610’s Cowboy Cory Anderson Gone

Radio jobs can end abruptly, or so I have heard. Cowboy Cory Anderson

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pretty interesting. It’s sad for anybody to lose their job but this has been a long time coming. I usually only tuned in when either Jayice Pearson or Mitch Holthaus was on 810.

    By the way, it’s Stewey on Family Guy, not Dewey.

    “Issues concerning payment for remotes and reimbursement for travel and mileage have soured the once cozy relationship the two shared with their boss, who they referred to on air as ‘Dewey,’ the baby brain from animated The Family Guy.


    GH: Stewie it is. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s a really funny way to shatter a window.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tiger Woods has been fucking over a lot of people.

  4. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Sorry to hear this, I like those two guys, had been on their show many times, always very nice and funny. Its a very tough time in radio and entertainment these days….its the news, sports radio, some country, Mix, and Johnny Dare and thats bout it…even hip hop is way way down….thats a good thing though…again hope you two guys land somewhere great…D.A. did…all the best…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cool…two LESS jerkoffs on a piece of crap sports radio station. Entercom, just throw in the towel- you will NEVER make that thing work here. Take that dog out back and shoot it already.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Interesting, seems like the station gets worst and worst. Somewhere KK is laughing. From the story, it looks like Cowboy is the new King D-Bag in the city. Maybe if he kisses KK’s rear, he can be his coffee boy.

    I bet Maguire, will bring White Guilt in in the afternoon. Might as well destroy the station.

    810 scoops 610 once again!

  7. Anonymous says:

    If they do bring in Wright in the afternoon. I hope they bring in Whitlock as a co-host as well. If anything to put that wigger in his place.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ole Jack Harry
    Whoa boy…who’s laughing now fellas? That’s right Ole Jack is laughing. I had lunch with my buddy Kietz and Powercat Tony at the Cookie Diet Emporium today and oh boy were we laughing about this shocking turn of events. I can exclusively report that Cowboy Chris Harrison was forced out due to the rising cost of ticket prices at Kauffman Stadium. Ole Wal-Mart cheapskate David Glass has 610 in a bind and they can’t pay him as much this year, so he’s raising ticket prices and therefore 610 can no longer afford to send Cowboy Curtis Andrews out to cover the team. Put that bit of Jack Smack in your pipe and smoke it folks! Catch me tonight on Action News 41…assuming that Son of Bitch Lezak doesn’t commandeer the whole newscast to talk about snow and puppies.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great reporting Greg. So great it brought Old Man Kissel in from the farm.

  10. Anonymous says:

    i’m going to apply for the job. With my following
    of fans/readers/disciples and worshippers its
    timev for me to step it up.
    I officially am applying for the on air job and
    I am looking forward to taking phone calls from
    all of you losers….howerver i will have
    the 7 second delay and will make sure that
    noone of you losers get on the air.

  11. Anonymous says:

    That’s a good start for 610. Anyone who is rooting for some competition in KC sports talk should be encouraged by this. Hamblin is in over his head as well, but could be solid at a different time of day or in a supporting role.

    We’ll know that 610 is serious when they finally (and inevitably) pull the plug on Nick Wright. You can’t be taken seriously with “talent” like Wright and Cowboy.

  12. Anonymous says:

    no big 12 fan 4 sure
    Hey Old Man Kissel I thought u had passed and was happy now your back and i am pissed you ball sucking KK ass licker Chris and Cowkunt are fucking arrogant retards and the other faggots at 810 are evn worse listen to 610 for Nick i wanna be a brother but i am too white,then too Rome.After that its Lazlo fuck kc afternoon sports faggots sucking the wind out of this shitty sports town,hopefully we can get some national sports talk because this local shit is fucking horrible.Old Man fuckface hope you die soon while sucking cocks at 810 you fucking piece of shit loser.thanks and also fuck KU losers in 3rd round lol

  13. Anonymous says:

    no big 12 fan 4 sure
    To explain the end i meant too sya KU will lose in the 3rd round of the NCAA tourney,and the faggotts in Lawrence will cry like the little girls they are, ROCKCHALKCOCKSUCK FAGGOOTU

  14. Anonymous says:

    War Drive
    Wow. Some of you are pretty funny. You should bring your 3 ring circus over to http://www.kcforum.net every once in awhile and join in. Greg used to hang out with us but he must have gotten too famous for us these days.


