Jennifer: Q And A With Elbow Glace!

Not too long ago Christopher Elbow was a dark chocolate secret among Kansas City foodies.

His creations blossomed at the American Restaurant and eventually he landed a small space in the back of a retail store in the Crossroads. The very first First Fridays were all about the elusive Elbow Chocolates. The secret got out and Christopher set up shop in his own spot inside a sleek space that echoed his minimalist packaging. Today, the First Friday energy is part of the everyday scene at Christopher Elbow.

Inside the store I stand, waiting.
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5 Responses to Jennifer: Q And A With Elbow Glace!

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    tracy thomas
    Can’t wait! This guy is a genius and a purist. I wish every entrepreneur in KC had the passion of Christopher Elbow. Thanks, Jennifer for the heads up.

  3. Anonymous says:

    tracy thomas
    Too bad he won’t be open for Valentine’s Day. My blog buddy Rick could bring me a pint, instead of arranging flowers!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tracy, funny you should mention that. I got your gift yesterday. So obviously its not flowers as they would be dead or by v-day. I will tell you this. It lights up. Also if you had previous posting you would know I plan to get your gift to you prior to V-day so maybe I can hook u up with the ice cream also. No promises. Haven’t decided if I will ship or deliver. Can’t imagine the UPS guy would want ice cream dripping on his awesome brown uniform if I decide to go that route.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Elbow is one of the good guys. There are some real a-holes in the KC Food scene. Janesko seems to know who good ones are. Tio, Elbow and the Garrelts are very cool and deserve success. Plesae stay away from some of the shameless self-serving jerks who portray a cool image, but are monsters when no one is watching. You know who they are.

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