Tony: Considering The Cheeky Ladies Of Cabaret DeLuxe

Once again I’m confronted with the subject of burlesque.

Last time around I think I might have confused a burlesque show with a strip show, so naturally I was a bit disappointed. However, the Cabaret DeLuxe included comedy and a bit of live music so there wasn’t any mistaking this for “classic” stripper fare. And, to be completely forthright, there was no way the broads in this show were going to be strippers in one of the local clubs.

Strangely, with all this in mind I approached the Cabaret Deluxe with a bit of an open mind and was rather curious about what kind of show Susanna Lee – AKA Lucky DeLuxe had put together.

Right off the bat I had to confront a few stereotypes of my own given that, like comedy legend Jerry Lewis once remarked, I never thought women were that funny.

I was tempted to write off the comedy part of the show but Lucky’s timing, schtick and jokes got better as she warmed up. Her act hosted a few raunchy lines that were downright impressive. While going over the well-covered topic of plus-sized women dating troubles it was refreshing to hear the lady admit she was looking for a man to “fuck me like I’m your last food stamp.”

So maybe I’m underestimating the whole “empowerment” angle that burlesque fans seem to accept without question. I’ve never had the urge to gawk at “real” women in much the same way that ladies aren’t beating down doors to date broke guys. Nevertheless, when Lucky started her “Call me curvy, don’t call me thick,” I got the feeling that the reason a significant number of large ladies were in the crowd wasn’t completely related to a desire to hear bawdy jokes or listen to old standards.

Annie Cherry confirmed this fact for me when I was talking to her about the renaissance of burlesque that dates back to some of the renewed interest in swing and rockabilly music that started in the 90’s. Cherry has a capable voice but I would’ve like to see more skin just because I’m a prick like that.

Still, it’s all just entertainment and engaging the crowd is what’s really important part. To wit, I would be remiss if I didn’t hit some of the show’s lowpoints. Bram Wijnands is a brilliant piano player but I didn’t feel like his heart was into this show. On his own, I could listen to him for hours but there wasn’t much synergy with the performers. Also, “Stella Blue” seemed like a sweet gal and she has competent voice but she’s not ready for a major venue like Jardine’s. I suggest she polish her act in local coffee houses or in front of smaller crowds. There also seemed to be a bit of confusion between performances during the cabaret as one burlesque aficionado remarked that there was a definite feeling of “a high school production” at times.

The redeeming point of the show was the rather sweet (faux) drunken strip tease escapade performed by Lucky set to the tune of “Too Drunk To Fuck,” the Nouvelle Vague version. I may not be a connoisseur of burlesque but there’s something about Susanna Lee’s charisma, charm and stage presence that captivates me when confronted with her big, fat ass. Watching the curvy lady prance about was definitely the highlight of my evening.

The Cabaret Deluxe might make another appearance at Jardine’s and I’m interested to see what they come up with next month and owner Beena Rajalekshimi seems interested in developing the show. There’s definitely potential there . . . but then again, creeps like me say that about all fat chicks.

Tony Botello
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  1. Anonymous says:

    nice cans

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the toughest thing for burlesque to overcome is that there have been SO many groups and SO many performers in town the last few years that it’s hard for anyone to distinguish between them by name alone. This is important, because…well, I have seen more half-assed, lousy burlesque shows than good ones. The good performers who rehearse, put their heart into it, and try to instill some production values in their shows are lumped into the same groups who hit the stage drunk and gyrate pointlessly. It’s all “burlesque”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Suzzana is a very funny comic, we’ve had her at Stanfords many times, always a great show. She is likely the best female comic in KC and a nice lady….

  4. Anonymous says:

    I liked the show but Tony is right. It needs a little polish. Nice photo by the way.

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