Around the World in Too Many Days


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Theatre Lover
    Mark, you’ve grown so grumpy now that you are no longer producing–you just pick those nits. I enjoyed this play VERY much! Eric Rosen is a genius. I think you’re a little jealous.

    Yes, the opening was slow, but it’s not that the main character is ‘boring’–Mark–can’t you spot OCD/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when you see it? I’d have sped up that scene–I nailed the routine the first time–but then, I have OCD!

    And how could you fail to mention the marvel of the elephant??! Did you bother to learn that they only added Passepartout’s rope swing to the elephant’s back–four days before opening night?! It was magical–one sees physical stunts all the time at Cirque du Soleil, but very seldom in conventional live theatre.

    And Mark, the story was about finding love, not just about getting from Point A to Point A. I think you completely missed the modern relevance of being able to change your point of view and actually listen to someone from another culture. Duh. If we could do that, maybe America wouldn’t be in two wars that are bankrupting us.

    This play DOES stick with you, it’s not just fluff. And while I too loved Metamorphosis and Arabian Nights, this play is not as deep but is more accessible.

    The sets were stunning–the light boxes showing which conveyance they were on, the maps, the smell of the gun battle. Come on, Mark! Maybe you should …dare I say it, travel more?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You got me there. Each to his own. I was sitting in the last row during the first Act, so I may have missed some of that. Still, I don’t think it measured up to the previous work that Lookingglass has done. And that’s no slight on Eric– he just brought this in. And bravo for that.

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