leverage to make bigger MU bucks.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Arkansas is an option for Anderson. It didn’t end well when he was there before. I wouldn’t say Nolan Richardson handled the situation all that well either, but I think Anderson is too loyal to Richardson to go back to Arkansas.

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