OTC: Kansas’ Dreams Hijacked By UNI-Bomber Farokhmanesh

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  1. Anonymous says:

    KC Fan
    Bill Self needs to answer a lot of questions after this game. My question is why did KU wait until the last ten minutes to put the full court press on. They had the athletes to beat this team. Congrats to UNI and their players, it’s hard to hate this kind of team. They were better today.

    As for Kansas, this loss will linger a long time. This could set the KU program back 5 years. Bill Self needs to figure out what happened and correct it. KU is now the laughingstock of the nation and rightfully so.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Remember all those KU fans complaining about being put in the same bracket as Ohio St. and Georgetown?

  3. Anonymous says:

    johnny utah
    2010 KU basketball in one word: arrogant.

    they always seemed too cool for the game, like they were above working hard or ever showing any urgency. this isn’t the only game they played like this.

    ask connor teahan about this year. he should have played 10 minutes a game b/c KU was so much better than teams, but he didn’t b/c KU never got around to putting weaker teams away. it was beneath them. this was always a hard team for KU fans to embrace.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully KU Fan will keep typing his posts with that dark print about the mighty kansas jayhawks. Big fan of the dark print….how does he do that?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ali Farokhmanesh
    Sorry Gayhawks

  6. Anonymous says:

    Johnny is right. That is the word I came a way with after watching the post game interviews. They kept saying they were a championship team, they were better, blah blah. It was like it was owed to them. You got beat. Praise the other team. They were arrogant.

    That all being said. No this doesn’t set the program back. No this doesn’t make Bill Self a terrible coach. Two things. A great team will beat a team of great athletes any day of the week. Two KU was out hustled time and time again.

    And I also agree about the Sherron comments really hurting the team.

    Maybe next year

  7. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah. THANKS GREG for doing this on your normal day off. Much appreciated.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh bullshit. This isn’t the first team that’s been accused of being assholes after they lost as the heavy favorite. Most teams say and do the same thing in this circumstance. This is Bill Belichick not shaking hands. Who cares. Johnny Utah you are spot on. They never put anyone away. Never. They had the record because they were good at winning these games, but not so much when the weight of the tourney was on their shoulders. It’s a lot easier for all the fans and pundits to say that one player blew it or the coach blew it…well maybe it was us who was wrong all along. This team never had the mentality to win it all. In hindsight, it just wasn’t going to happen.
    Michigan State just ripped Maryland’s heart out and Vasquez is sitting on the floor sulking. What an asshole, right? Give me a break

  9. Anonymous says:

    PR doesn’t make a team good. So much talk! Kansas needs to play better teams in the regular season if they want to exist through the playoffs.

    Let’s play baseball!

    PS: I’ve not read much about the jawhawks walk-off and refusal to shake hands with the winning team.

  10. Anonymous says:

    the dark side of kansas basketball

    1. Sherron Collins: for all the great plays and
    game winning calls this guy is a asshole.
    Not because he trash talked the other team…
    not because he missed shots…but because he’s
    a fucking loser. Luckily he’s young and he’ll
    have plenty of money and time to understand
    that basketball is not everything. Losing a
    basketball game is not even close to losing
    a child. A day after losing this game, sherron
    can lace up his shoes and hit the baskets again.
    The comment about this game being worse than
    losing his son was one of the most horrendous
    comments I’ve seen made by a college athlete.
    You ku fans build these kids up to be gods and
    heros that they can’t realize that there is
    more to life than this game. Sherron owes every
    mom and dad who has lost a child an apology
    and to come out and say he was wrong. Basketball is just a game and we can scream and yell
    and discuss sports…but it’s nothing compared
    to losing a child…No way~! And how many
    out of wedlock kids does this “role model”
    have….In my book…he’s a loser off the court!

    2. I have always had respect for bill self.
    Classy guy…nice personable man. But his
    post game interview was an insult to the team…
    the teams class and an insult to the winning
    team. He never called their center by name..
    self said “the big guy”. Self never paid tribute to the guard…he just called him the
    “little guy”. NorthernIowa beat them. They played a great game and self tries to downplay
    ]the opponent like I’ve never seen before.
    Bill…you show class when you win..show some
    class when you lose.
    3.WHY PEOPLE LOVE VTO SEE KU LOSE: Its not because they are good…its the entitled
    arrogance of their fans and the team. They got
    their ass kicked because they thought they
    could not lose and freaked when the thought of
    not winning it all took over. K state people..
    MU people…we look at ku basketball fans as
    stuck up…conceited…overbearing…even ku
    eans who have season tickets express the arrogance and invincibility of many of the more
    successful ku alumni. KU got beat…and just
    like life its a learning lesson.

