OTC: Chargers Playoff Plugged Pulled Again / Jets Show Chiefs The Way

Like many Chargers fans, season-ticket holder Josh Carambas wore a dazed expression after San Diego

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18 Responses to OTC: Chargers Playoff Plugged Pulled Again / Jets Show Chiefs The Way

  1. Anonymous says:

    How can you possibly do this column without mentioning Lin Elliot?

    And I might feel some pain for Chargers’ fans except I don’t recall anyone other than Chiefs’ fans feeling sorry for the Chiefs’ fans when our team took it’s ritual postseason ass-pounding every year (when we could get into the playoffs at all, I mean). And the fact that Phillip Rivers is a loudmouth gagging dog actually makes this even more fun. I don’t know where I read this first, but it appears that the Phillip Rivers/Jay Cutler rivalry may be back on. Just not for the reasons fans of those two QBs might have hoped.


    GH: Gavin, you know I always mispell Lynn, uh, Linn, Lenny, er, whatshisname’s name. I have stripped him from my vocabulary.

  2. Anonymous says:

    wishing well
    I wish we had a professional football team in Kansas City. It seems like those towns with professional football teams have been having a lot of fun these last couple of weeks.

    been a long time, been along time, been a long lonely lonely lonely long time. : (

  3. Anonymous says:

    March on
    GH: The finality of defeat in the NFL playoffs is unlike any other tournament

  4. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    The Jet win proves two things: ONE: nobody knows anything about whats gonna happen, nobody, except Jets fans, believed the Jets would do anything this year…no broadcaster ever mentioned thme before or during playoffs going to the Super Bowl, now they might.

    TWO: You can do it in one year with the right personal and staff, we can’t but others have…maybe we can in the near future….and even great teams like the Chargers, get upset…it happens.

  5. Anonymous says:

    shit happens. It happened for the chargers kicker…it happened for the entire team.
    They got fat…complacent.
    did you see that viking locker before and
    after the game…did you see the intensity they
    had during that game from start to finish.
    Did you see the defensive line of minnesota
    foaming at the mouth..spitting before the
    game…I’ve never seen a team like that in
    my life.
    Did you see Brett sing “pants on the ground”
    video after the game and giave jared allen
    a slap on the butt.
    this team is wired…focused…hyped..juiced…
    and i ‘ve got to believe they are going to
    win it all…if not..they’ll expend every ounce
    of energy they have in thier body doing it..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ken O
    The SD loss a few years back got Marty fired…so are they going to can Turner??? How about B Schott as the Chrgers new head coach as they fire Turner and AJ Smith, now that would be “karma” for firing Marty!!!

    And it’s Ok to pull/root for the Jets with T Rich and B Schott…

    And since I’m hating, how do you spell overrated = Cowboys!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Interesting, the Jets were hardly a step above KC last year.

    One rookie HC and QB letter they’re in the AFC title game.

    KC on the other hand will have the 5th pick in the draft…..interesting.

  8. Anonymous says:

    enemy of my enemy
    argg …… WALK DE PLANK!!!

    Dar enemy of me enemy ez me friend,
    an fer uno night, TONIGHT ….. GO KSU !!!

    IF YOU FKRS FROM KSU CAN TAKE OUT TEXAS, I promise that I will REdirect every comment meant for KSU towards mu, those miserible morons at moron U deserve nothing but grog anyway …

    GO K-STATE!!!!! YEAH!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    enemy…very funny.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Bramlege is the offspring of Jack Hartman and Bobby Huggins. BEWARE! I’m seeing Purple!

    I got Clown Punched picking NFL…but its never stopped me before….round of 4– I like Saints and Colts….DOMES SUCK! Saints win it all..WHODAT!

    *Sure glad the Chiefs don’t have Jared Allen.

    *Way OT “Aziz Ansari” is the funniest man on earth right now. Please, please bring him to Kansas City!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    hehehehe, oh boy,
    maybe that is a good sign,

    if we can elicit the shortest reponse in history from jojo, maybe we can summon the BBall good to lid the baskets for Texas, and let the purple rain rain rain ….

    No matter what anyone says, Texas has not looked all that great in games I have peeked at, and it this would be a good win for KSU, but mainly a loss fot Texas, and yes, I am well aware it is prettymental to wish for teams to lose so blah blah … but hey, it is cold, there is nothing going in KC, and see to Texas lose tonight would be great.

    GO KSU!!!! for one night, but as promised, if you knock off Tx tonight, you get a season worth of reprieve in insults for at least one fan, while doubling insults flung at poor mu, and you would make mu the juniorest, of the jrBIG 12 schools.

    YOU CAN DO IT !!!! GO KSU!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    KSU is a 1.5 pt favorite
    holy crap, can this be correct, is KSU 1 1.5 point favorite in this game? WOW!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Aziz is great but Jim Norton is funnier

  14. Anonymous says:

    enemy of my enemy
    YOU ROCK!!!!!

    mu is the the bottom of the pile, the lowest of the low, columbia is the new shitpile.

    say that reminds me…

    How do you get to mu?
    go east until you smell it,
    and south until you step in it….aaaaaaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    FK TEXAS !!! fk mu…

    KSU ROCKS!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Gates is wrong it’s completely characteristic of the Chargers. Here is why I outperformed the so called experts. I’m not sold on Aaron Rogers as he hasn’t proven anything to me yet. Wade Phillips and Tony Romo have proven they are going to fail and that one win DID NOT PROVE ANYTHING, that win was uncharacteristic for them. And Norv Turner has proven he can’t win the big one. To think they got rid of Marty to replace him with a guy that has the same reputation he does, KARMA. Eventually Marty would of got them to Super Bowl.

  16. Anonymous says:

    MY BAD Ken O I hadn’t read your comments before posting mine. Don’t want to sound like a repeater.

    Greg-Their is no comparison between what Todd had to deal with and what Rex had in regards to talent. Also return to 1st grade and read the story of the tortoise and hare.

    What A load of CRAP from the Viking owner. “Find the right people, find the right plan stick with them etc.” My guess is Tarvaris Jackson would not say this was his experience. They threw out the plan the minute they realized Brett was available. Nothing wrong with that but please don’t try to sell me this sticking with people and the plan. Next NBC will say Conan wanted to leave the Tonight Show for Jay.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Guess Jimmy blew it.

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