Star Search: Charles Gusewelle on Collecting Shells & Viewing Manatees

It’s Sunday, comics are colorized, an ad’s on the front page and finally news we can use…

A-1 Section: Looks like the KCMO school closings may lead to larger classes, less learning.

And hoo boy, a front pager that goes however many paragraphs in detailing a family’s wake up routine, right down to dialogue like: “Hi, sweetie,” “Hi, baby” and “How did you sleep?”

Now there’s a grabber lead-in to a story about gadgets. Not.

Week’s worth of dead folks, too. You know, celebs. Kinda interesting, in case you missed them, however many days earlier.

And who said ads don’t count for much?

Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham & Karl Rove are coming to

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6 Responses to Star Search: Charles Gusewelle on Collecting Shells & Viewing Manatees

  1. Anonymous says:

    Joe Popper
    It’s always reassuring to know I can come to this web site for such illuminating insights as: The Star’s Sunday Magazine is “featury” this week (as opposed to the previous 1000 issues). Soon Hearne will be telling us that at The Star, writers put together combinations of “letters” to form “words,” and when these “words” are arranged in a certain order, they result in “sentences” that impart information to readers. That’s the kind of keen observation that comes from nearly 20 years on the inside.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What jumped out…I liked the doom and gloom full page spread on Saturday Biz….how does this guy get this kind of ink? There are so many people in this town that are doing good things! City of Fortunes you know …We are all Keynesians…or I believe thats the goal!

    Read the story about the 10,000 sq ft house in Cass County Army Base….sometimes I can’t even believe what I’m reading? I have no where to even put that story..incredible.

    Tournament is good bidness for City…wish we could get about 10 events like that a year. How bout opening that block up to the promoters and manufacturing 4 or 5 events a year. P&L feels like just an extension of the Sprint Center concession stand.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Come on Joe, Marti, whoever you are. Am I not allowed to be charitable or are you incapable of reading between the lines?

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham & Karl Rove are coming to Sprint Center? Your tax dollars at work!”

    Huh, are they not paying to rent the place?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Roy Langford
    Hey, Hearne, just to mix it up a bit, I was thinking maybe you guys could do a Star Search on Ink, since it is part of the Star after all

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ink, eh, is that a suggestion or an assignment?
    What to I call it – Ink Blotter?

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