OTC: Nick At Night? And The Diabolical Plan To Prevent It

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very entertaining. I completely understand why most everyone on here hates KK. And this petition is most certainly about him…but hey it still needs to be done. And I saw it picked up on rivals earlier so at least a few others nationally will see it. I realize that KK gets most of the shots from everyone on here because he’s #1. At least he has a reason to have an ego. Nick Wright is bad radio. Period.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Chris Hamblin is the best Sportscaster in KC. He has a much better grasp of the want and needs of the 21 to 35 year old crowd that does not relate to KK and the other old school radio and t.v. announcers. My monies on Hamblin making it with my advertising dollars were ever his chips land in this crazy radio shuffle that is going on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Greg’s Drug Dealer
    You don’t pretend to know Whitlock? Really? You recently wrote a post pretending you knew why Whitlock wrote a column about Brian Waters. Hearne writes fantasy pieces about Whitlock’s financial arrangement with the Star. This whole site is based on pretending to know things you don’t know. Nick “Pinochio” Wright might want to tone down his lies if he’s interested in his nose shrinking to normal size. Did any of you have parents? Do you have a set of values?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have difficulty grasping what relationship Jason Whitlock’s enmity towards Kevin Keitzman has to do with Wright, other than — I guess — that Wright feels his beating Kietzman in the ratings if given the chance would somehow rile Whitlock into giving Wright notice in his KC Star column. How this would benefit Wright, I have no idea. And, frankly, from what I’ve heard, Wright — who seems to have a developing Messiah complex — doesn’t have to tools to take on KK anyway. I don’t see him as a show host, although some of his reporting has made him valuable. Instead of trying to carry a show, his more effective role would be a Nate Bukaty-style sidemike. Wright’s pipes aren’t that strong and his show prep is substandard, which I reckon is what leads to rants like this one.

    Meanwhile, I wouldn’t hold my breath for Entercom to come up with a winner for afternoon drive. It doesn’t appear to me that the 610 program director has much skill, since he has air talent in the wrong place and has not developed an overall counterprogramming strategy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think they need to offer it to Billy Bob and keep Hamblin on as his sidekick. I will probably start listening to political talk or FM radio if Wright is inserted in the afternoon. I refuse to listen to KK. I have listened to Wright’s show and it pretty much is unbearable. 610 needs to hit a home run this time or they may have to go back to the old Country and Western format.

  6. Anonymous says:

    needless to say…keitzman loves all this.
    The guy sits in his mansion…plays golf..eats
    diet cookies…entertains the great athletes and
    the rest of the media in kc try to run him down.
    Well folks just look at the numbers. WHB doesn’t
    get much national ad business and saves about
    a million bucks a year not buying the ratings.
    They bill huge amounts for a sports talk station
    and kick 610’s rear by a huge margin.
    He’s got a great gig…has stock in a big
    money making machine…and the rest of the people
    all yearn to be him.
    Typical kc jealousy. If KK’s competition would just do their homework…not mention his name…
    become better at their trade thru practice and
    hard work…the same things will come to them.
    KK is living large. They all are living large
    at 810 and the jealousy and hate won’t change
    If 610 wants to compete (which the market manager
    doesn’t care because he’s got 2 cash cows
    keeping him in his job) they need to thrwo out
    the current programm director and brings in
    a major hitter who can devise a plan to overtake
    whb. But thats not their goal. Their goal is to
    keep cheap talent…broadcasst satellite
    programs…make a little money by selling royals
    pre and post game spots for $40…and not lose
    money. 610 is not playing to win. They ar4e
    playing not to lose. And until they invest
    the money to play on 810’s ground…they will
    be second best.
    610 probably is making a little money so they
    don’t want to shake the boat. Get mediocre talent
    without a big payroll and sell some time.
    810 is out to win. Big revenue…big names…
    pay for the talent…and sit on metcalf making

  7. Anonymous says:

    Maas cannot handle the host spot. He can be interesting when talking the NFL, but that’s as far as his expertise goes. He sounds just plain dumb when trying to talk about anything else.

    I think Wright fancies himself as a modern day Howard Cosell, even down to his delivery. While he has a lot of upside, he’s not ready to take on Keitzman. Like him or not (Wright) he will be successful in this business.

