Tony: A Few Thoughts On Saturday Spring Snow

Typical Kansas City, it’s snowing on the first day of spring.

Even worse, this temporary inclement weather isn’t supposed to hang around that long and it’s leaving me in a quandary regarding my approach to the new season. The snow will melt Tuesday but on this first day of Spring it just doesn’t feel right to leave sidewalks a mess. The type-A personalities are ready to approach Spring Cleaning with renewed vigor but there’s no point in wasting energy. Still, snowfall to start the Spring has me thinking about this town’s lingering problems.

And as we enter a new election cycle it all feels like history is repeating itself. The slogans haven’t even been improved by much.

And, given the weekend news cycle, TV broadcasts might also feel like they’re running in a loop.

Nevertheless, the fastidious thing to do here is dig out of the snow to start the Spring and wait for the weather to break, a bit of watch and maybe, just maybe a change in the world around us.

Either that or gawk at the TV and make rude comments about how big pregoo weather newsie Erin Little is getting. I have a pretty good betting pool on when she’ll pop.

Tony Botello
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    Put me down for Tip off of Final 4

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