Tony: Here’s Hoping for Fewer Empty Promises from the Royals this Spring

We all know the Royals are gonna suck this year.

For baseball fans with any real knowledge perennial Royals mediocrity has been a fact of life every season since the late 1980’s, but this year it seems abundantly clear.

Still every season at Springtime, for so many years, there has been lots of unreliable marketing disguised as reporting that touts the fortunes of Kansas City’s baseball team. With the promotion of unproven players or coaches no less. Only suckers believe this kind of nonsense and I’m happily noticing that the pointless hype might just have abated this year.

I notice that the Royal’s slogan, “It All Happens Here” is remarkably understated.

There is good reason for this low key approach.

Last year Cy Young Award Winner Zack Greinke offered a bit of hope but after the All-Star break it was obvious that not even his talent could really help the team. While I think the guy was a paper tiger and his stats are a result of a good player dominating non-competitive games. Overall, there’s a realization under the surface that Greinke will be great one day, just not with the Royals. So it’s not like that will do us any good.

Other than their “Great White Hype” — which is still one of the best sports movies around by the way — prospects for the Royals ride on nothing more than the renovation at The K. There’s no getting around the fact that it’s a beautiful park with wonderful amenities. And this new slogan decidedly speaks to the only real attraction – A nice day in reasonably good weather at the stadium.

At this point the prospect of Stroud’s pan fried chicken now available at the park has generated more excitement than any incoming player. And lord knows Stroud’s could use the business.

In terms of baseball, I think Kansas City blogger Chimpotle accurately captures what most fans expect with his great spin on the softcore Royals slogan:

That seems about right from a team that might consider it progress if they weren’t mathematically eliminated from The Playoffs before the All-Star break.

Tony Botello

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4 Responses to Tony: Here’s Hoping for Fewer Empty Promises from the Royals this Spring

  1. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    New Royals slogan for this season: “At least you don’t have to drive to Omaha to see minor league baseball.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tony your are right, Glass is just takin care of this team for the city, he’s a babysitter. Glazer,Nick and Greg pointed this out last year. They were on the money. This years team really is horrible, they got nothing, not one good position player. One dh, butler and one pitcher, Grenkie, but they will destroy him.

    So enjoy the food, beer and atmosphere cause The Royals are a joke, again.

  3. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why is someone who so obviously hates and resents the Royals and their fans allowed to write about them? It lessens the credibility of this site even more. Stick to something you know about, like snack cakes and cheetos.

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