Hearne: Nathan Heavy-Metalizes, P-Funks Frank

It’s like this…

In the wide world of operatic tenor sports, Nathan Granner looms large. Carnegie Hall, the Music Hall – perfect fits. Granner has both the chops and the cred. No assembly required.

Which brings us to Granner’s quirky side.

Equal parts geek and musical adventurer, wedded to a wickedly inane sense of humor.

At this stage of Granner’s game he’s no less comfortable doing Frank Sinatra-as-Journey than he is belting out straight down the line versions of “Music of the Night.”

Which brings us to his two-day hit-and-run at Jardine’s next week…

On Tuesday Granner will lay down a “post-modern” version of

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3 Responses to Hearne: Nathan Heavy-Metalizes, P-Funks Frank

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard Nathan Granner sing jazz at Jardine’s twice, one night when he sat in for a couple numbers with Shay Estes’ group, and at Jardine’s Christmas Party celebration last December. He seems like an extremely nice person, and he has a spectacular voice. But, at least on those two nights, he had absolutely no vocabulary for jazz. I particularly remember a version of “Summertime” where his vocal stylings ran all over the place, never once finding anything resembling jazz. Both nights, hearing such a wonderful voice from such an apparently nice person fail to land in the right place with any song he tried was painful. I haven’t heard his complete shows at Jardine’s. Maybe they’re good. But based on the four attempts I heard on those two nights, I wouldn’t take that chance.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I remember that Summertime and it was AWESOME! Maybe L.P. could learn to listen and enjoy some o fthe best talent we have in the country.

    Who cares is he’s nice, he can sing!

  3. Anonymous says:


    Damn, all of those jazz classes in college down the drain.

    Think I’ll stick to dancing.

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