Tony: Surprise, Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Work If Your Product Sucks!

Did you know they still throw raves?

I thought the rave scene died after the hillbilliy sons-of-the-soil inherited meth and subsequently wrecked their teeth.

Nope, while checking/deleting all of my facebook messages I noticed an angry screed from somebody who couldn’t find any help from his many facebook fans. I’ve changed his name to “Raver Dude” in an attempt to protect the innocent and hopelessly naive when it comes to marketing in the digital age.

First, let’s go easy on the guy. Event planning is quite tricky in Kansas City during this great recession.

Social media hasn’t made it any easier when it comes to realistically turning out a decent size crowd. Difficulty in bringing people out is exceptionally rough when it involves crappy electronic music and its mostly substance dependent fans.

Without any further ado, here’s the frustrated testament to Facebook event planning and marketing.

Depressing. If the digital age has not brought forth a Renaissance in house, trance and techno tunes then we really are headed down a road to nowhere.

Still, there is a bit of optimism. Realizing the error of his ways, our beloved “Raver Dude” makes a bit of an apology.

Now there is the spirit of Internet optimism that I adore.

Still, I think we’ve all learned a lesson. When planning a party, don’t think that your facebook friends are going to come through for you. Also, stop listening to music that peaked in the early 90’s.

Tony Botello
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11 Responses to Tony: Surprise, Facebook Marketing Doesn’t Work If Your Product Sucks!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, there are people who really expect Facebook RSVP’s to show?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love that you changed his name name in the heading, but allowed it to remain there in his signature. Good work! haha

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to reply to this post, I’m the promoter for the event, no, the event didn’t go as planned and I do realize that relying on facebook friend’s rsvp’s to show is a waste of time. The Raver Dude happens to be one of the DJ’s for the gig and he helped a ton in organizing and setup for the event and brought a ton of his own equipment so most of his frustration was based mainly on that, however the main part of his frustration was the people he physically talked with who said they would show and didn’t, it’s a matter of trusting someone’s word when they say to your face they will do something and don’t follow through. As as far as the last statement “Also, stop listening to music that peaked in the early 90

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not important
    Its odd that you choose to point out this aspect of the electronic music scene. The fact of the matter is expressed best by two points. First, facebook marketing does work for those who develop relationships beyond aimlessly and continuous spamming of accounts of those whom you have no previous ties or relationships. Secondly the people who were throwing this party are of the “If you build it, they will come” school of thought. The fact of the matter is that they have isolated themselves from the community by being pretentious and letting their emotions get the better of them in a digitally public way as exemplified by the post this article is about.

    Another example on this:

    Look at the way they respond to general internet trolling/ribbing in this thread:

  6. Anonymous says:

    i said some things and i spoke my mind. people do it every day. i made that post because i was irritated with the people who called me personally. i had 62 phone calls within 48 hours of the show. out of those 62, only 2 of them came thru.

    why do people even bother to call me and tell me there coming when they dont even show? it goes to show how much i can actually believe people when they say there going to do something. i guess people are all talk these days, like hot steam coming out of a vent pipe

    when i say im going to do something. i do it. ive helped out alot of people and people have relied on me many times in my life and i always come thru. i dont make half assed promises. if i cant do something or if im not for sure then ill say no or maybe.

    in the end, i wasnt mad at the facebook rsvp’s. i did make it come out like that but i didnt mean to. now im dealing with the consequences of it. but thats fine. none of this is effecting my personal life, maybe music but thats ok.

    whats great about this though, is i have had ALOT of support. Ive had 100’s upon 100’s of people sending me messages saying that they respect me for speaking my mind and they tell me that people just talk and blow smoke out there ass.

    Ive had alot of friends requests after the rant post and ive had a couple promotor’s tell me they would like me to play in there shows, if they come thru then great, if not then oh well. Ive had alot of people tell me they like my style of music, they tell me that there tired of the same old boring electronic music.

    at the end of the day, more good has actually happened for me out of rant post than bad. for every 1 person talking smack about me, ive got 2 to 3 on my side about it.

    ok….so now im expecting everyone to respond and tear me a new one…..lets have it

  7. Anonymous says:

    p.s. for those who havent figured it out, im the one who made the rant post.

  8. Anonymous says:

    DJ Reeves
    I have been keeping quiet about the whole situation for a reason, everyone is blowing the entire event’s happenings out of perportion. I see where Ethan is coming from, In that particular event, he was setting things up, promoting, and being a DJ, all in 1 event. Too much for one person if you ask me. I was stressed out anyway because of the poor turn out. I guess that goes to show, online media isn’t 100% reliable.

    As for our scene and electronic music in Kansas City as a whole, the statements should have been researched in depth before being put up on this post. Yes, the scene isn’t anywhere close to what it used to be, but it is still out there. Re:Animated has thrown now 3 very successful shows (without big headliners too might i add) each drawing somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 people. Bring Tiesto in, and they flock from every street gutter, sewage drain, etc.

    All in all for the scene here in KC, i see it as a “re-building” effort. Kind of like the Royals.. lol. but what really needs to happen to get more quality events from all crews, is the #3 letter in the old skool acronym, PLUR, UNITY!!! I am a part (and DJ) for 4 different crews in Kansas City, most of which (as far as i can tell) don’t get along with one another.. HORRIBLE!! and kind of akward for me really. where do i draw this conclusion, previous facebook post between head crew members, and the syde-sho forum post that spawned this article.

    Syde-sho, many who will read this are on there, and it’s great to have a local EDM forum, but jeez, really? all the trash talking that goes on there is absolutely insane! with people trying to control everyones opinion over one another, the scene suffers. Pure, hard cold truth. I am not, nor will i be, a part of the negativity on that site. a lot of the DJs and promoters in KC (and surrounding areas) are on there… constantly, bashing each other for one reason or another. There IS a difference between constructive critisism and bashing, and from the post on there that spawned this article, that’s all i see. a bunch of people saying “i’m better than you,” blah blah.

    Much to ethan’s point, electronic artists are starting to make some headway into mainstream music. besides david guetta, back in the day, before 2005, i was jammin’ to Darude’s Sandstorm on the radio, Dirty Vegas hit it big, and i’ve even heard Pendulum on the radio as well. now there’s the “tech-pop” stuff that’s out now, like Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, and Keesha… who are launching careers on the top 40 charts with that steady “4 to the floor” beat. I still prefer music no one has heard, pure underground, but to prove his point further, yeah.

    In conclusion, as is stated on syde-sho about once every sentence, everyone is entitled to thier opinion, that’s mine, I REALLY do hope some crews can set thier differences behind them, because if that can happen, the possibilities are endless. PLUR (Peace.Love.Unity.Respect) was an old skool acronym, why not bring it back to fruition and see what it can do for the 2010 decade….

    Also, i’m not on syde sho, so if you would like to give feedback about my comment, please do so on here and by sending me a message via Thank you, and PLUR.

  9. Anonymous says:

    DJ Reeves
    I almost forgot, i do take that a little bit personal with the title “Tony: Surprise, Facebook Marketing Doesn

  10. Anonymous says:

    Raver dudes, don’t chew through your pacifiers arguing with Tony on this. He’s a mentally disturbed clown who gets his kicks out of shitting on everything Kansas City. Maybe it’s the first time he’s picked on you? Don’t worry, nobody takes him seriously except that fawning homo erotic Jon Lansberg at Bottomup communications.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I like Ethan, great guy. I see Tony’s point but to keep KC going we have to support our local artists and events.

    Maybe it’s time for the crowd to do some work.

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