    810 is on top because they provide an entertaining product and do a reasonably good job of talking about ALL of the area teams instead of concentrating on one or two.

  8. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    If jojo doesn’t get this job their is no God.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Reading this site is the only way I’m willing to find out what happened on Nick Wright’s radio show. Listening to him is painful.

    And these weak attempts to turn KC talk radio into a soap opera are embarrasing. KK is guilty of this occasionally – but never really stoops to the level of naming names. It’s not that KK is above that – he’s just smart enough to realize it’s bad strategy.

    I’ll be curious to read how this train wreck turns out.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Greg’s Drug Dealer makes an excellent point. How often have you, Greg, railed against Joe Posnanski in this very blog for relating conversations to which JoPo could not possibly have been a party or even known if they’d taken place? But you’re perfectly comfortable assigning motivations to Whitlock when you haven’t spoken to him in ten years?

    I realize that the journalistic standards at work here at KC Confidential are a bit different than many employ at more traditional outlets, but did you even TRY to contact Whitlock and ask him about all this? You pretty much reported his motivations as fact, so I’m assuming you have some source or a background conversation with Whitlock to inform your interpretations of his motives?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Nick Wright = UGLY, HOOK-NOSED PENCIL-NECK, RADIO-DOUCHE. That is all.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nick Wright is way more likely to be unemployed than to be given the afternoon time slot on 610. Others have said it above – his show is unlistenable. Bad delivery, below average sports knowledge, and most importantly, no ability to construct an argument and defend it with credibility.

    A very telling time right now for 610 and the KC sports talk scene. If 610 gives the show to Nick, or anyone on their current staff, it’s a sure sign that Entercom has given up and will flip formats shortly. For those of us who want as many options as possible, this would be a very bad outcome.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ignorance is bliss!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Siv Adnar
    Wow, this is the “Battle of who could care less.” I’ll never understand why KK’s show is so highly rated…oh nevermind, it’s because there is no competition.

    Good luck Wright. NPR, here I come.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Did I just hear Tiger say he was a follower of Buddha or did he say booty?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think the only reason K.K. has a lead is because he got a head start so to speak in the race. He also was a well known TV personality. And quite frankly in the early days I think he worked hard. he had some great behind the scenes talent.

    THE REAL STORY here is the falling out between Hall and Whitlock. greg when do we get the scoop. Or do we have to send Elin after you with some clubs….though Tiger denies any of that. Pleaseeee

  17. Anonymous says:

    Harry Balczak
    610 needs to get SOMEONE in the 2-6 slot ASAP. Hamblin is a dolt and as Cliffy says, Maas is great when he talks about the NFL, but talking about anything else he is at a loss. Listening to them defend the Frank Martin T shirt was hard to listen to. It was none other than Nick Wright who called them out the very next morning on that topic. For a radio host( s ) to be so tone deaf to seemingly not know that “mowing my lawn” is a slur against Hispanics is unexcuseable, and shows a lack of knowledge outside of their specialties that would handicap them if their show would continue. Please, 610, get a powerhouse in there for afternoon drive to knock off the unlistenable, arrogant prick that is KK.

  18. Anonymous says:

    610 needs to hire Epic Beard Man for the 2-6pm slot. He is a motherf*cker.

  19. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Hey I think Nick and Bill Mass would be a fun team…worked with both…yes I really do know them and I know Whitlock too….been on his shows when he had them, many times….all these guys are fun…KK and I no longer do shows, I am too controversial for him I guess, same with Petro…but still, lets face it…all these guys are entertaining in one way or another…So give Nick his shot…he works hard….better then bringing in some new outta town guy who is not close with our teams….

  20. Anonymous says:

    What makes a good radio or broadcasting personality?
    To me.. its when I listen to them…what they say sounds important. Rome,Costas,Cosell,Harlan,Albert,Cary,Scully,all have that inate ability to make the action sound really important.
    On the local level Keitzman took a big risk going to that station however many years ago…right place right time….his voice epitomizes KANSAS CITY..I think Kietz is a pretty sharp.
    I don’t listen though,….thats what OTC is for isn’t it?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I gotta admit that when Wright and Maas were together when both Hamblin and Cowboy were out … it wasn’t bad. Still, it’s not a serious challenge to KK.

