Tony: How Should We Consider Local Burlesque?

Let it never be said that I won’t give special consideration to local broads showing some skin.

Still, over the past few months that I’ve been writing for this blog I’ve become something of a burlesque expert given that I’ve attended at least 3 local shows. What I’ve seen has intrigued me. Sure, some of the performances are noteworthy but it’s an overall attitude of empowerment that sparks my curiosity. Women who wouldn’t traditionally be expected to take their clothes off in public dominate the Kansas City burlesque scene and their fans are largely female. In fact, for Valentine’s Day the Burlesque Downtown Underground is cooking up a show that I would feel comfortable taking a chick to see...if she paid.

The #1 Crush show is a BDU benefit show to help raise funds in order to fund the Summer show at The Folly Theatre for the local burlseque troop. Details:

Friday 2/12 @ 10pm
Crosstown Station
$10 at the door – doors at 9:00pm

Sure, it’s a good cause but for a night of bar hopping I’m usually focused more on entertainment and not empowerment. Maybe burlesque broads are at the forefront of Kansas City cultural trends where there is not escape from this town’s politics. Still, asking for support is an interesting spin on just putting on a good show. Most people don’t need a great many excuses to watch half naked chicks dance around. I’m just sayin’…

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4 Responses to Tony: How Should We Consider Local Burlesque?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sara B
    This site is embarrassingly content poor, a total snoozefest for out-of-touch laid-off journalists, race-baiters and KC haters

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, man, take off the clothes! Woo-hoo Hot chicks rule burlesque is for fatties but I love naked babes! You rock, Hearne!

  3. Anonymous says:

    big question
    Where’s Hearne?

  4. Anonymous says:

    big question
    Been six days since Hearne posted. Jail time, maybe?

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