    4. Appreciate winning: No team is entitled to
    a win. Its earned adn won on the court.
    As a MU fan (a disappointed one today after
    our loss) we just seem to take more pride and
    joy in any win we can get in basketball. We know
    w’re not a powerhouse…probably won’t ever be
    but for us we take every win..big or small as
    something really fun and exciting. Maybe the
    ku fans should try this…it makes the season
    a lot easier to handle when it ends suddenly.
    5. I was right. I’m glad none of the people on
    here took my $1000 bet. I knew KU didn’t have
    the “luck” on their side to get thru the
    tournament. And now they come back to earth
    and get ready to get a major ass whipping in
    football. I still contend that here in kc area
    we have a jinx. Something like the billy goat
    in chicago. Something that just keeps us from
    winning something big. Are we sure noone turnd
    down a goat getting into kellys or the p and l
    because they were wearing bling.
    6. Fun: its a freaking game. But make no
    mistake about KU fans…the party’s over.
    Spring ball is coming..i saw a billboard for
    ku football tickets…its gonna be a long long
    time til you beat the tigers.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    All you idiots complaining that you percieved too much typing done positive about KU do not realize that now the amount of typing against KU is far greater. You stupid fucks who say “why do you talk so big” are the very people who are talking EVEN BIGGER AND HAPPIER AT KU’s demise than we EVER did.

    I never guaranateed a national tile(another national title). I simply said KU was good this year, and they were. They did EARN the BIG 12 regular season title , and the BIG 12 tourny, rememeber?

    True fans did not shoot thier mouths off. In the end it was morons like hall, Obama, Whitlock and other fuckheads who ran thier mouths.

    All I ever said was simply that this was a great team, and it was BUT LOOK AT YOU IDIOTS NOW BLABBING FAR MORE than we ever did. It is kind of amusing.

    Of course hall came in on his day off to write a negative story like this. Negative stories are what hall is all about. Negative is what he loves.

    If you paid attention the only reason I ever typed was to offset his negative BULLSHIT while he never offered the opposite opinion, so I did it, for him, to keep it balanced.

    You idiots are funny.
    When we lost that game, you fuckheads come out of the woodwork, someone even used my screen name, becasue they were not man enough to use their own ( and this board allowed that ) YOU FAGS ARE SCREAMING FAR LOUDER THAN ANY TRUE JAYHAWK FAN EVER DID.

    You pussies who are reveling in our demise AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS, NOW THIS IS PATHEITC.




    You have no comprehension of what it feels like to root for a great team, and then have your team earn a National Championship, and that is why you love failure.

    Failure is what you know best, you love negative because it is familiar to you.


    KU IS GREAT. We have been in this tourny 21 years straight, more than any current team. It is fun to behold.


    You mistake speaking the truth for being arroagant because you have no concept of greatness.

    Based on how you run your mouths here when my team loses ….. it would be a horror if any of your teams ever did a fucking thing worth talking about.

    Of course hall wrote this stroy on his day off, negative BS is what he does best. At least he is good at something … what about you?

