OTC: Lew Perkins Likes Big 12 As Is / But Change Is All The Talk

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  1. Anonymous says:

    First, I’m not sure that the three Texas public universities (or even just UT) can leave all that easily. Everyone remember when the Big XII was formed and how Baylor wasn’t in the original plans but the Texas legislature and its contingent of Baylor alums forced those three to take Baylor with them? Why do you think now would be any different? And I think the same thing could be true for K-State. I don’t know this, but I imagine that K-State support in Topeka would also be able to persuade at least some of the Wichita delegation to come on board as WSU has tried to legislate that KU and K-State both play the Shockers in basketball. I’m not convinced that Mizzou is the perfect partner they seem to think they are, but they’re the only public school in Missouri that would have no expectations of taking along a smaller school like Mizzou State. This is also why I question how realistic it is that UT could up and leave A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor behind. Yes, UT is the flagship school for Texas, but I don’t think that they would have the full public support to be able to leave.

    As for your apparent desire to have had Fescoe challenge Lew Perkins’ assertions that “football people” have told him he has a very strong coaching staff, what would you have had him do? He’d ask “What football people have told you that?” and then Perkins would say “those things were said in confidence and I’m not really free to name them.” And then where would we be? Same place we are right now, yes?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You dumbed down Perkins quote just a bit, Gavin. He didnt say he has a “very strong coaching staff.” He said he’s been told it’s the best in the country. You’re probably right that it would have done Fescoe no good to challenge it … but come on … it’s at least worthy of some eye-rolling.

    I think Texas would leave as long as it also involved A&M. Greg’s take is interesting … it’s the first time I’ve seen such an alignment.

  3. Anonymous says:

    C’mon GH — what does Nebraska bring to a Super 10 West Conference? I think you have to at least win a post-Osborne Big 12 Title to even deserve consideration. Nebraska basketball hasn’t had a pulse in years. The Big 10 already has cellar dwellers.


    Pt, Here is how I see the Big 12 schools ranking in attractiveness to the Big 10: 1. Texas 2. Oklahoma 3. Nebraska 4. Missouri 5. Texas A&M 6. Kansas 7. OSU 8. Kansas State 9. Iowa State 10. Texas Tech 11. Baylor 12. Colorado.

  4. Anonymous says:

    greg..where did you get this big 10 squared
    idea? did you make this up? Who came up with
    this because i seriously doubt you have any
    idea what you are talking about.
    Also…instead of just taking others quotes and
    slamming them lets see some original writing
    of your own. Can you produce a sports piece that
    doesn’t rely on others for thought.
    Then we could determine whether you have the skills that had made jopo a national writer..
    or the skills that made jason a national
    celebrity. You will never make it big if you
    merely hand out complaints and wait to jump
    on other’s comments. I think you can do it.


    GH: I came up with the proposed Big 10 Squared super conference alignment as a fun idea to toss out and discuss its merits. It has no more credibility than any other post on this board. It’s simply for fun — kinda like sports. BTW; My unique OTC format isn’t for everybody. But enough readers seem to get it that it continues to be a popular way to keep up with the KC sports scene.

  5. Anonymous says:

    no big 12 fan 4 sure
    Texas deserves alot better than the Big 12,as some call it in football the North is the Midwest 6 a bunch of bottom feeders who will never be shit at the real sport football.As far as KU is concerned they should join the Big East for basketball and drop football they will never compete.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If teams start jumping, you’re proposed 20 team conference would be the best case scenario for ksu and ku. I know the Big 10 wants big research schools…would these additions qualify?


    GH: I think KSU is a great research school and would rank near the top of the B12 along with Colorado and Mizzou. But these conferences preach academics and court money. The B10 will not be offering to any school that doesn’t have a 65K-seat football stadium or an endowment large enough to impress Queen Elizabeth.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You’re right Cliffy, I did “dumb it down” although my point wasn’t to talk about how realistic it was that he had the strongest coaching staff in the country, (which does deserve some eye rolling). Although I do think Chuck Long and Reggie Mitchell are pretty exciting hires. No way Fescoe would have gotten a straight answer if he had pursued that line of questioning.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    One of the most brilliant pieces I have ever read is featured on Baseball Almanac’s website:
    Baseball is…by Greg Hall. Jopo is a snooze, and JW, without affirmative action, would be in his daddy’s bar snaggin’ pickled pigs feet and malt liquor while no one was looking.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dan Dan
    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…Someone has 610 feeding them things again.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So…where would Kansas go if Nebraska, Mizzou, OR Texas went to the Big 10? Where are these other big time conference looking for teams? Maybe Colorado goes to the Pac 10, but if the Big 12 disbands, it’s not like the SEC, ACC, or Big East are looking for teams. Nor, does it make sense for any team in the Big 12 to go into the ACC or Big East. The SEC would probably be interested in Texas and A&M but there are still plenty of teams left in the Big 12 in that scenario. I’m not getting why you’re calling out K-State and others as being left in the dark. No one else can go anywhere either.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Greg, you are flat out wrong in your assessment of Big Ten choices. Their criteria isn’t just “who has the most tradition rich football program?”

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can’t Say
    Greg don’t you find it amazing that you have been doing this shtick as long as you have including almost a year on this site, and Jojo still doesn’t get it. This is what you do. Comment on comments you hear on the radio. Meanwhile Jojo is still trying to figure out why you are writing stories for S.I. Just amazing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m happy with the Big 12 as is. I hope none of these moves happen.

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