    GH: War Drive, I still check out kcforum on occassion and enjoy it. Clicked on it this morning as a matter or fact.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Now if 610 would only can its resident Barstow grad Nick Wright the station might be worth listening to

  16. Anonymous says:

    Sam Hamwich
    finally fotographic evidence of jojo…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Greg, please don’t click on kcforum.net anymore….scientists have proven that site will literally suck the IQ right out of one’s brain. NOT a good thing.

  18. Anonymous says:

    War Drive
    Greg has thick skin. That’s why he had/has no problem with kcforum.net

  19. Anonymous says:

    Got to love how the homophobic guy took the time to clarify that he meant KU would exit in the 3rd round. He couldn’t clear that up in the first post between all those gay slurs. Pure class.

  20. Anonymous says:

    no big 12 fan 4 sure
    Sorry Stevo didn’t meen too clasify your kind homo’s r great as long as they r hot chick’s do u read jojo’s post’s he rags on gays blacks whites mexis and all above sooo fuck u loser. Hope you have a nice queer pile and dont get jammed in the jaw too many times you fucking faggot lol not really im sure your mommy still think’s you like the ladies fuck you bitch sure you are a ku fan idiot.P.S. HAVE THE WARM IN YOUR THROAT LOSER SURE U ENJOY IT. HOPE OLD MAN KISSEL LIKES YOU AS MUCK AS KK AND GRANPA SUCKY FUCK YOU IDIOT BYE BYE

  21. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    That 610 studio has seen more turds come and go than a Mexican with irritable bowel syndrome. My god.

    Just get Whitlock back on the air from 2-6pm. Maas has been neutered, he won’t bring it like he used to. Nick Wright is horrible and shouldn’t even be on the air before 6pm. The only guy in town that makes sense is JW. Go get him.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Harry Balczak
    They need to get someone good in drive time, Hamblin by himself will be as dull as Neal and Marty were. Kietzman is a huge douchebag, I can’t even listen to him any more without wanting to punch my radio. The only good show on 810 is St. John in the morning, Petro is monotone boredom and KK is complete douchebaggery

  23. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    This is America people. We are the most freaking forgiving people on the planet. Get Whitlock and Maas in those chairs as soon as possible. Whitlock has hopefully outgrown his big sexy narcisism and Maas has paid his dues too. With a little humility— Maas and Whitlock would do very well.
    KK has had so little competition that his product has suffered. We deserve better.
    KK is so out of touch it is kind of creepy. What got 810 off the ground was raw and edgy radio, and they scraped for stories. Now they all act like a bunch of high school buddies who work for their dads. Lazy.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Nick Wright is so so fresh. Tell me more about the BIG EAST, yo boyeeee.

  25. Anonymous says:

    It is a drag that Cowboy is out, but maybe it means better things for afternoon sports-talk radio in KC. What’s most important is that people realize that Nick Wright is a complete joke. Those people that claim to love his show are clueless and ignorant. The struggle to get 610 the same ratings that 810 has will always be an uphill battle with complete novices like Wright on the air.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I think the timing is right for 610 to make a move on 810. They have literally become the same station as the old Don Fortune show. They hired all of the rejects that brought that show to it’s knees. i.e. Clinkscale, Petro, Bukate and the list goes on and on. Kietzman has become a bully to the callers that don’t agree with him. The station says it’s powered by fans, which was true in the beginning, but no anymore. If 610 can make a good hire, maybe even make a play for Steven St John, then they could chip away at some of 810’s market share. I think there are alot of people that are sick of KK and his arrogance.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The last word
    JOJO better chance you’ll get a shot at TV with Chris Hanson then on any radio station.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Big Lou
    I am sorry to see Cowboy go. I am in the minority, I guess, when i say I enjoyed the interaction between Chris and Cowboy. I will probably have to switch stations now (not 810).

  29. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed the Chris and Cowboy show, I was an avid 810 listener until I heard one of their shows. I currently only listen to 610 and i hope they dont bag Chris. You will lose me as a listener.

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