Hearne: KC Downtowner to Rise from Dead, Writer Says

Was the sudden death and disappearance of the KC Downtowner greatly exaggerated?

I hope so; if only to keep jolting Joe Miller on the journalistic field of combat. Tony says Joe told him the site is dialing back to a blog format and will magically reappear sometime today. Meaning in all likelihood KC Downtowner wasn’t making much if any money, and whoever was funding is/was having second thoughts.

Turns out that’s kinda the case…

Miller says the Web site was plagued by inferior technology – making it difficult to subscribe to – resulting in fewer visitors than it otherwise might have attracted. A new blog format should correct that, he says.

However you cut the cake, the evidence points to KC Downtowner’s readership as being extremely low.

Abstract attempts to calculate traffic and/or ascribe values to Web sites is dicey at best. One loser dude that reads KC Confidential stumbled onto an archaic site that magically estimates

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