OTC: Petro Finally Gets Real On Royals

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34 Responses to OTC: Petro Finally Gets Real On Royals

  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, looks like Petro was right in 2003. Doesn’t get him over the Mendoza line though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    K.K. has always told me Soren likes to swallow

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rick in PV
    I have never felt so bitter before spring training has even begun in earnest …

  4. Anonymous says:

    Greg come to a press conference some time and I’ll do you like I did Nick. I don’t appreciate you bringing up quotes from many years ago to make me look bad. You’ll find out about my legendary temper.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Polish a what? Way to stay classy Soren.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow, Soren is finally right on something. Well…other then turing Nick Wright into his trick.

    Right now I would take my chances on a new owner who might move this team to Charlotte, NC. Long Island or Northern New Jersey in five years then take the crap that the Glass family has brought us since they bought the team.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Petro’s creditabilty went out the window last year when he said “Willie Mays is overated”.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ll take this as a pretty good sign the Royals will win this year. Petro is never right.

    (BTW, is there anything worse than those scripted ads Petro does with that mutual fund guy?)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    yes, the royals were pretty good in 2003.

    The 25th anniversary of the last playoff appearance. that means… no one younger than about 32 can remember the last royals playoffs.

    Thank you Glass family!

  10. Anonymous says:

    i can’t wait for baseball. If you guys don’t
    like it…don’t go..don’t buy tickets..don’t
    listen to the games…turn off the sports talk
    loser when they talk about baseball.
    the 1.7 million people whowent to the
    stadium last year probably knew the royals were
    not a great team or even a fairly somewhat
    close..well maybe not even close…okay a
    rotten team with no bullpen or hitting.
    But we went because we hope…we hope the royals
    will win one in 3 games…well maybe one in 4..
    so we go to 4 and hope to win one.
    But baseball is so cool and the stadium is
    so much fun…and we can sit in section 150..
    row 1 and get 3 or 4 balls thrown from the
    bullpen to the kids…and we can drink the
    warm beer and laugh…then go out and smoke
    a doobie in the parking lot then cfome back
    in and clean out the cotton candy vendor…then
    harass the opposing teams right fielder and
    bull shit with the relievers like soria…and
    then get some hot dogs and terrible bar b q
    and go home when the royals lose.
    Thats heaven to me…if you love baseball and
    being outside with a bunch of other people who
    are only there because the seats are cheap and
    they love baseball whether the royals win
    1 game or 160…it doesnt matter.

  11. Anonymous says:

    OH…AND we love to watch our cheifs. Just got
    40 yard line…2nd row behind the visitors
    bench….we’re coming to harass the f*ck out
    of the cheifs opponents….its time to howl again.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well, jojo, some people go because they love the Royals. Some go to take their kids. But you forget that a lot of people go because they’re Cardinal, Yankee and Red Sox fans who can more easily get a ticket and travel here than they can go to their home ball park which is sold out for every game.

    And for the record, I love baseball and I love the Royals. But I won’t go unless the tickets are free or Greinke is pitching. Not because I hate them but because they don’t respect me enough to field a team worthy of my time and money. You like to go get high in the parking lot and that’s a fine way to spend a summer night but I don’t feel the need to give my money to a bunch of millionaires and one billionaire who don’t care enough for me to try and win the weakest division in baseball.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Oh, yeah, yeah, I know. I’m a LOSEER! Or LOSSER! Or LOOSSEERRR! Or however you choose to spell it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    and i love college basketball..headed to
    coumbia for ku-mu upset. Have a hat with
    one side blue..the other black…so for
    this game…i will be wearing the winners colors.

