OTC: Whitlock Hides Behind Cooler Waters

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Oddly unmentioned that the reason Waters won the award is a contract stipulation that Carl Peterson insisted on from Day 1 in all Chiefs player contracts that they return benefits to the Kansas City community in the forms of such humanitarian charitable efforts.

    I’m just sayin’.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who cares blah blah blah. Worse new of the week: Clausen ain’t working out at the combine. I think there was a pretty decent chance that if he worked out well at the combine we could have traded out at 5. Now his value isn’t going to rise at all and we’ll take Okung and he’ll blow harder than Knight and Musberger.

  3. Anonymous says:

    WTF are you talking about Hall?
    Jasons all over the nation with his words and
    writings..and you’re on this small site showing
    absolutely no creative journalism talents because all you do is target careers that have
    been much more successful than yours.
    Waters came in to a difficult situation. He was
    the team leader and tried to keep it all together
    despite the fact that the team was heading
    When pioli and foul mouth came in they did treat
    him wrong. He was the one guy who stepped up to
    his teammates and demanded they play with pride.
    But this is a business and people disagree…and
    management fights the players and vice versa.
    So it wasnot unusual for the problems to come
    out. And as a business waters wanted to be
    traded..so did johnson…and gonazalez and probably some others.
    Remember that waters was at the pro bowl with
    tony when they heard from the cardinal players
    was a p.o.s. haley was. Tony got his wish…
    waters didn’t.
    So he played. And he played with others on each
    side ofr him who were not so good.
    Jason’s right on several points.
    But lets looki at what you do?
    Stop this jealousy rage. I’ve told you and hearne to get over it. Jason and jopo are doing
    great and those of us here in kc are proud
    of what they’ve accomplioshed. I don’t alwasy
    agree with what they say but that’s what makes
    it fun.
    Now…do a real story on brian…tell your
    readers the positive things he’s done and stop
    trying to run down every one who’s doing something good.

  4. Anonymous says:

    just checked…didnt see a single reference to
    waters winning the man of the year. wHY hALL..
    is that not a huge acomplishment or are you
    like hearne…trying to run down everything
    good that happens to our people.
    The title of this post should be


  5. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of his motivation for writing it, Whitlock’s point is spot on.

    Haley is a punk who is in WAY over his head.

  6. Anonymous says:

    for next season all that matters is wins and loses…nothing else.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    GH, you could spend hours every week ranting about JW’s columns. Why would this one stick in your craw all of the sudden?


    GH: Who knows how my craw works? I’m thinking of leaving it to science to be fully examined like those football players’ brains.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mussberger: That Craig Hall is a fantastic political columnist! Pure joy to read!

    Knight: Walter Payton was a great forward for the Toledo Mudhens.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lets set the record straight on a few things.
    1-Water winning the award. Wasn’t this the same Waters that missed some events because he was in the middle of the pissing contest with the Chiefs. So he refused to do his “charitable” work. It was reported on this site and Tim Grunhart was critical of it. This is the guy that won the award?
    2-Greg isn’t this story like five days old. Why are you just now reporting it?
    3-“Never answer disrespect with disrespect. Don’t answer at all. Another person’s behavior should not dictate your behavior. Someone might verbally assault you, denigrate your value or challenge you in an unfair manner in publicly/privately. Don’t respond. It’s a trap, a ploy to prevent your elevation to a higher station in life.” Hummm…..you sure Whitlock wasn’t talking about a certain poster on this site? Now we know why you don’t respond to his rantings Hall.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hall is just angry Whitlock signed KK’s petition. For everyone angry at Hall for not blogging about Waters’ MOTY award…it’s not what Hall does and it’s not what we want either. His style hasn’t really changed since his days at the Star. That’s the way we like it. Just maybe slip in some Neilbonics sometime

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    hey rick: you work at a place
    where people crap in the dressing rooms (Jan 22).
    That proves you are a loser and need to find
    a new job. NOthing more needs to be said.
    yOU have no respect for yourself and your
    occupation…why should anyone respect you?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Jojo I’m going to make an exception for not responding to your posts. But your logic that I’m a loser because of what my customers do at my place of business would be paramount to thinking Hearne is a loser because he lets you post here. Just because you both leave sh*t at our places of business is no reflection on us. we’re not responsible for what you do. Though I’m sure this will be beyond your mental comprehension.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Well done, Rick. By the way, are you sure it isn’t jojo who took a dump at your place of business?

