Star Search: Slow Muse Day, Court Covers & Error Watch

Wow, not a lot to comment on today…

No glaring flaws, no high-fives. For me anyway. Today’s Star is mostly a headline skimmer and then on to the must-do things in life.

That said, a half million bucks to cover the Plaza Tennis Courts seems a tad frivolous given the current state of the economy.

Oh and still no correction on the bogus start date for the K.C. Strip party trolleys from last week’s front-page story.

But check out the “Tribute” piece on longtime River Club GM David Ryffe.

And in Sports, the Star press release-style reports that the KU ticketing scandal will be investigated by a Wichita law firm. Check back here later for a more critical look at the topic, ignored in today’s newspaper story.

I’m out…

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