  15. Anonymous says:

    no gavin…for ONCE you’re right. The owners are
    not in it to win. I’ve said that over and over.
    I was at game 7/1985…i’ve felt the winning…
    i grew up with 3rd row…right at first base
    tickets…i know how bad it’s been…
    i would love to strangle glass and his wal mart
    philosophy. I hate the man.
    And i understand fully the anguish of most of
    the vfans. But for me…its being outside..
    watching baseball..its just a ton of fun.
    Winning makes it even funner. So maybe one day
    it all comes together and moore get 3 or 4
    lucky breaks with players who have career
    years and we do win a division. You do need
    some breaks to go your way in baseball because
    the difference between winning and losing a
    game is so slight.
    JUst don’t buy the tickets…means more room
    for us.
    And you’re not a loser in this comment area.
    YTou moight be one in previous comment areas
    but todfay since I’m dreaming of royals base
    ball I will give you a pass and forgo any
    references to being a L-O_S_E_R! lol

  16. Anonymous says:

    Greg–What’s the deal with Petro’s hair in that picture you posted? Wow. And did he really say Willie Mays was overrated?

  17. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    Good takes Jojo. And Gavin, Jojo has turned over a new leaf. He is now THE MAN. No loser references unless you really deserve it. The local sports team are lucky to have both of you as fans. Jojo that backs his teams and loves them. And Gavin who demands that his team put on a quality product. Amen to you both.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I believe that hairdo is his 1990 Senior High School pic. Nice weight line. Either that or his is touring with “Flock of Seagulls” this summer. Free Friday Concerts anybody?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Here’s my problem with the way the Royals are covered in this town. They get trashed by the talking heads for weeks before the season begins so by the time they’re already out of the race in June, everybody’s tired of trashing them so they start talking about the Chiefs. There’s plenty of time to trash them. Why not hold off for awhile.

    I’m with both JoJo and Gavin. I love to go to the ballpark but I can’t remmember the last time I paid for a ticket. Somebody always seems to be glad to give them away!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit. Sorend looks like shit.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Royals: Win or Move

  22. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Now it starts, like the Chiefs over the past few years…again….I do think the Chiefs may, just may be headed in a positive direction, hard not too at this point. The Royals, no…look for l00 plus losses. Unless they find a miricle man, to help score, outside of Butler, nothing there. Pitching is ok, but with no runs will as last year fall apart.

    Soren, well years ago did his show alot, at the old station, not so much with WHB, but that said, hey the guy has held onto a radio job for years, not easy to do in this town or any other these days. Give him some credit.

  23. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    I give Soren credit….see previous post…..K.K. Says Soren likes to swallow. This = Job security

  24. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    I guess SportClips isn’t an advertiser on his show.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Petro did state that”Say Hey” Willie Mays was over rated. I heard it my self…almost drove off the road at the time.

  26. Anonymous says:

    War Drive
    Is Petro trying to look like Kietzman or is Kietzman trying to look like Petro? The big face/head and preppy glasses – I’m just not buying it from these fags.

    Come back to KCFORUM.net, Greg Hall…

  27. Anonymous says:

    War Drive, why in the hell would someone want to go back to that sinking ship. It’s the same damn 10 people posting all the time. Once Whitlock stopped using you guys as propaganda the site went to hell.

  28. Anonymous says:

    man OTC brings out the trash today. Keep on blogging GH but maybe it’s time to censor some of these fools’ comments. Didn’t anyone’s parents ever teach them how much stupider they sound when they swear every other word?

  29. Anonymous says:

    OK lady’s, Who’d ya rather, Petro or Nick Wright. Who’d ya rather is brought to you by Toyota…Toyota, yeah we fucked up but we’re still in better shape than GM and Chrysler.And remember, when you have unanticipated acceleration just drop ‘er into neutral and let the rev limiter take over. Learn this and other great driving safety tips at the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving.

  30. Anonymous says:

    War Drive
    John – thanks for the input, Leawood John Landsberg.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    John Landsberg is a winner.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Bored Babymama in Belton
    so THIS is where you boys hang out. zzzzz. At least on the radio, you can win a free pizza. How many of you have real jobs? Rick, I know you do, but what about you, jojo? Seem to have a bit too much time on your dominant hand…

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    Ryan Maguire
    Someone said something about blowing earlier….can we get back to that????

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