Back Patters of the World Unite! The Mike Thompson Global Warming Controversy

There’s a Web influenza going around…

Bloggers relatively new to the news and information game take great delight in the self aggrandizing practice of crediting themselves with getting a story first. On one site, seems like half its content is dedicated to taking credit for whatever the quote/unquote scoop was supposedly attained .

Case in point…

Two years ago, Fox 4 meteorologist Mike Thompson blogged on his station’s Web site that man made global warming was bogus. Internet message boards took notice, as did Tony Botello, as did KCMO 710 AM hit man Chris Stigall and myself in the Kansas City Star.

Let’s see, now who was it that broke that story?

Thompson, that’s who.

Nobody hacked his private emails or overheard him blathering about it at Lew’s in Waldo after too many Das Boots.

He outed himself.

One online critique was that the Star’s front page climate change story yesterday( that included Thompson and other weather wonks) was bogus because Thompson’s feelings were already known. The blogger was so obsessed with taking credit for writing about Thompson two years ago, that he missed the point of the Star story.

The Star story was not presented as “breaking news” about Thompson’s views on climate change as the blogger blathered.

The newspaper merely used Thompson’s already well-documented views – along with those of others – to toss the topic up for discussion amidst one of the most formidable winters in modern memory. Was the Star story legit? Of course. Wildly compelling? Eh…

Missing in action however in this mini tempest however was Thompson’s controversial invoking of Adolph Hitler’s name as Earth Day approached in April 2008. He did so in defense of
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6 Responses to Back Patters of the World Unite! The Mike Thompson Global Warming Controversy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you really just write “quote/unquote” – you know there are keys for that on most standard keyboards?

    Pretty poorly written post, by the way. Took a couple passes to figure what “point” you were making (note the use of actual quotation marks).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why is (Liberal) Tony Botello just “Tony Botello” but (Conservative) Chris Stigall is a “hit man?”

    Further to Hearne — why are you so “vocal” on a subject you know least about (anthropogenic climate change)? And don’t point to some larger issue you are addressing toward your former employer. You have done this before (the Huber Eyestrosity on 435). If you want to debate the subject, let’s go…otherwise, leave it alone.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Nuttz
    Global warming is a fact. Whether it’s cause by man is still open for discussion.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mike Thompson is a Global Warming denier?

    I now have no respect for him as a meteorologist.
    I’ll stick to getting more accurate information from
    a man who relies on scientific data

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Nuttz, did you see where Phil Jones of East Anglia Univ. admitted that there has been no measurable warming of the climate for the last 15 years?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hearne I think you missed a key point. And my memory may be faulty. But if I recall the Star made a big point at the beginning of the article about getting Fox to agreeing to allow Mike to comment. Therefore it gave the appearance that this was first hand breaking news. Isn’t that how you read it? Again I’m going off of memory but that’s what i recall. Don’t have the article in front of me.

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