  12. Anonymous says:

    1. What was your bet Jojo? $1000 on KU vs the field? Yeah I’m so surprised that you didn’t find someone to take that bet. KU had a 15% Vegas chance to win it all and they were the overwhelming favorite. Totally ridiculous that you even proposed that…that’s why no one took your stupid bet.
    2. How the hell do you know how Sherron Collins is off the court? Don’t you know anyone who can’t keep his dick in his pants? At least SC is going to have enough money to take care of them. He’s a 5’11” kid from Chicago who played his way out of a cruddy life and did some great things at Kansas.
    And he didn’t compare the game to his child dying you moron. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but the quote was more like:
    “This is the second worst day of my life after losing my first child.”
    Why is it such a sin that he looks at the loss as the second worst day of his life? I’d be surprised if he didn’t look at it that way. He tried hard all year and it was clear the last month that the pressure was weighing on him and especially on his game. You don’t know him. And the reason he is worshiped like a God is…
    3. KU is a powerhouse. We don’t want to be Missouri. We like being arrogant because our program is consistently better than yours, theirs and most. We don’t want to lower expectations because then we will become Mizzou or KSU. Personally, I think this team’s arrogance hurt them. The 2008 team was very confident, this team has been affected by that team’s success and it may take SC and Cole leaving and the absence of ALL players who had any real role on the NC team. They’re gone now and KU can re-load again. You have a great recruiting class coming in at Mizzou, right? How about $50 that KU finishes ahead of Mizzou in the conference next year?
    Like I said before, it’s a good thing that KU is the #1 story on Yahoo and leads national newscasts when they get knocked off. It means they do mean something. And you can call us arrogant or cocky or whatever you want, but it doesn’t mean shit because KU basketball isn’t going anywhere.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Great posts JoJo and Johnny Utah…KU has NO heart on that team. A bunch of spoiled, entitled brats, just like a majority of their fan base in KC. No way No Iowa should beat them. No Iowa can play, but come on Hawks, have some pride.

    And nobody let a KU apologist tell you this season was a success. Sure, they won the league, but that wasn’t their goal. This team was bred to go to the Final 4. That’s why Cole and Sharron came back, not to win the Big XII tourney…..

  14. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    I still contend that here in kc area
    we have a jinx. Something like the billy goat
    in chicago. Something that just keeps us from
    winning something big.

    That is incorrect. KU earned the National Title in 2008, juts 2 years ago and we will earn more.

    In these times of one and done players, Bill Self knows how to keep kids coming back, and he knows how to recruit. It wont be easy, it may not be next year, but we will earn some more titles to add to the 3 we already have.

    When one is a true fan it is not about “what have you done for me recently”, it is about the long run.

    Hopefully next time, maybe not everyone will jump on the bandwagon. All those johny come latelies are not good for sneaking up on teams.

    Once again I compliment UNI, they won a good game, but NO ONE kicked KUs ass this year.

    There is always next year, and KU WILL BE BACK, mark my “arrogant” (simply the truth) words.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ray McKigney
    Blame Self and Collins – slow starts were a trademark of this team, and they did not take UNI as a serious challenge. All season they had the talent to overcome this, but the tourney is a different animal. UNI may not have the “NBA level talent” as Kansas, but they are loaded with upperclassmen, and experience and maturity are important this time of year. Collins is a senior but lacks maturity, and Self should have realized this and corrected it. The better team won on this day, but the Hawks effort helped make UNI the better team.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hey!!! if it is ok to use anyones screen name, let the fun begin now!!

    Great posts JoJo and Johnny Utah

  17. Anonymous says:

    Great effort Greg….Strange title?

    I was puzzled as to why KU called time out with 48 seconds…they flat had UNI on the ropes..they couldn’t even in-bounds the ball.

    I still think CBS does a shitty job bringing the tournament to life….is it so outrageous to expect in the day of 500 hundred TV channels that they could figure out how broadcast all games and let the consumer figure out what games they want to watch. I will say the CBS broadcasters do a great job.

    GO KSU!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Greg–I got the chance to go to OKC this weekend and was able to nab great courtside seats. It was really the first time I’d seen KU up close. And the Des Moines Register was correct. Sherron Collins is a trash talking whiny little bitch. And my God, I know it was a difficult loss. But the way Marcus Morris and Mario Little rolled around on the floor and cried–it was embarassing. Especially since Little is a redshirt. Now he’ll probably make One Shining Moment.
    Also for Jayhawk Fan. There’s no doubting KU’s great tradition and success.. However if it considers itself elite, the Jayhawks are the least of the elite.
    They have a losing record against every one of the “other” great programs. 6-19 vs Kentucky;
    5-10 vs UCLA; 2-6 vs Duke; 3-6 vs North Carolina and even a losing record against Indiana 6-7.
    Let’s face it, if they had played in the ACC or even SEC all these years instead of a football dominated conference like the Big 8, they wouldn’t have near the total victories they do.
    And by the way I suppose it’s easier to act classier when you win, but K-State players are a great bunch of kids. They’re very respectful of the officials and their opponents. Good luck to them.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    bschloz Says:
    I still think CBS does a shitty job bringing the tournament to life

