Hearne: Strip a Success but No Word on Confession Cam

So far, so good…

Color this past weekend’s KC

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3 Responses to Hearne: Strip a Success but No Word on Confession Cam

  1. Anonymous says:

    Saw part of the festivities Friday night…I think this is a good idea, and I’m glad Westport is the “hub” for the service.

    The grain of salt with which to take ridership data is that the service was free this past weekend.

    I have a hard time believing people are going to shell out $15 to get a ride to more bars.

  2. Anonymous says:

    @jjskck – I disagree, seems to me KC needed exactly what Nigro is providing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Brian – I agree that it’s a great idea. It will simply be interesting to see whether it takes off from a $ standpoint.

    I was trying to think of what demographic will use this service, and I think it makes the most sense for people who live near the route and just want to use the trolley as a DD. Great value there.

    But for people who are already driving to get to one of the areas where the stops are located, it’s a bit cumbersome, not to mention expensive.

    Time will tell!

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