  15. Anonymous says:

    hello liar rick.
    Lets get this straight…”at your place of
    business” (lol)..you couldn’t own anything
    loser….whats your last name? glass (lol)..
    penny (lol)…people use “your” dressing room
    as a toilet.
    “YOUR”…COME ON RICK. The only thing you
    own is a wild fantasy. And they use
    “your” parking lot too. Rick…you’re not only
    a loser…but you’re also a liar.
    Dream on loser…now thats beyond your
    mental comprehension.
    go clean the “dressing rooms” mr. janitor.

  16. Anonymous says:

    wherever “rick” or can’t say works…its
    gross and anyone who would work there
    is a fucking loser.
    And anyone who would claim it was their
    place of business is a fucking liar
    or wounldnt admit that they were even there.
    We’ve narrowed can’t say to gavin or rick..
    both of who are fucking losers.

  17. Anonymous says:

    As I said I knew you would be unable to understand. You are correct but again didn’t understand, I don’t “own” the business. That was a metaphor and not considered to be taken literally. If I worked with you at 7-11 I would refer to that as my place of business but would not think someone with an IQ of over 50 would think I meant it was “My Business”. But as often been said on this site by others when we are talking to you its like talking to a “retard”.

    But for the record Jojo. I know you believe you are better then everyone else. I however would have no shame admitting I was a janitor. My biological father was first a shoe salesman and then a school janitor. My stepfather worked for a time at a water waste treatment facility. He would usually come home smelling like sh*t. I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to sh*t. I know sh*t when I smell, see, and read it. You sir are full of sh*t.

    PS One thing I do own? IS YOU. I have no clue as to why you keep wanting to get into verbal matches with me. You’ve lost everyone so far and at one point begged me to stop. Yes, we know what is next. Your gay blast. Maybe a sh*t blast. (yawn) Nothing original huh?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Rick read the words again. “Never answer disrespect with disrespect. Don’t answer at all. Don’t let his behavior dictate yours. When someone verbally assaults you. Don’t respond. It’s a trap. A ploy.”

    He feels low about himself so the only way he can feel better about his life is blasting others be it Hearne, Greg, or you. We all know he is a sad case while he is self deluded in believing he is the most important thing on this site. Don’t engage.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Rick … Gavin … PLEASE stop responding. What do you think you are accomplishing?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Nick
    So Rick your post isn’t meant to be taken literally? So that means when you say “As often been said on this site by others” You aren’t referring to the “others” from Lost???

    Jojo only YOU would not understand. It’s bad enough that you can’t spell. Now we have learned you can’t read. What a douche.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can’t say
    BUSTED. You got me Jojo. YES I’m Rick, Gavin, Hearne, Hippity Hop, Uncle Nick, People’s Elbow, Greg Hall, Mermaid, Jim Rome, CM, KC Rush, Jimmy D,Donger, SM, Bluestrike, Gob, Dimebag, Paul, Homeybaked, Jason, Luther, Dexter Morgan, Olathe Cat, Peteomaney, Dr. Phil, Uncle Dick, Craig Glazer, Mandshagger, Smartman, Mr.Olathe, Paul, Old Man Kissell Hippity-hop, Mo Crash, John, Ptolemy, Glow 1, Jack and I’m even you jojo. That’s right I’m one of you’re many personalities. What you don’t remember? This whole site has been created in your mind jojo and I’m just one of the many little people inside of you. Their really is no such thing as KC Confidential. It’s all in your mind. And these endless verbal assaults you are having are with yourself. We are all one. We are the World. Michael Jackson is still alive! You write KC Confidential. You are the king!!! everyone else is LOSERS!!! Go dog. (I’m also Randy Jackson)

  22. Anonymous says:

    concur Cliffy. Thanks Can’t say for the memories. But you forgot Cliffy and about 20 others. Maybe next time.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Can’t Say
    Last Word is the one that will really get perturbed.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Jim Rome
    What is up peeps?………..I’m you host……….the pimp in the box…………..van smack…………Jim Gnome ERRRRR…..I mean Jim Rome.

