Tony: Help Jason Holsman Stamp Out Chiefs Blackouts!

Missouri State Rep. Jason Holsman has been waging an uphill battle to keep The Chiefs on TV during their typical late season doldrums despite NFL blackout rules. He has good cause for his legislative efforts. Arrowhead and the Truman Sports Complex is subsidized by Kansas City and Jackson County at a rate of millions per year. Meanwhile so many broke local residents caught up in The Great Recession can’t afford to buy tickets but might like to see the home team lose the last few games of the year.

After talking with Holsman just a few minutes ago, he reports that progress on the bill is getting mixed results. He has several bar and restaurant owners lined up to support him. However, reaction from the NFL has been non existent.

“They’ve basically thumbed their nose and me,” Holsman says of top NFL officials. Still, his effort has continued to pick up steam. In fact, lawmakers in California, New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania have introduced legislation inspired by his bill in their state legislatures. Counting other states who have expressed interest, this means at least half of all NFL teams could find themselves subject to anti-blackout legislation.

Here’s where hardcore Chiefs fans can help with the effort . . .

Holsman’s bill will be heard next week on April 6th and he’s looking for diehard fans to testify on behalf of the legislation. Anybody with an opinion on the subject in The State of Missouri is welcomed to take the mike on that afternoon. But I’m guessing that there are at least a few diehard fans from Jackson County who don’t like paying tax money for games they can’t watch who might make the most captivating speakers. Get in contact with Holsman if this kind of thing interests you . . . It’s a rare opportunity to address The State of Missouri, The NFL and Kansas City on behalf of beleaguered Chiefs fans who have been ignored for quite some time.

Tony Botello
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    I misread this. I thought he was trying to stamp out blacks.

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