Craig Glazer: Tiger Not Jackson, Jordan

So why is Tiger Woods held to a higher standard then any other celebrity?


That said, White America accepted him as…”WHITE”. I know he is of mixed ethnicity like the president, but for the most part he is considered black. Like the president.
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10 Responses to Craig Glazer: Tiger Not Jackson, Jordan

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoever wrote this post needs to understand some
    1. Tiger cheated on his wife. It’s not a crime.
    2. Tiger is not Kobe…but not for the reason
    you noted. It’s not because Kobe plays a
    “black sport”. It’s because Kobe was accussed
    of committing a crime…like raping a young
    girl. That’s a crime. Cheating on your wife
    is not.
    3. Tiger is not Michael Jackson. Not because
    Michael is a freak. Michael was accussed of
    molesting a small boy. That’s a crime. Cheating on your wife is not a crime.
    4. Tiger is like Jordan. Both parlayed their
    sports success into millions of dollars in
    endorsements deals. For products that were
    not traditionally purchased by black consumers. They both transcended their color.
    They were accepted by the buying public because they could transfer their success in sport into merchandising products for major corporations.
    Michael had hanes/mcdonalds/bigsby/amf bowling
    (not a black product)/Chevrolet/Coach and other products.
    Tiger had accenture/financial services/buick
    (a purely older white bought auto)/nike/
    and other products not limited to black consumers.
    Both Tiger and Jordan gave products a big smile and a unique position in getting into the
    consumers mind. And it worked.
    For tiger his downfall was because he went against the norms taht sponsors would tolerate.
    60-70% of married adults cheat (so I’ve read)
    and divorce is so common that it’s not a big
    deal anymore. But sponsors were not engaged with
    the fact that tiger married a white woman
    (which if you followed public reaction when they
    got married there was a lot of adverse reaction
    to a black man marrying a white woman in such
    a public situation) they bought tiger’s image.
    Before he got married he had the sponsors that
    were his biggest supporters. So marrying a
    white woman really didn’t change his endorsement
    deals much. It had almost nothing to do with
    those contracts.
    Its about celebrity and our society loving to
    build people up to see them crash down.The
    guy played incredible golf but he obviously had
    other desires that he wanted to fulfill.
    In our society we want to build peoploe up..then
    we want to see them fall. And when they do we
    all become spectators as they fall from grace.
    Tiger was not a public official…he was merely
    a guy who could play great golf. I had heard years ago that he was a “player” beyond the
    course. A young guy with all that money and time
    is sought out and seeks out other methods of
    taking up their time.
    When he walked thru the venetian in las vegas
    on a saturday afternoon…its was like lightning
    had struck with all the camera flashes.
    He was a super celebrity. But not a super human. He played great golf and used that
    to make hundreds of millions of dollars.
    Not every celebrity cheats on their wives.
    It’s just not true. But life in that lane of
    money and celebrity combine like a drug that
    can make people do funny things.
    Its just society’s infatuation with those we
    wish we were. It’s created by a 24/7 media
    like the balloon boy.
    WE love watching people make good in life…but
    lots of people love watching them fall down too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good points, but why is Glazers name in the headline, is he part of the story? Don’t get it?And yes I agree with this, it is the reason he is on the hot seat.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a story that somehow involves Glazer? But I read Whitlocks story in the Star on Jackson and he did have some good points. There are some similar strange cross over life styles. Not the homo stuff, but the father pushing both so hard, no real childhood, not much public interaction, so Whitlock is not totally off base.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You guys are not too sharp, Glazer wrote this, I think. Man, I guess when it comes to sex,movie stars and anything Hollywood, Craig Glazer is the guy we turn to for the ‘truth.’ Why is he the answer guy? I’m not saying he is wrong here, but can’t you guys interview say, David Cook or Tony Gonzolez too? Boy if this guys movie gets made, we will never hear the end of that either. Glazer move to Hollywood and marry one of those starlets so we can stay on top of the Royals and Chiefs and not you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah, thats Craig. O.K. to cheat, cause he’s a white guy? Please. Maybe he’s like you. I saw you at Max Floyd’s deal, but left, cause I tried to speak to you at Kona, but you were with a 20 something dumb blonde bimbo, what a shock. So you were too busy for me. Oh sorry I’m only 23 years or so younger then you, guess thats too old. Keep doin that juice, keeps you young, huh. Got a picture of Dorian Grey in the basement,Craig. Grow up, you’re not 30 anymore or 40 for that matter.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My second time on this blog, doing a post. Hey I think this is an angle I did not think of, the white gug thing. Nice point. Maureen, whoever you are, get over this guy, man he must have done some number on you. I’m now single and available, meet me on the Plaza, I’m game.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Glazer, anything new with Black Barbie? Or who is next?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Glazer you alright my brother. Loved your old dance club in westport. I agree Tiger is gettin hosed.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sorry no comment…I stopped reading at ‘Michael Jackson is a freak’!

  10. Anonymous says:

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