    If 610 truly believes Fescoe is the answer in the morning slot then you gotta wonder if JoJo is right … they’re not really serious about winning.

  22. Anonymous says:

    uncle nick
    If jojo is who you are looking for guidance from we got to wonder about you cliffy.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Not looking for guidance, Uncle Nick. I thought his post today had some good points. I think he’s basically saying 610 has the same strategy as our Chiefs and Royals have had in recent years … if they can make money putting out a mediocre product, can we really hope for any change?

  24. Anonymous says:

    The Word.
    The word on the street is:

    From what I hear is this whole Whitlock Vs. Wright issue is a gimmick. It’s a ploy to trick the masses into thinking they hate each other. Or at least that Wright hates Whitlock.


    Because soon, maybe as soon as April 1, Wright will go from his mid-day to the coveted 2-6 PM show. But, not as a host, but mostly a side kick. Word is the job and the show will go back to Jason Whitlock.

    Word is that Wright might be less of a host and more of what Scott Forest was during Whitlock’s old show on 810 and 610.

    Or Wright will be given the Steven St. John role in Whitlock’s new show. But the twist is that there will be a lot of aurguments and disagreements on the air. That’s why management told Wright to act like he

  25. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Nick
    My bad cliffy. I don’t actually read his posts. So would have no clue if their are good points or not. Just general feelings is he is bonkers. You know a person can get a reputation and then….

  26. Anonymous says:

    Gavin this will take care of the thought we are one and the same. I disagree with you on Greg. Let me use this analogy. I see a friend i haven’t seen in a long time….say ten years. He tells me he just came from the movies. Because of my past experience and knowledge of him I know both what movies he wouldn’t of seen say chick flick and or fantasy. I know what he liked action pack. So I can accurately guess what movie he saw. that doesn’t mean I’m making stuff up. Just I know his thoughts and actions based on past experience. Seriously, five years from now do you think you could show me ten posts from this site and I wouldn’t be able to pick out jojo’s?

    As far as Nick. My guess is he feels if he beats Kevin he’ll have done something Jason didn’t.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Pork Chop and Wigger on the same show?

    God help us all

  28. Anonymous says:

    Cliffy I disagree with you on why 810 is on top. I think they are on top for the same reason Don Fortune was on top for all those years. Their is no real alternative. I believe 610 could mount a charge but have been unsuccessful in doing so because they don’t understand this is a long process and they change horses to quick. Plus they are cheap and don’t spend the cash needed to be king.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    810WHB is on top because their the best. NOTHING MORE…NOTHING LESS…

    To say anything diffrent is silly….

    810 will always scoop 610 once again!

  30. Anonymous says:

    How does Nick think he can win this time slot? He can not even win his current time slot! imagine 2 more hours of crap than we have currently…………keep trying but nick sucks!!!!!!!!!!!1

  31. Anonymous says:

    Who should 610 have stuck with, Rick?

    DA had some good moments but he tried too hard to be funny and kept letting the same, boring regulars call in every morning to drone on and on and on …

    Twibell was a disaster. Fescoe has nothing to say but he’ll say it three times in every sentence.

    Neal and Marty? Whitlock called them bland and blander and that is being nice.

    Chris and Cowboy? Totally unprofessional and just plain silly.

    I’d love nothing more than to see 610 make a serious run but it’s like they’re not even trying.

  32. Anonymous says:


    I get what you’re saying but we’ll have to agree to disagree. You see your friend in ten years he may have gotten married and maybe he goes to chick flicks because his wife likes them. I know that very thing has happened to me. I’m with you on being able to recognize jojo’s unique, er, um…style but I’ll bet even jojo isn’t the same person he was ten year’s ago. I’m sure his medications have changed, for example. No idea if he is better or worse, but I have to believe he is different in some way or another.

    Same for Greg and Whitlock. Greg may have known him well back in the day but even Greg says above “I do not know the present day Jason Whitlock” up there in paragraph five. Whitlock almost certainly has some character traits that remain the same, but I don’t see how Hall can admit not knowing the dude, not speaking with him for ten years and then ascribing all this to Whitlock.

    It would be easier to overlook if hall didn’t regularly scold the people he blogs about (Posnanski, Whitlock, etc.) for doing this exact same thing. Practice what you preach, Brother Greg.

