Hovick: Get Out of Valentine’s Jail Concert Card


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3 Responses to Hovick: Get Out of Valentine’s Jail Concert Card

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bill Bogart
    Fine, I followed your advice. Bought multiple pairs of tickets. Then I discovered I had spent the rent money buying overpriced tix to see performers who are already millionaires. Oops no refunds! Also paid exorbiant service charges to get each ticket. Wife will see a lot of shows but won’t like living iaaan the parents basement.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tracy Thomas
    “Wife”–is that what you call your sweetheart?? A title? Or a barked command you might give your German Shepherd??

    Come on buddy, your problems are perhaps alot deeper than you know, tho I did enjoy the humor. Hope some of those concert tix were for country shows. They specialize in songs about how “the wife done left me.”

    You need to get coached in how to be more creative, like blogger Rick. I bet he never called a spiritual soulmate “wife”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Leland Melchert
    Cool stuff, thanks…right now I have a specific question on this topic because I’m writing a book dating and how to get a girlfriend in today’s world. I’d love to ask for your thoughts on this recent trend of men studying how to pick up girls, and I’m wondering if this stuff is actually effective? Is there one “guru” out there who can actually teach guys to pick up women?

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