  20. Anonymous says:

    Next to my son dying,” he said, “this is probably the worst thing that happened to me in my life.”
    hey dumb fuck stevo…does comparing a basketball
    game to losing your infant son say anything
    about a man’s priorities? FUCK YES.
    Are you pro life or pro choice? Sure he’ll
    take care of those kids (maybe…60% of the
    dads don’t)…but if this guy wasn’t going to
    make millions in the nba (if he does) do you
    think he’d stick around and raise the 2 or
    3 kids he fathered? PROBABLY NOT!
    He may be your role model…to me he’s a
    basketball player with no compass in life.
    I’ll be interested to see where this guy
    ends up and when the sheriff has to attach
    his million dollar paycheck to pay for
    child support.
    As for my $1000 bet dumb fuck stevo…heres
    some facts about investing and betting.
    KU was a 16% shot to win it all…do you know
    how many millions of dollars are bet everday
    in vegas with worse odds than that? Do you know
    dumb fuck. It wasn’t a bad bet…its a sucker
    bet and like the rest of you suckers who believed
    KU was gonna win it all you could have taken it
    Regardless of what the odds were or the dollars..I WAS RIGHT…I CALLED IT..CHECK MY
    read my posts loser stevo…I WAS RIGHT….

  21. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    “least of the elite”

    uh, ummm, I am not sure what you are attempting to say, but we could do a lot of comparing, e.g. only 3 teams have 2000 wins, UNC and UCLA not dancing this year and and and blah blah blah, but there is no need to microscope it. When it comes to recruiting we have what we need.

    Besides I never said “elite”, I am not even sure what that means in this instance, let alone “least of the elite”.

    Facts be known the ball bounces the way the ball bounces. If that 3 pointer ( it actually would have been better BBall strategy to run the clock and/or get fouled instead of taking a risky 3 pointer ) had missed, and KU grabs the ball, we may not even be talking about this today, and just think how sad all you KU haters would be.

    We lost, UNI played a good game, it is that simple. No need to microscope it. KUs season is over, but it is just a game and there are 15 million unemployed Americans and 1.3 billion rich Chinese who dont give care.

    Congrats on the good seats, but maybe you should attend some more games up close before judging how certain players played compared to how the game is usually played, it is a different game up close.

  22. Anonymous says:

    kudo to arte…he was there…he saw what
    we all knew…he saw the arrogance and the
    way little sherron acts.
    His stats are right. In another conference they’d
    be another team (yawn)…
    can’t wait for football…oh and stevo…don’t
    invest in ku football tickets…they’ll be
    giving them away at arbys for free with
    those disgusting roast beef sandwiches…
    YEA arte….thanks for the report

  23. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    and in from left field …..

  24. Anonymous says:

    Maybe instead of focusing our attention on future Italian league superstar Sharron Collins, we should focus our attention on a player with TRUE heart, Jacob Pullen. While Collins and Morningstar and the Morris twins are celebrating by jumping into each other like they’re in amosh pit during EVERY opponents called timeout, there’s others who act like they’ve been there before even if they haven’t: JAKE PULLEN. Thanks for having class WILDCATS

  25. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    KU’s McNugget All-Americans get beat by a bunch of guys that look like they escaped from an Australian prison colony.

    The only thing Collins and Taylor hit was the bong before the game.

  26. Anonymous says:

    jojo you’re an idiot. maybe it was a sucker bet but i’m not a sucker. once again, saying this was the worst day of his life after the death of his kid is valid. do you doubt that the loss was the second worst day of his life. what else would have been worse other than the death of his child. it’s not comparing. he’s stating a fact. i’m done it’s impossible to argue with an idiot. now you go get drunk because mizzou is fucking done too. and i never said a damn thing bad about pullen, clemente or the whole team. your coach is a thug who you would drag through the mud if he coached ku but pullen is a hell of player and so is clemente.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    I am going to have to agree that maybe the idea ( which surfaced this year) that this was “Sherron Collins team” was maybe a mistake. Who knows what that idea did to the microchemistry of the “team concept” among the other players. I heard Xavier stepped back and said OK, it is Sherrons’s team.

    I only admit this in retropsect, because as it was working, it seemed OK, but upon reflection maybe it messed up the whole “THERE IS NO “I” IN TEAM”.