    Whitlock brought it………….he had a take that did not suck………….rack him………….

    I’M OUT!!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Good point, Cliffy. I’m out.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I’m probably in the vast minority, but I actually get a kick out of some of JoJo’s posts. But when he starts spewing the venom … it just makes no sense to read it, much less respond to it.

    Carry on.

  27. Anonymous says:

    guys…can’t take the heat…leave the kitchen.
    I know moreab out this town..more about the
    people…more about business and whats and where
    things are happening than anyone on here.
    I write some pretty interesting posts. Some
    very provocative posts which everyone seems to
    read. Probably more scroll down to read my
    posts than any others. I probably get more
    read time than the other authors on here besides
    hearne and greg.
    I wrote a long post about the p and l. I wrote
    a long, fact filled post about the ku team.
    I’ve written many many posts that were insightful, intelligent, contained facts and
    figures, discussed in a rational tone the subject and you can read those if you want.
    Yes they are long but if you took the time to
    read them or just glance at them they would
    probably create conversation. Check every
    blog…I wrote a story about downtown and
    entertainment that really was more informative
    and accurate then what tony wrote.
    I wrote several posts about Mu and their possible move to the big 10…posts about ku
    and the cheifs…posts about gregs continued
    hacking of bobby knight/whitlock/whb/
    I’ve written posts based on what I’ve learned
    in this town and what things are happening and
    why they are happening. I know probably everyone
    who makes a differnce in this town…professionally and personally.
    But not one of you “intellectuals” has chosen
    to discuss that.
    Can’t say stalks me with comments and if you
    read down from the most recentposts I always
    come back AFTER one of the idiots on here’
    has decided to forget an intellectual
    conversation and move to personal attacks.
    I’ve went over the last 15 posts that I
    posted on. My initial post was one that was
    factual (in my opinion) …thought provoking
    and an atempt to express a opinion.
    Can’t say was a creation of someone here who
    has not made one single positive/intelligent
    comment anywhere on this board. This “ghost”
    was created by one of you to attack me whenever or wherever my posts appeared.
    If you disagree with my position…great!
    Lets disucss this in depth and debate positions and expressions.
    But to have one person stalk me on this site
    with nothing positive to say about me or to
    express anything relevant to the conversation
    that is carried on is absolutely absurd.
    I disagree with hearne…greg…etc…and they own this board and they are out in public and
    as public authors know they put themselves
    up for disdain and debate. Their attacks are
    sharp/personal/mean spirited/hateful/and many
    times wrong.
    so when the tables were turned on hearne and
    gossip said he was gay…he felt the need to
    asnwer it. Trouble is thatmany of the people
    he has attempted to destry don’t get a chance
    to fight back..basically an unfair fight.
    almost every post i’ve written…the first one
    on the comment section…i make no mention
    of any of the posters ( i will reference the
    authors of the artile because they are putting
    their opinions out for public consumption)…
    its only when can’t say and his lies comes on
    not to discuss issues but to attack me personaqlly.
    Do i attack back. yes. Rick said he wouldnt
    attack me but this guy did and I forced hkim to
    explain hwo he could work at a clothing
    store (place with a dressing room)…when
    people relieve themselves. But it was only
    after he came and attacked me.
    Lets get back to issues..and debate points with
    facts…opinions…intelligent comments and
    stop the personal distasteful personal comments.
    I will attack you for what you say…but refrain
    from attacking your family/kids/cat/etc. unless
    you start the attacks.
    If you put yourself out for public expression..
    expect to be taken on.
    Obviously I am not the only one responsible for
    these attacks.
    I love to debate. I love to express my opinion.
    I’ve done it for 45 years. But i also know
    (as hearne knows) that if you are attacked you
    must fight back…thats the real world.
    Lets keep the discusssions on the subject…
    lets refrain from the attacks on each other
    and proceed in a gentlemanly manner.
    Okay can’t say? I am anxious to hear your
    intelligent nad insightful expressions about
    topics of the day. Thanks.

