Star Search: (Un) Manic Monday – Coasting into the Week

Anybody notice the odd little patter accompanying the week in weather atop the front page?

Disguised as a modest peek at the daily forecast today through Friday, somebody decided to get clever.

“Today’s Weather: March comes in like a lion? This feels like a dandelion.” Ensuing comments include “Roar of approval,” “Regal conditions” and “cat’s meow.”

You know, sometimes it’s the subtle joys that make life truly worth living…

Olympics wrap: nothing you couldn’t have gotten – or get – anywhere, free of charge, but long as I’m looking…I see Canada got 14 Gold medals to the USA’s 9. Now I know why those drunken Irish blokes outside the Beaumont Club last night were hazing some Canadian dude.

The rest of the front page? If I can’t say anything nice…

Local: The section-less section.

Here we get a photo and a blurb about a BBQ War between Gates and Bryant’s slated to air on the Travel Channel in April. This tidbit smacks of Star staffing cutbacks. Could have – and probably should have – been a nice little behind the scenes story. Next lifetime.

Hey the Auto Show starts Wednesday at Bartle Hall. Curious to see what the attendance is like.

Remembrances: Ever notice that this section has two names? “Remembrances” and “Deaths.” A nod at political correctness plus a just-the-facts face smack.

However you cut the cake, it’s a slow news day when it comes to deaders…

Twenty-one down, a single page of obits and nobody of note that I see scanning the exit ramp.

Opinion: Hey, the Star likes a plan to allow busses to ramble down the the shoulder of I-35 during traffic slowdowns. An alternative to light rail? Really?

Missing in action in the Star editorial: any mention of what’s to become of beleaguered motorists actually using the shoulder for its intended purpose – navigating shit creek when their car craps out or getting in an accident.

Sports: I don’t know, but in another life would we be reading about the Christians versus the Lions here? There’s so much sports stuff online for folks who really care, it’s hard to imagine this being a true resource except for the Web challenged. Especially today, sans front line columnist, Jason Whitlock.

Which raises the question; did Whitlock get cut back on the number of columns he writes when they scissored his paycheck last year?

FYI: Gotta hand it to the FYI gang today. A fun little trivia pursuit on KC’s local link to the Oscars.

Hey and they’re only a week late letting people know that Ian Byrne of the Elders is heading this year’s St. Patrick’s Parade. Tony unleashed that story on KC Confidential Feb. 20th.

And how about this; instead of the usual 100 percent syndicated on Showtime, we get all local bylines.

That’ll do it for today…
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