Tony: Kansas City High Art Helps Haiti

Because I’m a horrible person I’m constantly surprised that Kansas City is full of good people willing to help out during a crisis.

In a chance meeting with Mike Savage of The Sav-Art Gallery I learned that he was one of many people taking part in local efforts to help out Haiti. In fact Sav-Art will be doing an art auction with proceeds going to directly to Haitian relief efforts. Folks wanting to boost their appreciation of local art and help a good cause can cruise over to Mike’s main gallery on 4504 State Line Rd for more details. During this weekend the local antique/artsy district will be filled with locals who have the means to save lives from afar.

Savage is quite and interesting guy and talking with him for a sec was a lot more informative than simply reading his bio.

For instance, while most of his fans might know that Mike grew up on Strawberry Hill in Kansas City, Kansas which was a Polish enclave from the days of way back. A few seconds chatting with Savage will reveal that he has an impressive mental index of bad Polish jokes.

Better still, his easygoing manner offers a bit of perspective into his painting style that’s been praised as “whimsical with lots of energy, color and movement” by his fans.

The only real contradiction in the work of Savage is the lingering question as to why he keeps schlepping his work back and forth to the Plaza every year during the X-mas season rather than just taking the big risk and sticking with the high dollar location. Word is County Club Plaza landlords are looking for a permanent artsy tenant. At this point during the Great Recession striking a lowball deal to stay on the Plaza would be a smart move according to some of Savage’s fans who mostly have only good things to say behind his back.


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One Response to Tony: Kansas City High Art Helps Haiti

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very afraid
    I wonder, beings it is all one island, Should’nt The Dominican Republic be leading this effort?

    I am shocked at the living hell this is now Haiti. I would mail them all of my money I have, if I thought it would really help, but I watched my katrina donations get spent buying ice, and refrigerators, and then later I heard they spent the last of my donations having to pay people to dispose of the ice they bought with my donations…. That is a true story.

    My real concern is…
    what happens when this happens to LA or or SanFran. Will they ALSO need our donated money?

    AND …. I WONDER….
    What is China, the richest nation on Earth, doing to help Haiti? What will China do when a catstrophe like this strikes here in the US? will they look at it as an opportunity to invade?? …..geeezzz…who knows?

    Man, we are broke. Our national guard is scattered across war zones around the world.


    one day we are paying to blow up building with our war plane drones in Pakistan,,,,spending 33 BILLION…..

    ….and the next day we are giving only 100 million to rebuild the devastated buildings in Haiti..

    THAT IS NUTS !!!

    I am very afraid of what is this is scary.

    Four days after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit, hopes of finding new survivors faded fast while US troops desperately tried to unblock the aid logjam and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton headed to the disaster zone.

    Despite complaints over coordination, vital supplies and medicines were trickling into the poor Caribbean nation after the quake that devastated the capital Port-au-Prince and much of western Haiti.

    Hampered by a lack of infrastructure and a Haiti government that admits it is no longer able to function properly, the relief effort has been slow to get into gear while the fate of whole towns and villages remains unclear.

    In a sign of growing unease, barricades of burning tires, rubble and human corpses blocked the main road out of the Haitian capital to nearby Carrefour on Saturday as residents called for piles of decomposing bodies to be removed

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