    It is also true about where S.C. winds up playing pro-ball? He is not even picked to be a first round pick. I see Cole and Xavier are rated as top 10 picks. Who knows? I also see 3 of Kentuckys players in the top ten draft projections, so who knows what that does to that team, but KU WILL BE BACK next year as good as ever

    Maybe Xavier and Cole come back next year, and they come back pissed off, they come back as a team, playing as a team, winning as a team, not for one person. I like Sherron, he was a lot of fun to watch, but it is, what it is.

    If Cole does not come back, have you heard about our 7 foot tall Jeff Withey at center?

    As far as “SHOW ME THE MONEY” in the draft I will not advise, comment or suggest about kids going pro or staying in school. That million dollars Sirens’ Song is hard to ignore, I understand. I wish them all the best.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    I am a Kansas fan. I picked Kentucky to win it all.

  29. Anonymous says:

    if there really is a god..i hope he never lets
    calipari or huggins win anything again.
    CArpetbaggers…liars…scammers…why they
    are still coaching anywhere is a big question
    to anyone.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Otc: Kansas’ Dreams Hijacked By Uni-Bomber Farokhmanes
    […] far-reaching three-point range, CBS.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    NOT directed at anyone in particualar …

    … at least someone who was man enough to post their board name on their bracket ( and is a regular poster ) is winning.

    Pretty amusing how few were willing to post their names to their bracket picks.

  32. Anonymous says:

    JOJO, Come on man. Pretend your smarter than that and show some respect yourself win you win. That seems to be the overall conversation on this thread, how KU has no respect. And then you go off Screaming and cussing and calling other people names? Real class act you are.

    Yeah, and why don’t we have multiple games on more channels?

    GO KSU!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    GO KSU ! !

    Bring the core kids of the KSU team back next year, and do it again. This is fun. I am very impressed with KSU this year, good job.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Tony’s Vag
    I can’t spell, “YOU CHOKED!!!” without a K and a U!

  35. Anonymous says:

    I have been a Jayhawk fan for longer than most of you have been alive. And I was disappointed with the loss. But I was more disappointed with the behavior of our team AFTER the game. They got their lunch handed to them because they didn’t take UNI seriously. And to lay on the court and cry like little children, after beating down so many undermanned team this year, was ridiculous. I am going to take a beating at work tomorrow because my team lost and acted like children in the aftermath. That’s OK. It comes with sports (the loss, not the after-game act). I’m personally glad that if they were to lose (and it almost seems they would have eventually), it was to UNI. Maybe the Jayhawks will learn a greater lesson than if we held on to this one and later lost to another #1 seed. Time for some reflection, boys.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    I am not jumping off the KU bandwagon but there is one ominous thing.

    It is arrogant to have a team full of McDonald’s All Americans and rank 139th in free throw percentage. There is clearly a coaching philosophy that says.. “These guys are too cool to practice free throws.”

  37. Anonymous says:

    Relax, it’s just a game. Anyone that believes in karma had a feeling that KU was not gonna make it to the Sweet 16. Justice has been served.

  38. Anonymous says:


    Spot on correct, sir!! There

  39. Anonymous says:

    1. Go see Marilyn Maye, the 80 year old crooner
    sing “Mammy..how I love you..how I love you..
    my dear old mammy” at Jardines.
    2. TAke your kids to chuckie cheese on
    saturday night, eat carboard pizza and spend
    $60 playing “bang the beavers” where you clobber
    beavers coming out of holes with a mallet.
    3. Watch katy…gary and bryan with their
    latest weather predictions.
    4. Think about royals baseball (oh god…and
    we thought ku and mu losing this weekend was
    bad enough to our mental atttitude).
    5. Wait for the free health care we’re all
    getting. Then never go to the mailbox to see
    the bill we get hit with.
    6. Watch the snow melt.
    7. Take your dog for a walk.
    8. Wait for tigers return to the masters and
    get ready for the 10million tiger golf jokes.
    Tiger can’t wait to get back on the gofl
    course. His balls havent seen much action lately
    and his woods are ready to be swung (okay…its
    not a great joke but I’m not uncle dick)
    9. Relax. Get some poontang from the wife/girlfriend/mistress but be sure not to
    wear a jayhawk t shirt while you do her.
    10. Smile…its spring. And during spring
    hope springs eternal. And we can cuss/scream
    and insult each other about important topics
    like the nfl draft. The ride was fun.

