Jack Goes Confidential: Sony Counters Football Weekend with Kleenex fare!

Super Bowl weekend traditionally means Counter Programming at the movies.

This year’s super weekend is no exception as Sony’s Screen Gems division—known in certain circles as Columbia-Lite—serves up the expected Chick Flick.

But guess what? This is not your typical goofy comedy, but a timely Romantic-Drama from THE CIDER HOUSE RULES director Lasse Hallstroem

And guys will like this one too!

It’s DEAR JOHN adapted from the novel of the same title by THE NOTEBOOK’s author Nicholas Sparks. It tells the story of young soldier John Tyree who’s home on leave—and his chance-meeting on the beach with college co-ed Savannah Curtis.

At the end of their two weeks together they promise to stay true to each other and eventually marry after he leaves the Army.

But it’s not to be.

When the 9/11 attacks hit unexpectedly, John re-ups his tour of duty eventually leading to—you guessed it—the DEAR JOHN LETTER!

Another main element to the story is John’s (autistic maybe)

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3 Responses to Jack Goes Confidential: Sony Counters Football Weekend with Kleenex fare!

  1. Anonymous says:

    For my money the bottomless popcorn box beats the Kleenex dispenser every time.
    Look what’s it’s done for Hearne.

  2. Anonymous says:

    just don’t pour a lot
    of salt on that bottom-
    less popcorn box.
    Hurts like hell. Takes
    lots of Kleenex and butter
    to make it feel better.
    Ask Craig Glazer about
    it some time.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kleenex and Craig Glazer? What’s that got to do with Dear John? Hearne why can’t you keep comments on your site above the junior high school level?

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