Star Search: Week-Old Web News Tops Front Page, Hendricks Face Plants Again

Who said news need be new?

The uppermost headline on today’s front page: “March Puts Car Market In Drive; In the month’s first eight days, U.S. sales hit an annualized rate of 12.5 million, a Web site finds.”

Breaking news about the auto industry unearthed by the hometown paper?

Nah, this news isn’t
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3 Responses to Star Search: Week-Old Web News Tops Front Page, Hendricks Face Plants Again

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Star’s story had plenty of LOCAL reaction from LOCAL dealers. It’s always interesting to see if/how national trends are playing out locally, and Heaster, who has been covering the local auto industry for quite a while now, does a good job of it.

    You know: LOCAL news in a LOCAL paper. It’s a useful tack. Think I’ll go buy one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    2 days of real Spring and an upper cut this weekend. Thanks Gary! You can find me glued to a flat screen somewhere until April. Go KU,MU,and KSU…big run in tourney is great for area.

    Hearne you sure have a lot of loyal haters that like to waste time here, odd no? A guy I follow online once told me to buy GRMN—Because people want to know WHERE TF THEY ARE! Same with KC STAR people want to know What TF is going on.

    “Business: Nothing to write home about here”
    This is the meat of the entire universe right now. Market Volatility very low…epic Market melt up from March 09, eerily same reaction to 1929.
    Major shift of Wall St. to Washington DC in just last 18 months. Health Care 30% of GDP!
    FED balance sheet with FNM FREDMC (unprecedented)
    We have gone from the GOLD Standard to the housing standard with Chinese drywall.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Local dude – may I call you that? – if the Star wanted to stress local car dealers in the story (and not pretend the 8 day national car sales bump was the news), why did all three front page headlines address the already-old ,national news about the Edmunds findings? There’s more than 12 column inches on the front page and not a hint of anything local to come.

    Most readers will never even get to the jump where the story becomes a hodgepodge less than compelling quotes from this dealer and that. The money quote – if there is one – is the one that notes March is the start of the car-buying season.

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