Tony: Whitlock Rages Against a T-Shirt but Nobody Bothers to Ask a Latino!

Today Jason Whitlock joins the chorus of people piling on Joe-College t-shirt maker Larry Sinks regarding his Frank Martin insult tee.

Funny, I notice that Whitlock even uses the catchphrase right out of the mass e-mail sent out to hype the story. “Not remotely funny. Martin, Kansas State

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5 Responses to Tony: Whitlock Rages Against a T-Shirt but Nobody Bothers to Ask a Latino!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Funny, before this “controversy,” I thought Frank Martian was Italian.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I plan to bring lawsuits in the future to anyone who says: “White guys can’t jump” and “White guys can’t dance”. I’m also going to ask for their job resignation. I’ve had it being discriminated against and the pain and humiliation that goes with it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Anderson
    Tempest in a teapot no doubt.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Whitey Has Spoken
    Thank God we’ve had a token Latino weigh in with his deep thoughts on T-Shirtgate, now we can all resume living our lives.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tracy Thomas
    My issues with Whitlock are:
    1. YOU can’t have it both ways. Claim he should be put out of business by KU and then on the jump page say Sinks is your friend and you will forgive him.

    2. Jason is a classic liberal–wanting to regulate taste and legislate small businesses out of business, (vs. tax-supported lawyers for a giant university) instead of allowing the free enterprise system to operate. Which it did in this case. The guy only printed 14 shirts, and sold 4 of them, realized that this was a bad business move, pulled the sale of the shirts (which now would be HOT sellers!) and apologized to Frank Martin personally!

    I do buy Sinks not knowing Frank Martin was Cuban. Who knew that? where was that published? I thought he was possibly Italian: many families Anglicized their name from Martino to Martin when they passed thru Ellis Island.

    I still think KU needs to back WAY OFF and support the First Amendment. The STAR/Whitlock as well. Let the market dictate what sells. We don’t need Big Brother telling us, or even Bigga Brother, Jason Whitlock, serving as the Word Police.

    And Sinks: Jason is NOT your friend. He sold you out, kissing up to KU. Next time he wants T-shirts, charge him 5x more for those size 5X shirts.

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