  40. Anonymous says:

    and u go to church Jojo. What a class act.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Scott Simon
    Typical Bob Fescoe comment regarding Mizzou fans buying Northern Iowa gear. Another example of talking with no thinking.

  42. Anonymous says:

    The UNI win is a stake in the heart of the NCAA establishment. Like I said early on, Big XII BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. No matter what KSU does in the rest of the tourney that balance of powere between Lawrence and Manhattan has shifted a little bit. If Frank Martin stays around for another 10 years it’ll be interesting to see what 2020 looks like in Big XII hoops.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Hey I’m all for KSU making a run….but before we make Frank the next Bobby Knight lets remember he was the one that delivered “The Beaze”….he is probably still kicking up.
    Lets face it the game has become so unsavory that you can just pick between the lesser of all evils.
    Tattoos V. Euros V. 23yr olds
    In 3 yrs it will go to 96 and Disney will take the thing over.

    Best game of the tourney MSU V. Maryland two old timey coaches and traditional programs.

    * I don’t mean this as any disrespect to MU…but what up with those Uniforms?

    Go KSU!

  44. Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong with MU’s unis? I like the “old gold” a lot.

  45. Anonymous says:

    FYI, JoJo, I did bang my girlfriend wearing the exact KU shirt I wore to watch the game Sat night. Yeah, I only gave her three good minutes too.

    Never thought I would see a Bill Self team look like a Roy Williams vintage 90s KU team but they picked a hell of a time to show up.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Greg, what was the bigger meltdown this year, Kansas football going 5-0 and then not winning again or Kansas basketball gagging like “Dubya” on a pretzel? History awaits…


    GH: Hands down it’s the bball team. The KU sports marketing department didn’t do the Fighting Mangino’s any favors with that “history awaits” theme but at least that meltdown was local. The nation (including B.O.) had KU picked to win it all in hoops.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Both KU teams suffered from a lack of mental discipline. That’s on the coaches and more importantly on the parents, or whoever,raised a bunch of pussies who don’t wanna get shouted down, embarassed or pushed around by coaches. Each generation of kids may get physically stronger but they don’t have any heart, or balls to get shit done when it needs to be did….aight? If Bill Self had any integrity he’d resign today. If KU hoops was a publicly traded company Self would have been fired right after the game. He did an awful job of prepping the team and managing the game.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    I heard someone say Missouri was in the NCAAs this year. Can anyone verify this?

    All I’ve heard about from fans, media, internets, etc., has been KU and KSU. MU fans can tell me everything about KU’s choke, but they act confused if I ask them about their team.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Typical Bob Fescoe comment regarding Mizzou fans buying Northern Iowa gear. Another example of talking with no thinking.

    Actually, you would be surprised how many Mizzou fans said they were going to do this on Facebook. I would have said something, but I’m a KU grad and I’m not going to stop them from spending money to look ignorant.

  50. Anonymous says:

    The best part of this for the MU fans and the KState folks is that the highlight of Ali hitting that 3 to seal the game will be replayed more than the ski jumper that fell off the ramp that you saw at the beginning of ABC Wide World of Sports, signifying the agony of defeat. This was huge and will be around for years and years to come. I have guy’s in my office throwing all their KU gear in the trash. What goes around comes around. Justice has been served.

  51. Anonymous says:

    MU? Yes, Johnny Utah, they were in the tournament. They won as many games as the overall number-one seed. You missed that?

  52. Anonymous says:

    come on you losers who threw away your
    ku gear in the trash. I, as an MU fan would
    love to have such a “terrible” year and so
    would 340 other teams in the ncaa.
    Sure things went bad..but next year the
    hawks will have hearts of steel and ready
    to play bball again. I’m already feeling like
    theres gonna be something missing this
    weekend. I can’t get excited about the tourney
    but i will read the k state score.
    Come on…i was right. I predicted it.
    So lets move on…the royals are going to
    win it all!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    I am find it sadly amusing that the same people who complain that KU talked too much are now doing the EXACT SAME THING, but in reverse. Oh well, most typical stoopid humans never change. It is the same everywhere. For instance, it is also sadly amusing to hear the Japanese complain how evil the bombing of Hiroshima was, while they raped Nanking and committed atrocities in the rest of SE Asia. What a bunch of typical two faced humans. LOOK IN THE MIRROR SOMETIME.