  33. Anonymous says:

    610 did stick with people. Saying they didn’t is a lie, myth and excuse for 810 haters to why their still on top.

    They stuck with Maas before his drug problem and his hate for Whitlock caused him to quit.

    They stuck with Whitlock, until not beating KK made him crazy and quit.

    And they stuck with Tim Grunhard even after Channel 5 told his “Drinkers Secret.” And they got rid of him when they found out that he was horrible on the radio.

    They have stuck with people. The problem was none of them was good.

    810 has some good personalities on the radio. 610 doesn’t.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Well Gavin first thing….I’m sorry you have to go to chick flicks. If you ever need me to help you escape or deprogram you let me know. ha ha

    I will try another defense of Greg. Just because he may not have current contact with Jason he may know or have contact with people that do know him. So they may share info.

    Cliffy-Yes I was a big DA fan. I liked his shtick. And his removal was a HUGE mistake. I miss Crazy Ray because it was all so real. Just classic stuff including the try out. And he walked that fine line of having fun with the guy but not making fun of him though me as a listener would be cracking up.

    I liked Neal and Marty. though Neal hosed me on a prize but that is also where I found out how cheap they were. Neal was paying for the prize himself.

    I like Nick but they have moved him around to much and liked him more at night.

    I am good with Bill Maas coming back or Jason taking over.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Did I read that correctly, Rick? Neal was having to pay for the prizes he gave away? Are you kidding me? Hilarious.

  36. Anonymous says:

    That is correct. I was suppose to pick it up at some pizza/game place out in OP. Its well known but I don’t live out there so don’t recall the name. Anyway, showed up and they told me that Neil had to return to the station because they were having problems with the remote. I told them I won a prize (I think it was a meal for best call). They initially didn’t believe me so I had to play the phone message where I was called and told I won. Then they told me that they couldn’t afford the prize and that Neil payed for it out of his own pocket, so I had to get a hold of him.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Whatever Happened to Crazy Ray? Anyone know?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Hey Nick, here’s the bottom line: Right now at this stage of your career, you’re kind of like a high school kid who’s managed to finally lose his virginity and walks around school now like he’s hot shit. All the while, the big boys are banging hotter chicks and don’t even bother giving you the time of day. So what do you do? You hold court over behind the bleachers with the losers from shop class and whatever other misfits will listen, and you tell everyone how badly you want to take on the big boys. Instead of just walking the walk and being an O.G. you run your mouth and try to convince everyone (including yourself) that you belong on the varsity team.

    Piece of advice: Bust out some Geto Boys, pop in ‘Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta’ and pay attention to this line:

    “…real gangsta ass n_ggas don’t flex nuts, cuz real gangsta ass n_ggas know they got ’em”

    Then play it again. And again. And again. That’s how’s the big boys roll.

    Learn it. Know it. Live it.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Do any of you actually work in radio? Do you have any idea how the process works? I can say this…Nick Wright uses his abrupt nature to generate ratings. He has marginal radio talent, but his sports knowledge is skewed and short-sided; he has minimal ability analyze and breakdown any sport. Hell, I could read the sports blogs and watch SportsCenter to educate myself and produce a show similar to his…His thoughts about 80% of the time are re-treads, not original. But, he is able to sell it like it is his own. My problem with Nick Wright is simple, he doesn’t talk sports, he sells opinions. Note that I didn’t even say sports opinions. When he decides to Talk Sports, maybe he will gain me as a listener…until then, I’m sticking with Petro. To top it off, he is in a 2-hour time slot after morning drive before lunch…he is a filler between the morning drive and Jim Rome. Quite frankly, until his ratings improve (which they won’t because his style screams 18-24, which is better suited for nighttime in sports radio)he is stuck where he is. Wright and Maguire really need to look at their P1’s…

  40. Anonymous says:

    where indeed is Crazy Ray? Radio i agree with you on this point. Nick is better at night.

  41. Anonymous says:

    This is totally unrelated except it’s radio. Who is that stupid Kim Iverson or whatever her name is? Her show has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard. It really makes me embarrassed to be a woman. I listen to it and think my god is she really talking about.. I turn it on sometimes on my way home from work and I just cringe. Who hired this chick? Give it a listen and see for yourself.

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