New Jack City: Star Obits Thrive, Movie Ads Nosedive & Inserts Gone Wild!

A few more gripes and observations about Kansas City’s once great daily newspaper…

Why do we always get so many DUPLICATE advertising inserts? Does the Star’s four year-old, $200 million press facility – the one it put up for sale two years ago – need a tuneup already?

Or is the circulation down so far that the newspaper needs to double, triple, even quadruple up to get rid of the inserts advertisers have paid for?

I asked a business associate recently why he still takes the paper?

“For the obituaries,” he replied.
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11 Responses to New Jack City: Star Obits Thrive, Movie Ads Nosedive & Inserts Gone Wild!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So as long as people continue to die they’ll be able to afford Whitlock.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The two days they didn’t deliver due to snow were a profitable time for them. No refund was issued unless you call and then the credit will never show up on your bill.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Tony
    I didn’t the paper for 5 days in a span of 13 days. I called each time and also talked to two different managers about the problem. Ends up that the gal who delivers in my area said she couldn’t get up our street. OK, understandable on Christmas morning, but not the other days. The delivery gal apparently drives some sort of POS small sedan-type car. She also did not call her supervisors to let them know of the “problem” driving on our street. Had she done so, the Star would have sent out their “re-delivery” person who has a much better car.

    Also, did you know that if you call in to the Star’s customer service line with a complaint about not getting your paper or it being wet that the delivery person is dinged $5 per incident? The driver in my area lost $30 just on me alone.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    The obituaries are the most read aspect of the KC Star because they are the only thing left in the paper that is actually accurate. I am actually surprised that they still print obits of conservatives. I expect pet obits any day. They will probably start printing deer obits from the cull.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Movie Information from The Star? Ha
    I would if I had a magnifying glass.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I predicted all of this LONG AGO. It all started whne TimeWarner took control of the TV section while at the same time eleiminating the on TV listings…it was just weird.
    Then the Star began trimming the TV listing…and they trimmed down to zilch……

    When they started cutting back on the TV section, I called the assholes and I spoke with the assholes, and guess what ? They were assholes … they blah blah blah etc etc e etc BS !!! .. and I told them to watch out. I said this did not bode well for my local Newspaper.

    I used to buy the paper EVERY Sunday .. but I can not remember the last I did.

    The buttfucks who want to blame other things for the death of American Newspaper are full of shit. The Newspaper killed themselves.

    There is a demise plan going on in the country, and no more paper news is a good thing for the folks with “THE PLAN”. They like us not having hard copies of things ….. ah I will not conspiracy theory,,,

    good luck to you all, sure was a nice run ….. while it lasted.

  7. Anonymous says:

    newspapers are dying..but the star still has
    300,000 subscribers but its become a
    delivery vehicle for inserts and a media source
    for auto dealers. Take those away and the star
    is dead.
    Which is bad forall of us. A daily paper allows
    us to keep up with information. Although many
    of us use the internet there are still millions
    of people who need the daily papers.
    Its all about the internet. The internet will
    end radio and t v because content will be
    aaialable on the internet that is better than
    whats on tv.
    Radio consolidatros are going broke and killing
    their media. TV is headed the same direction
    because they forgot that good content gets
    I havent reada kc star in years…i only look
    at it when its free…and theres nothing in
    it i can’t get on the internet.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I took my phone into the crapper with me today!
    Parent company will fall into the TBTF camp until they can’t juggle it anymore. Jack, is correct the debt never goes away.
    Did we think that a run on the US dollar would happen without some collateral damage.
    Plaza Step
    135th Metcalf
    1-35 and Johnson
    13th and Grand……….
    All built on the bubble.
    Extend and Pretend Baby.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jack you’ve hit it on the head. I’ve never agreed with you more

  10. Anonymous says:

    right b schloz…the bubble your buddy
    bush and the repubs built…a war that
    never ends…a failure to regulate the
    financial industry..falling asleep while the
    entire world knew a attack on the twin towers
    was coming…banks running loose…
    billions to the bankers to keep them afloat..
    billions to corruption in our country..
    no regulation on anything coming from
    china…the great bubble was built from
    2001 to 2008…and your hero…gwb gave
    billions to too big to fail banks who ripped
    us all off…
    now all you go back to work because this
    isnt going to be over quickly.

  11. Anonymous says:

    jojo..I’m not that political…look– everybody was complicit in this. From Clinton repealing Glass Steagal..pushing for “housing for all” you know the drill…Fannie Freddie the whole 9.

    Dow Jones went from 2,000 to 10,000 from 1987-2000..HUH?—-Built on credit expansion and leverage. What did we learn? Leverage swings both ways. No more shadow system to slosh up the Jet Ski’s and Orlando Vacations…that shit is gone.

    Surely you weren’t for a for quick liquidation of AIG..C..GM..letting CDS’s blow up would of turned us into MadMax.
    So its shore up the banks…Mark to Fantasy..extend and pretend and DON’T FUCK WITH THE FED! Our way in 2010 of getting the DOODOO in a position to be cordoned off and unwound. Welcome To Zombieland!

    So where is the new bubble you ask? That be US Treasuries..10YR.Bond 3.6%… are you kidding me?
    Dollar Carry is on..BRIC euphoria will also pop.

    American business is absolutely flush with $$$$, look to see M&A heat up at unprecedented levels…Merger Monday is back! Probably not a bad time to dip your beak back in the market!
    I bought shares in S last week. I’m Mental though.

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