  28. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    Whats a nad insight? Please explain man that knows moreab out this town. Speall Check oh greta one?

  29. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    How did Rick attack you? Rick where ever you are wake up so you can join this thoughtful gentlemanly discussion.

  30. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    Yes you are right Cliffy. You are in the minority.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Can’t say-When you have someone that in their first few sentences write that they know more about this town, people, business, what and where things are happening then anyone else on this site….that’s not someone you can have a reasonable discussion, debate, or fruitful conversation. That is someone that is a know- it-all and refuses to listen to anything but his own thoughts. Why? Because they believe they know EVERYTHING. He has unrealistic view of reality. He writes for the enjoyment of one…himself. I’m not going to be drawn into a fruitless exercise like that. That’s how you know its impossible that person could be a leader of people or a leader of business. That type of person could not be successful in life. Good Luck if you want to go down the road. But i’m telling you its a waste of time. You can’t move an immovable object. You can’t reason with an unreasonable person. This person is sooooo out there he thinks it says something about me in regards to where a person takes a crap. That is not logical or reasonable any more then it would be logical to blame the bank teller for someone coming in and robbing the bank. That seriously is thinking of someone that has some mental issues. And this post where he talks about how he only responds when he is attacked. Again, we all know that is not the case. He just has issues that are beyond anything but a trained professional can deal with. And again because he isn’t living in reality he doesn’t know that and thinks its everyone else’s fault and ….he owns this site. CRAZY.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Can’t Say
    Maybe I have a little more faith. But I’m going to give it a shot. Wish me luck folks i’m going into uncharted territory. Is it the mind of a madman? We’ll let you decide after I’m done. I’ll answer his e-mail almost line by line. No cheap shots. Just facts. Then we’ll see if he responds or what the explosion is. Have the medics ready.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Can’t Say
    Here goes nothing. A response to Jojo. Will write several posts instead of one long one.

    1-Jojo let me quote you. Here are things you write and apparently believe about yourself. Rick has already mentioned how you wrote that you know more about well…everything..,.more then anyone. You also wrote that you write interesting and provocative posts. You state everyone seems to read what you write. You tell us you are more read then everyone except Hearne or Greg. You tell us what you write is insightful and intelligent. You tell us you are a better writer then Tony. You tell us you probably know everyone in town that makes a difference.

    So three areas of questions for you based on the above.
    1-Does the person you have described above (yourself) sound like someone that you or anyone else would want to befriend or have a conversation with?
    2-Assuming you believe you actually know everything, why would someone want to respond? What is the point? You have all the answers. Is it possible that people do indeed agree with what you have said so no need to respond?
    3-One time I read you talking about going to church. So since you are very knowledgeable about most everything, i’m curious what does the bible say about people that boast, think highly of themselves, believe they know it all? What does the bible say about those that are humble? Meek? Slow to answer? Willing to listen?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Can’t Say
    Jojo quote “yes they are long.” Jojo I know you won’t believe this. I know you seriously believe everyone reads every word you write. I hate to burst your bubble but I honestly don’t read your posts. I skim over them to see if my name is mentioned and respond to that. I just don’t have time in a day to spend 20-30 minutes reading everything you write. And after reading the first few where it seemed like your whole goal was to blast others then i gave up. My guess is that I’m not alone in that.

    Jojo you tell me you are an intelligent person. So if you were at a party with strangers and you really didn’t know what the atmosphere or the environment of the party was what would you do? I hope you would observe what others were doing and follow their lead.

    So I ask you this. What do other posters do? Do they leave long rambling posts, making several different points, along with slamming writers and other readers? Or do they write maybe a paragraph expressing themselves?

    Nothing wrong with being different. Nothing wrong with blasting someone. Especially if its funny. But when you do the same LOSER, Idiot, you are gay. That is boring. And if you are so different then you are ignored because readers think you are strange is that good?