    KU did not lose to some shitty team. UNI was #17 in the final RPI rankings and they played a good game.

    KU will be back better than ever next year. That is not being arrogant or bragging, it is stating facts. Look at the stats, the roster, the recuiting. We WILL ( AS USUAL) kick ass in the BIG 12. Who knows how far we will go in the tourny, OH WELL. My team does not have to win the whole thing for me to love them.

    RPI rankings..


  54. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    As/If you look at those final RPI rankings, do you see any familiar names on that list?


  55. Anonymous says:

    RPI definition
    The Rating Percentage Index (RPI) has been used by the NCAA since 1981 to supplement the selection of at-large teams and the seeding of all teams for the NCAA basketball tournament. This list is an independent duplication of the RPI without input from the NCAA, which does not release the RPI to the public.

    RPI is derived from three component factors:
    Div. I winning percentage (FI, 25%),
    schedule strength (FII, 50%);
    opponent’s schedule strength (FIII, 25%).

    Different weights are given to the location of the game for both the winner and loser of the game.

    Games against non-Division I opponents are not used in calculating the RPI.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I agree with all you’ve say JayhawkFan but we still can’t use them being a good team as an excuse. Just didn’t get the job done. I think this one is going to hurt for a long time. I think I’ve passed shocked and am fully into anger. Like it or not though, this was the same type of loss that galvanized the NC team and they had a strong performance in 07 and won it the year after. Time to bring the #2 PG in the country into the fold and get hungry and mean and take it to everyone next year. Next year’s team is not going to be cocky, they’re going to be pissed because Self is going to coach them harder than ever. The glory from 08 is gone and it’s time to go back to work. We have the best coach in the country to do just that.

    Hey moron who made the Hitler video from “Downfall” making fun of KU. Can you be any more unoriginal. A person who was actually clever made that making fun of the Huskers…I believe when they lost to VT last year on that last minute drive. Funny the first time…copying the second. Get original.

  57. Anonymous says:

    That is a great movie though:)

  58. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    Stevo sed:
    Next year

  59. Anonymous says:

    @ Jayhawk fan and Stevo….LOL
    Yeah, maaan, now Self is gonna coach them, like,all harder and stuff…lol
    Great, you will be stacked next year as opposed to this year when you were, uh, stacked? Self was lucky to win the title he did. 3 choke jobs now by him and with ALL of that TALENT!?!?!? FAIL….again

  60. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    You just dont get it. You must be a moronU non-grad / never-attended or maybe you have too low an IQ to grasp the concept or maybe you ….. ah nevermind, seek help boy.

  61. Anonymous says:

    nice comeback…running out of material? Here’s a headline for you
    “McDonalds All Americans Don’t have the McNuggets to get it done”
    LOL…losers. Nice game. Way to embarrass the big 12

  62. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan

  63. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    From Coach Self Post-Season Press Conference


    On if it bothers him that the loss will be the thing that is remembered after all the regular season and Big 12 Tournament success:

    “I don’t know if you are right (on the loss being the only thing remembered). I do think the way that it is set up, and the way that the media sets it up – which they do an unbelievable job of setting it up, Road to the Final Four, March Madness, the whole year is set up that way. I think that it is also set up to be disappointment because of the hype that surrounds it.
    I think the people that are really in the know, I think that they are going to be disappointed in the outcome, but will look back and be very pleased at how the team represented the University.
    I don’t look at it as being the only thing, winning championships is something that at most places, you should not take lightly. Here, I think sometimes as a group, don’t see the significance of it, because there is always a bigger prize. We still shouldn’t take away from the fact that going 15-1 and winning the Big 12 Tournament championship is an accomplishment, but I would rather be playing now. Still, I don’t think it makes the season a failure by any means.”

    I am still proud of the great year my KU Jayhawkshad. We won our sixth straight BIG 12 TITLE and we went 33-3 PLUS PLUS. How many other teams did that well?

    I dont care what trolling naysayers say. These idiots have probably have never stepped foot on a college campus or they attended some “nothing school”.

    I graduated from KU.
    I crossed the finishg line.

    trollboys talk all the trash youy want, no one cares, it is meaningless drivel.

    I did speak pride about my KU Jayhawks, and I am not hiding or going away after the loss, besides losing to a 17th RPI team is not something to be ashamed of.

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