OTC: KSU Knocks Off #1 Horns While Musburger, Knight & Rowe Discuss Hunting, Jelly Beans and Scuff Marks

Kansas State

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30 Responses to OTC: KSU Knocks Off #1 Horns While Musburger, Knight & Rowe Discuss Hunting, Jelly Beans and Scuff Marks

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would think Knight would at least be excited about another unbeaten team going down, if for no other reason than to pull a Mercury Morris and remind everyone of his ’76 Hoosiers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Musburger and Knight are highly annoying, especially in their nonchalant approach. Musburger’s problem is that he’s been a big shot for nearly 40 years and a Monday night game in Manhatten, Kan., can’t get his juices flowing. And, even since his newspaper days — which ended when CBS hired him its Sunday NFL show — he’s a bootlicker of any celebrity.

    Knight is perpetually distracted, like when he used to read his mail during his radio show at IU. However, give Knight credit for this: no analyst sees the court like he does. When he’s paying attention, he can point out things happening in the game more quickly and precisely than any other announcer in college hoops.

    Still, I agree, their ho-hum approach is an embarrassment to ESPN.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Knight and Mus(mouth)berger need to freaking go away. I’m not a big fan of Fran Frascilla, but at least the guy gets the facts straight and knows who the players are.

    Hell, the entire broadcast production was brutal.There was also a point in the game when there was live action going on (you could hear it in the background), but Knight was too busy explaining some low-post play that had happened minutes earlier and they missed about 10 seconds of action.

  4. Anonymous says:

    uh …so the focus is on ANYTHING …. BUT THE ACTRION ?? …. Good grief you are stupid, as usual.

    You assholes need to go away.

    This team does a fine job. If you idiots are unbable to wipe your asses, wash your hands or spoonfeed yourselves then maybe it time to learn.

    I am sure you would rather a fellow idiot like dickhead vitale do his stupid schictk, but I myself think this understated commentating is better, it is honest.

    Bobby Knight calls it like he sees it. I do not need anyone spoonfeeding me, I can see what is happening on the floor, and Booby is more willing to criticize officals than anyone I seen in a while.


    open you eyes, use your head ,,,, BUT MAINLY STFU!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I meant the focus on this blog thread stater and all these comments are focused on ANYTHING except the game action.

    You dumbfucks do realize there was basketball dont you? LOL @ the whiney fucking idiots.

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    grow up
    and Knight says,

  8. Anonymous says:

    John Currie is working on a huge raise and extension for Frank Martin right now. He might leave eventually, but he won’t leave after this season. The entire team is coming back next year except Clemente and Colon. KSU is not a one hit wonder.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Gotta throw a Snyder rip in there don’t you? What exactly does your gum chewer bring to the TV screen that rakes in recruits to the burgeoning metropolis of Lincoln? Jeez, has he recruited anyone by himself? The Gabberts run like hell.

    And what’s the story about Carl Pelini?


    GH: Carl screwed up, or down — maybe both. Word is this married dad got involved last year with the daughter of a big-time Nebraska booster. Booster is not happy. No word on whether or not the daughter was pleased.

    BTW: Carl has a local KC connection as well… Carl was also the head coach and athletic director at Winnetonka High School in Kansas City, Mo., from 1996 to 2000. He led the rebound of a program that had struggled prior to his arrival. Pelini’s 1997 team finished 8-2 and he was named Suburban Conference Coach of the Year. Pelini also served as the defensive coordinator at Blue Valley High School in Overland Park, Kan.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “populi” ?

    and its “could NOT care less”


    GH: Thanks for the fix, H.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Knight and Musberger didn’t bother me much. I admit they’re kinda off, yet they’re oddly refreshing. SO many announcers now are so freaking serious and just sound like guys who like to hear themselves talk.

    A big deal was made by some when John Sundvold got axed from Big Mondays. I loved it. His voice tone and cadence and the way it takes him forever to explain something drove me nuts. I like hearing how Knight is thinking during a game….to hear what he would be doing or to get his opinion on who is or isn’t playing well.

    He was very correct in K-State’s sloppy 2nd half offensive play.

    Great win by the Cats. A very good win because of their toughness and tenacity. But I’m TOTALLY unimpressed by the Longhorns. NO EXCUSE for James and Pittman to get beaten that bad by K-State’s bigs. Texas’ compsoure was lacking and their guard play makes me wonder if they can finish in the top 4 in the Big 12.

    Frank Martin IS fun to watch on TV. But his dropping of the f-bomb HAS to stop. With 57 seconds left, up by 9, Martin got in Pullen’s face and dropped at least 2 f-bombs. It’s just a bit much. How is it for people watching these games with their 8 and 10 year old kids?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is there anything more excruciating than the last 1:30 (clock time, not real time) of a basketball game when one team has a 9-point lead? The crowd just wanted to celebrate, but timeouts and fouls dragged it out to, what, 20 minutes? OF THESE KNUCKLEHEADS TALKING???

    Memo to coaches: if you’re down 3 possessions with less than 30 seconds left, STOP FOULING. IT’S OVER.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Quinn Buckner
    First of all, there is a distinction between a *meaningful* game and a *great* game, as in skillfully played. Knight was right–this was not a well played game. K-State melted down at the beginning of the 1st half, and was saved only because Texas followed their surge with its own Meltdown The Sequel. Plus the grammar-school level free-throwing, missed layups, jump shot bricks…adds up to a badly played game.

    On the General: People have long ago made up their minds about Bobby Knight. Either his basketball smarts and coaching accomplishments outweigh his crazy man antics, or they don’t. If you saw his teams play regularly in the early 70s, you might lean more toward giving him the benefit of the doubt.
    So the deal with Brent Musberger is that he’s probably one of the few or maybe the only guy available to ESPN who can work with Knight. Lots of ass kissing, but I’ll take that and all the inane hunting asides over the blustery vapidness of Vitale.


