Hearne on the Street: Phog III on NCAA Loss, Ticket Scandal & NIT

John Allen

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7 Responses to Hearne on the Street: Phog III on NCAA Loss, Ticket Scandal & NIT

  1. Anonymous says:

    phog the 3rd is a good guy but he knows nothing
    about bball. Lew kicked his family out of their
    seats because they wouldnt pay the freight.
    ImaGINE that…lew the conman wanted to screw
    phog allens family out of seats in allen field
    house…what an asshole lew is.
    But phog 3…don’t forget to get your tickets
    for the ass kicking your hawks are going to
    take in november. Most of the nation really
    doesnt consider basektball a major sport..
    football rules…so lets see what happens when
    the “phog” settles on that piece of shit team
    you have up there in lawrence and the tigers
    kick your ever loving ass.
    Heard ku didnt have a quarterback yet and
    that tehan kid from the basketball team was
    gonna try out for the job.
    Maybe phog 3 can try out for it…he’d probably
    be the best one out of the losers they have
    to play that position. He can probably run
    faster than all of them because he can run
    out of those bars quicker than anyone ku has.

  2. Anonymous says:

    jojo, most of the nation may not consider Pro basketball to be a major sport but when it comes to college, basketball is by far the most popular sport. Just think about all the talk of march madness, conference tournaments, filling out brackets at work(assuming you work), the sweet sixteen, the final four, and finally the big game. You don’t even get close to this kind of enthusiasm with college football. The BCS bowl game system doesn’t allow for it. Cinderella stories aren’t even possible.

    Don’t be a poor sport just because MU is, and always has been a third rate basketball school. And don’t get too excited for football either. You’re second rate at that at best. Also remember when KU won the Orange bowl in ’07 and Mizzou didn’t get invited to a BCS bowl game? Yeah, that was awesome.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “skullduggery” Is that it?

    This will probably unfold into a bigger story.
    The tougher the economy gets the bigger this story. Recovery…. well then no story. Developing as they say.

    Heard an interesting interview on Higher Education cost vs cost of living.

    This little hustle is just a canary in the coalmine….
    Time to get long Community College..no shit. Welcome to new normal…less worse news is now good news.

  4. Anonymous says:

    tony…wrong again…football …both college
    and pro far outreaches anything in college.
    Here in kc we follow basketball but most fo the
    rest of the coutnry could really care less.
    In the sec…pac 10…most of big 10…most
    of east coast could care less about college
    Ever heard of the superbowl? Most watched show
    ever every year.
    Football is the most popular sport…not
    by numbers of spectators (baseball is with
    the number of games)..but get outside this
    sports forgotten city…get outside lawrence
    and manhattan and noone reallycares.
    Go to texas…go to california…go to florida..
    new jersey…new york…
    look at the tv numbers…in kc ku can pull numbers of viewers bgecause we have no other
    sports teams worth a shit.
    But the viewers for the national football
    championship game far outweight any ncaa
    in kc and lawrence we care about bsketball..
    its all we have…the resto fo the nation could
    care less about ku.
    As far as ku and the bcs game..remember the
    conman lew perkins bought off the game…
    now look what’s happening up there at the
    a.d.’s office. He will be everntually an insult
    and a detriment to a fine basektball program.
    He will be an embarassment to your fine
    basektball school.
    Recently…mu has actually done beterr in the
    tourney than ku. But ku has a great basektball
    team and a great coach.
    But thats history (except for the cryingh awk
    fans). Time to move on. Get5 ready for football
    ….its the most watched..most talked about5..
    most written about sport in america.
    Baseball is huge too but thats because of the
    number of games.
    Tony….typical ku fan….but get ready because
    come november its ass kicking time for mu.
    If you want to bet $1000 get you money ready.
    Go get your stats before you open your mouth
    and make yourself look like a complete idiot.
    Stop running your mouth when you know nothing.
    And the photo next to your name is really
    appropriate…a dog’s ass!

  5. Anonymous says:

    hey jojo, can you read dipshit? Of course I’ve heard of the super bowl. I conceded pro basketball is less popular than college. I’m strictly speaking about college sports.

    If you look at the number there are more people over all watching college so far most of the time. The first two rounds over all averaged a 5.3 in the ratings, beating all but 6 of the
    ncaa bowl games



    I won’t argue that on a big game by big game basis, that football draws more viewers. They also play a lot less games so that more than makes up for it.

    As far as MU going farther than KU recently, MU went farther once. Last year. Granted, that was a great team and they deserved it. KU was also very young that year. And the previous year KU won it all. Remember? Right after winning the Orange bowl.

    I don’t really care if MU trounces KU’s ass at football. If they do, good for you. You sound like you need it. That said, MU is a school that isn’t really good at anything and all they have going for them is when they get to beat KU at something. Maybe that will change if you guys finally make it to a final four one of these years. But who are we kidding?

    By the way, that’s a dogs’ face you stupid fuck.

  6. Anonymous says:

    LOL at jojo
    STFU jojo, you mouthy big mouth doucheroo. You talk as if moronU has done something.


    moronU has NEVER done ANYTHING , EVER!!

    all that Columbia piece of shit dump has is scandal.
    1) Paige Arena STILL LMAO!!!
    2) student convicts talking to coachs wife from jail
    3) spreading racist cotton balls to incite race violence

    shall I go on??
    YOU LOST BIG TIME to NAVY in a nothing bowl game, and you STILL talk talk talk BS, ALL BS ALL THE TIME, typical moronU DROPOUT.

    Get a life you idiot, your fav school is a disgrace, face the facts. BUT MAINLY SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    HEY LOL…you piece of shit low life.
    Where did you go. Dropout of high school?
    While we were in a bowl…where was ku?
    Hiring some guy who didn’t even have a winning
    record and who nebraska and 4 other teams passed
    on. What about mr. gill? Whats his story?
    Mu has had it problems but remember over a year
    ago I warned you ku crybabies about lew perkins
    and look…just the top of the icing to
    start with but before its over lew will make
    ku look bad.
    Nice bball team is going to have something lew
    did go bad…i know it…everyone in lawrence
    knows it.
    Now stick to facts dumbshit.
    Take your foot out of your mouth…put your
    hand in your wallet..take out a $1000 and put
    your money where your mouth is. Come on big
    dog…put your money where your big loud
    overdone mouth is.
    Come on…stop the talking…do the walking and
    lets see who kicks ass.
    I put up my money nd not one of you ku talkers
    back up your b.s. with money. If you talk big..
    walk big.
    You’re not any good at picking winners..maybe
    throw adart nextg year and see where that
    ku team ends up.
    comeon hawk fans..all you get together andput
    your $200 weekly paychecks together and lets
    see who is the king of the real sport..football.
    come on donkey ass ku fans…put up or shut
    You’re always wearing those funky blue shirts
    and spouting off…now lets see who’s the
    best team…
    you stupid ass hole fools.

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