Tony: The Two Faces Of Kansas

The Eyes Of The World Were Focused On Kansas Today.

Google’s April Fool’s prank provided some much needed publicity for the flyover state. The most popular search engine in the world changing it’s name to Topeka for just a day is a major coup for the State that most people only think of in passing.

Sadly, Kansas finished the day on the topic of political murder in the name of preventing more abortion death.

Moments ago Scott Roeder was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of gunning down Dr. George Tiller during a Sunday Church Service.

There are really no “winners” in this verdict and close watchers of Kansas politics know that in some small way Roeder succeed in his aim of preventing more late term abortions given that lawmakers are tightening restrictions on the disgusting procedure. Like it or not, murder proved effective in achieving a political goal. Pro-Choice opponents can claim the higher ground but abortion rules and regs have been ramped up after the Tiller killing.

So while this day started out hopeful for Kansas, it ended on a tragic note that speaks more clearly to life in the midst of the Great Recession.

Tony Botello
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