New Jack City: Hollywood Hits Vegas & 3-D Bottleneck

Judging by the mood of the world’s movie theater operators at last week’s international ShoWest convention in Las Vegas, you’d never know that we were in a recession!

Last year turned out to be the biggest year ever at the boxoffice and judging by the presentations made by the major and independent studios in Sin City, there’s no reason why 2010 shouldn’t be even better last year’s record breaker!

Biggest topic of discussion between studios and exhibitors; the glut of 3-D films scheduled for release this year—3-D gridlock with not enough Digital 3-D equipped auditoriums to take care of them all.

Case in point: the current # 1 movie ALICE IN WONDERLAND is having to come off many digital 3-D screens this weekend to make room for HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3-D runs—and just one week later on April 2 for CLASH OF THE TITANS 3-D!

What’s holding up the 3-D conversions? MONEY!

At a pricetag of approximately $100,000 per auditorium, exhibitors have been cautious in converting to the digital technology—especially with money tight at banks!

To help ease the conversion pain, TECHNICOLOR CORPORATION introduced a new 3-D process the company refers to as “high quality affordable 3-D for 35mm projectors.”

Translation: a non-digital 3-D film

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    I’m not easliy impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

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