    GH: I LOVED Bobby Knight at Indiana. Season On The Brink is still my all-time favorite sports-themed book. But he simply doesn’t care about his work as a broadcaster. Maybe he just got old — whatever it is, he’s stealing from ESPN.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Quinn Buckner
    correction: k-state meltdown at the beginning of the 2nd half

  15. Anonymous says:

    Texas smells back in the game now!
    –Robert Knight

    Musberger is hard to hate. Unbelievable that ESPN would put Knight on Big Monday. I’ll take color over X and O’s any day. BRUTAL.
    Oh and yes KSU punched Texas is the gut. 1st half was as good of action as I’ve seen in a long time.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    I’m guessing Greg posted this around midnight. Listening to 810 morning show on the way in to work, I’d already heard all these comments. Those boys must have read up on the OTC before going on air.

    Old school radio: read newspaper on the air.
    New school radio: read blogs on the air.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Bobby Knight is f’n terrible. Anyone who says otherwise is retarded. That’s #1.

    #2, Texas threw so many passes away, missed so many lay-ups and had so many unforced errors, it’s almost impossible to use that game as a measuring stick for either team. It was an ugly, sloppy mess of a game.

    And #3 – Frank “I’m A Tough Guy” Martin may have his team over-achieving at home in January, but let’s see what they do on the road in Feb and March. That is, if he can go that long without ripping anyone’s head off.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Bobby Fan
    Bobby Knight is f

  19. Anonymous says:

    Great win for the Cats…don’t listen to anybody say because UT turned it over and didn’t shoot well it isn’t a good measuring stick for KSU. Yes, I’m talking to you Dexter Morgan. Beating the undefeated, number #1 team in the country is a huge feat and something that Pitt, UNC and Michigan State couldn’t do when they played UT.

    It’s an even larger feat when you consider KSU’s two best players had their worst game of the year.

    And weak low blow GH calling out Snyder’s age. Making fun of something a person can’t do anything about (like age, skin color, gender, etc) is childish…you know, like Bo Pelini nose jokes…yeah, what is the story with Carl Pelini?


    GH: I didn’t think my Snyder crack was all that brutal. The guy looks old and frail and that’s not good when you’re trying to rebuild a football program. I think his age and health will be an issue in his attempt to turn the Cats around. Pelini being ugly and a mouth breather is also not a recruiting asset, but I don’t think he’ll be hospitalized due to these ailments…unless he accepts a ride from Suh at 2:30 AM.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Evidently, you don’t watch any Cowboys games from Dallas. Jimmy Johnson racks up more visual time than the game.

    The graphics, sound effects, and constant chatter from the booth have made modern day sports almost impossible to watch.

  21. Anonymous says:

    How about Knight finding it funny that Barnes was complaining about the pushing underneath the goal. He said when we played Texas we needed King Kong under the bucket to matchup. Other than that he was awful. How about the way he’d try and call whether the free-throw was going in or not? Pitiful. I like Musberger but wow what an abortion of a game he called

  22. Anonymous says:

    you gotta love this guy frank martin.
    If he doesnt have a heart attack before
    the tourney..this guy could do big things.
    People out east love this guy. the hair..
    the clothes (mafia style)…the talk..
    the hand gestures…the walks…the stares..
    the cuss words…wow…after this year expect
    him to coach in the east…shold get his own
    reality show like MTV[‘s ‘JERSEY SHORE’…
    HE’S NOW A MADE GUY…an insider…he’s
    da man…i love this guys passion and
    fantastic win…always good to see the underdog

  23. Anonymous says:

    funny thing..i just read this hall story..
    but seemed like many of the qoutes on here
    were lifted by 810 on air crew..
    way to go hall..you’re catching up with me
    on ink and pub.

  24. Anonymous says:

    another trhing…greg…your photos need
    updating..they make you look as old as
    Hairclub for men…sy…bosley?
    And don’t knoCK old guys…they’re making
    a big statement in sports right now..

  25. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    People made up their minds about Hitler a long time ago too.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Knight is just collecting a check. His relevance on the basketball scene ended about 15 years ago with his last decent team. Brent does ok but he has to tip toe around BK who does not prepare one bit for a game. And yes Martin is doing a great job this year, but he needs to cool down a bit. That screaming and hollering will only work so long. Just ask BK.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I heard that Herman and Grandpa “created” that KSU coach “down in the lab”, you certainly can see the resemblance, and he does a great rendition of “puttin of the ritz”, but be sure to keep the fire torches away from him, he does not like fire, but besides that KSU did look great last night, the coach deserves great praise, and good job to Herman and Grandpa too.

  28. Anonymous says:

    GH: RE: Frank Martin’s future as the KSU coach, “Unfortunately, I think this is his last season in Manhattan.”

    Ah, the projecting that is Greg Hall. Teams do well that typically don’t… and we can always count on you to downplay it as a flash-in-the-pan-God-I-wish-my-Huskers-weren’t-bottom-feeders fit of envy.

    Hey Greg, does Frank Martin require being compensated in something other than money? Because that is typically all it takes to make any coach in America happy.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Rick M
    Being neither a K-State nor Texas fan, I just muted the game and instead watched it while listening to my Rise Against and Mastodon CDs. But even that wasn’t enough as it lasted over two-and-a-half hours(!)
    Guess they’ll be calling the KU-MU game next Monday so I’ll have to listen. Oh Joy.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Rush The Court » Blog Archive » ATB: An RTC Kind
    […] was an RTC tonight in Manhattan, Kansas, right?

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