Starbeams: Racist John Mayer, People Who Read Playboy & Nudist Trail

Just returned from the John Mayer concert at Sprint Center where people were holding anti-Mayer signs claiming he is a racist because of his comments in Playboy.

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3 Responses to Starbeams: Racist John Mayer, People Who Read Playboy & Nudist Trail

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tracy Thomas
    kELLY, thanks again for the laughs. Don’t know who you got to pose for the photo (I’m still pretending it was shot locally–we know that’s not true, there’s be traces of snow.)

    Not sure either how racist John Mayer is, but alot of good women have broken up with him, so that says alot.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Here is a comment on the fking body scanners at the fking airport.

    First: of all there is no instance of terror originating in KC.

    Second: WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO TO HAVE IT AT ONLY ONE FKING TERMINAL? anyone doing “something” will just fly another airline.

    Foruth: This is waste of fking money we DO NOT HAVE!! America is broke and we are buying these fking things??

    Third, it just a bunch of fking perverts wanting to see naked bodies, fking wierdo.

  3. Anonymous says:

    FIFTH: The fking assholes who approved this crap NEVER FLY COMMERCIAL, they use MY money to fly private jets , skipping all this BS, worthless useless “security”.

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