Jennifer: Feeling ‘Crabby’ on a Cold & Rainy Night at Jardine’s

Cold rainy nights call for someplace cozy to settle in and be entertained.

I have been to Jardine’s before, but never made a reservation for dinner.
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3 Responses to Jennifer: Feeling ‘Crabby’ on a Cold & Rainy Night at Jardine’s

  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s great reasons to go to Jardine’s. But the food is not one of them.

    I’ve been there often and have dined on many of those visits. Ted has served me, and he is good. Beena is a marvelous sprite. The atmosphere is fun. The music is usually excellent (though ambient noise, especially on a weekend night, sometimes renders it difficult to enjoy).

    The food is fine, but not exceptional (unlike, say, Cafe Trio in the same plaza) and hardly the reason to visit. In fact, based on my meals there, if your green beans were served hot, you were there on an unusual night. I’ve had the pork and the chicken meals. They’re certainly not bad. But they’re not the reason to choose Jardine’s over another restaurant. Music and atmosphere are the reasons.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hard to take this review seriously given the recently resumed relationship between you know who and what’s her name.

    I agree that the food at Jardines is so-so. As a music room it’s certainly no Cafe Carlyle where performers are rewarded with silence and attention from the patrons who for the most part REALLY appreciate the subtleties and nuances of intimate performances as opposed to being glared and bitched at by KA types.

    Lot’s of room for improvement gastronomically, sonically and socially. I doubt we’ll ever see it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Janesko– Get it down to many fewer words. Be more unpredictable please. If I see one more piece on Elbow or Jardine’s …. Jeesh

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