Tony: Kansas Cancels K2, Still A Supply In KC Proper

Kansas and the FDA have moved swiftly against K2. What looks like potpourri is now under attack by Sunflower State authorities with a vengeance. This is somewhat strange because a recent study suggests that it’s easier for teens to buy marijuana than beer so obviously prohibition still doesn’t work except when it comes to grabbing headlines.

Nevertheless, I still didn’t get a chance to sample the drug while it was legal and now it will forever remain a mystery. Kansas was seemingly forced to play babysitter after so many media reports sparked the curiosity of just about everybody with a TV in the four state area. And the price of all this publicity is that K2 purveyor Jonathan Sloan of Lawrence was charged with multiple felonies. Meanwhile, Natalie McAnulla who owns Lawrence store where the fake weed was sold has yet to be charged with anything.

Additionally, curious locals might be intrigued by the fact that a herb shop on Wesport and main still has limited supplies of K2. Pink, Blonde and Summit are still in limited quantities while supplies last but I still doubt I’ll leave my basement during the snow to sample especailly since they sell for the INSANE price of $30 for three grams. And since the shop in Lawrence supplies the Westport outlet, there’s probably not going to be a re-up.

Still, for me the real story here is the alleged quality of the now illicit drug.

From a few personal interviews I’ve heard that K2 is actually a rather potent high and a bit “cleaner” than marijuana. Self-described pot heads don’t screw around with the little cash they can scrape together and the pricey retail cost of the faux pot was described it as “worth it” by a one of my most beloved Lawrence denizens who is currently pursing the standard stoner 12-year liberal arts degree.

Luckily pot isn’t my thing and like so many of the brave Native Americans who once dominated the Kansas territory that’s now home to so many fast food chains and car dealerships; perfectly legal “firewater” suits my purposes unless adult onset diabetes slows me down.

So, one more drug is off the list for Rock Chalk stoners but I can’t help but think that the steady progress of technology and human weakness will continue to develop even more methods of escapism.

Tony Botello
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12 Responses to Tony: Kansas Cancels K2, Still A Supply In KC Proper

  1. Anonymous says:

    K2 is synthetic. The active ingredients are purported to be jwh-018 and jwh-073 which are research chemicals discovered in the 90s by an undergraduate student at Clemson University intended to study the effects of cannabinoid agonists on CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain. Most of the arguments made against it in the KS state legislature are either unfounded or just plain reactionary. It probably should be regulated somehow to stop children and parolees from buying it, but not added to the list of Schedule I controlled substances. Even the American Medical Association has reversed its long-held stance that real cannabis belongs on the federal schedule I because it is not a narcotic. And to anyone who says it’s dangerous because it’s long-term effects have not been established, two things:
    1. There is evidence to suggest that cannabis has been used by humans for about 5000 years. There have been decades of studies on that showing it is safer than alcohol, and yet it is still illegal (despite recent polls showing almost half of Americans support decriminalizing it for everyone, and 80% for medical use). Additionally, there has never been a documented case of anyone ever overdosing on cannabis. Alcohol and prescription medications on the other hand… So, to argue that K2 should be banned for this reason without concurrently proposing or supporting bills to ban alcohol or decriminalize cannabis is nothing short of hypocritical.
    2. For anyone who believes having FDA approval makes something safe–Splenda/sucralose is not safe. There are plenty of anecdotal accounts online of people experiencing flu-like symptoms (headaches, chills, hot-flashes, upset stomach) and heart-palpitations (some severe enough to cause hospitalization) from ingesting that. The FDA approved that on about 120 studies (mostly animal–only about 14 on humans) which were all conducted by the manufacturer. Chemically, it is chlorinated sucrose. The manufactuer compares that to table salt, but it’s not true. Structurally, it is more similar to pesticides like DDT. The manufacturer claims that it does not get absorbed in the body, but their own studies show that around 14% of it does. Also, the manufacturing process may result in impurities (like heavy metals) that can build up in the system, so–even though 14% may seem like a small amount once–what does that look like over time? And yet I don’t see anyone in the KS legislature clamoring to ban that. And it’s even available for TODDLERS to ingest!!!
    Our laws should be based on principle and facts, not just reactionary fear. Rob Olson (R-Olathe) thinks he’s scoring easy political points with this one. Not in my book. I usually don’t vote in local elections but will likely vote against him this fall for this one issue alone, regardless of who his opponent is or any other views they may hold.
    With the state facing a budget shortfall, people losing their houses, and unemployment hovering around 10% nationally and locally, this is one of the very first things the KS state legislature chose to focus on at the start of their 2010 session? Yet another reason to vote against Rob Olson in the fall.

  2. Anonymous says:

    K2 is sold as an incense. How are they banning it? To me that’s like banning duster, which by the way is far more dangerous, or No2. The fact that people are engaging in a debate about this is ludicris. I have used this as an incense and it’s very relaxing, and i have smoked it and it’s very intense, but that should be my business. If we ban this we should ban everything that can get you high. I am actually from SC and I know that once one state does this it will start spreading like the salvia ban. We elect these boneheads and they regulate our lives. How did we start letting our employees boss us around.

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