    So Jojo, answer this question. Is it “possible” that your posts are so long, mean spirited, repetitive slams, and much of the post is spent telling us how great and smart you are that people are turned off and don’t read it? Is that possible?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Can’t Say
    Jojo quite frankly your disdain and arrogance for other posters is evident even in what you may call this olive branch posting you’ve made. Let me single out a couple of your quotes.

    “But not one of you “intellectuals” (your quote not mine) has chosen to discuss that.”

    You also write “I always come back after one of the idiots on here has decided to forget an intellectual conversation.”

    So you have dismissed others intelligence and called them idiots all the while stating that you only respond to attacks on your character. Jojo do YOU read what you write? After telling us how smart you are you then tell us how stupid we are. But you can’t figure out why no one responds to your posts? Are you serious? You can’t possible be that oblivious to what your words and actions do.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Can’t Say
    So jojo you say you only attack when you are attacked. Let’s see what the facts show. Is Jojo just a complete innocent who is unjustly slammed? I went to seven early posts on this site and this is what I found.

    Feb 2nd under the Beena Bowl blog Jojo posts says “ALL YOU LOSERS”
    Feb 2nd under the Xavier looking like Jaron blog jojo again starts talking about “ALL YOU LOSERS” on this site.

    So jojo you think calling EVERY WRITER on here a loser is NOT an attack on them?

    You are 0-2 jojo in you attacking others before they attack you.

    Feb 3rd Kids interest in Super Bowl blog. Jojo is ok as he blogs about money 1-2
    Feb 3rd under Confessions blog jojo gives advice about drinking and driving no attacks. 2-2
    Feb 3rd under 810 is new Gretz Jojo responds to Smartman accusing him of being a plant. Fair enough he DID respond to someone else and didn’t attack first so we’re 3-2.
    Feb 5th Big 12 recruiting blog jojo does well no attacks. 4-2
    Feb 7th Super Bowl win Jojo just says “Great Game”. So you end up out of 7 blogs you did not attack other people in 5 of them. But two you did. So you are not an innocent here.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Can’t say
    I will say this. As I write this jojo I am admiring you. this is wearing me out. How do you write all that crap in one setting???? let me try to wrap this up.

    *Me stalking you. Nope, just pointing out that you have not lived up to the agreement YOU made. Racing Hall. A person loses credibility when they don’t do what they say. You lose respect.
    *The fact that you think no on else makes intelligent comments says more about you then anyone else. Who made you God where you can decide what is intelligent and what isn’t.
    *You are telling a lie when you say you like debate. when people disagree with you you attack them.
    *Hearne being unfair about what he allows published. His site. His rules. Don’t like it. Create your own site. No one said life was fair.
    *You stating you forced Rick to explain himself. I don’t think you did that. You made yourself look foolish. And its another example of your interest in him.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Can’t say
    My final comment. This is actually what I took most offense of in your post. We find out you are 45!!!! Now I have been reading here for quite awhile. I’ve read you attack TONS of people based on their age. I quite frankly thought you were a kid 24 years of age or less. That’s why i gave you a break for some of your immature stuff. But now we find out that all of your attacks on others about being old and guess what……you are old also!!! What a hypocrite you are. HEY RICK, jojo knows all about buying baseball cards with bubble gum in them. He was alive back in those GOOD OLE DAYS!!! Did you ever get milk from the milk man? Ride a trolley car?

    Seriously after learning how old you are jojo. You should be ashamed of yourself. Aren’t you a little to old for all these gay comments. And you do that and go to church? This was a shocking and disappointing thing to learn about you.

    Their it is jojo my response to you. I think I’m going to join the Rick club. I won’t make fun of you any more. No more slams about racing Hall. You might fall and break a hip. I think you could be a good poster and leader on this web site. But you need to seriously look at yourself before that happens. Young people want heroes. I guess we’ll find out if you got it in you or you just want to bash people. GOOD LUCK

  39. Anonymous says:

    bob simmons
    gotcha jojo…You are really jason w.!

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