Tony: Lucky Deluxe at Local Dr. Sketchy’s School

After three years Dr. Sketchy’s is still going strong in Kansas City.

The underground art school started in New York and took hold wherever hipsters congregated. Over the weekend I attended the event featuring Susanna “Lucky Deluxe” Lee, Kansas City’s Pinup Comedian doing some rather interesting poses.

I’ve seen the burlesque version of racy and that’s cool . . . I was actually more intrigued by Lee posing with a half a brain in her hand, the other half in a pot, an iron cord wrapped around her finger and in full burlesque gear reminiscent of a busty 50’s housewife.

This was Lee’s second appearance. She has also posed for Dr. Sketchy’s events in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

“It’s amazing,” Lee said. “It’s the closest I can imagine coming to being at studio 54 during it’s heyday.”

There was a definite cliquish feeling to the event and the location isn’t for the faint of heart. The doldrums of the West Bottoms is no place for people who don’t have business or a quick getaway. A wrong turn can leave someone trapped between empty, dangerous warehouses as trains speed by with no railings. And I’m pretty sure I saw a rat as big a Shetland Pony following the early morning rain. Walking into the event I nearly turned back given the dark, silent corridor that stood between me and the loft elevator to make it to the vent. If I would have owed anyone money, I might not have been so adventurous and ventured upstairs.

Local artist Rachel McMeachin runs the local branch of the Dr. Sketchy’s School and when confronted by the difficulty in finding the place, she responded “good.” Drinks are served with recommended donations and quite a few people were smoking. “It’s my living room,” McMeachin explained.

Still, despite the underground ethos, I could definitely see that this was a crowd loyal to the “underground art school” concept. Even better there was some amazing talent on display. Sadly, I had missed the previous lesson that included a pair of acrobatic pole dancers that WERE NOT Strippers according to McMeachin.

Lucky had some great material and spent time schmoozing with almost each and every member of the crowd and I wasn’t too surprised to glace at the work of really talented visual artists as well.

There are a couple more sessions of Dr. Sketchy’s before the Summer break.

Susanna will bring her Cabaret DeLuxe

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  1. Anonymous says:

    lucky is quite the lady. Does she work the pole?

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