Hovick: Mosh Pit Rules? Really? Like Test Driving a Pinto

We have had every type of music you can imagine at the Midland by AMC since our renovation in 2008…

In a single week the range of entertainers can cover an incredibly wide swath of musical styles. Most of which do not involve moshing. More on that later.

One that did:

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One Response to Hovick: Mosh Pit Rules? Really? Like Test Driving a Pinto

  1. Anonymous says:

    I moshed. I moshed in College.

    Looong Loooongg ago we went to the “off the wall hall” in Lawrence to see the top of the heap “BLACK FLAG”. Back then I still wore my wire framed prescription glasses.

    After sitting on the sidelines for a song or two, I left my pussy friends to GO MOSHING, YYYEEEAAAAH!!!! I bolted into the pit, slamed and got slammed, my glasses flew off and I frantically went looking for them on the floor. I found them, no big deal, I put them back on and slammed into the fellow moshers, I got slammed AND AGAIN back, MY GLASSES FLEW, once again I blindly ( I had/have very bad eyesight ) went lookingfor them again, luckliy I found them.I put them on and I exited the mosh pit. Once bitten twice shy three times an idiot.

    I realized how lucky I was that my glasses were not bent and destroyed and I have never moshed again, although still I still enjoy going to mosh type shows, but I dont mosh.


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