Tony: After Hours KC Going Internet Only

On one of the rare occasions I ventured outdoors on a weekend evening I was lucky enough to run into a big shot in the local entertainment broadcasting scene.

Darron Story has had more success with Kansas City Night Life show After Hours KC than so many other folks hoping to capitalize on the cowtown entertainment scene. The key to his popular venture has been his eclectic taste and his ability to showcase the true diversity of local nightlife. His many hot co-hosts have also helped draw a local following.

Still, it’s worth noting that the new direction for the show is indicative of the local entertainment options i.e. going strictly to the Internet for promotion and distribution.

The show isn’t so much a departure from the KCTV 12:30 a.m. shows on Saturday nights as it is an expansion to a bigger venue.

“We’re going after more people and there’s just a bigger audience online,” Story explained. “We’re going to expand the show more and we’ll have more opportunity to get into greater detail on the features we cover.”

Even over the loud music and amid the bad tattoos at The Velvet Dog,
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One Response to Tony: After Hours KC Going Internet Only

  1. Anonymous says:

    Worst. Host. Ever.

    The original incarnation of this show wasn’t half bad, with cohost Cara Kahn, but he dumped her because she dared to call him out on all his b.s. She was fiery, interesting, almost Kathy Griffinesque with her wit and charm. But she was WAY out of his league, and that only served to show what an idiot Darron Story is, so he dumped her.

    What followed was a seemingly endless stream of mindless twits who weren’t smart enough to give him crap, and the show got worse and worse and worse. Horrible guests, awful interviews, bad sound, bad lighting, bad camera work, bad trailer trash studio audiences, the list goes on and on.

    The only reason he’s gone online is NOT because there’s a bigger audience, it’s because he can’t find a way to pay for the airtime and the production.

    He’s a talentless has-been who will never be successful. Too bad, because Kansas City could benefit from a well-done show like this.

    But KC After Hours? No.

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