Hearne: Wendall Anschutz Greatest Hits

The passing of Channel 5 broadcast legend Wendall Anschutz last week is the perfect excuse to flash back KCTV anchor

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I should win the jerk of the week award for criticizing a-a great guy and legend and b-a dead guy. But you have worked with someone for over 15 years and when they are demoted you give them… roses??? Gee a lot of thought and care went into that.

    Anne’s gift was cool. But Wendall won’t win any gift giving awards.

  2. Anonymous says:

    tracy thomas
    Loved this. Hearne, you have a steel trap mind and you search the files like a crazed ferret searching for fresh lettuce. You amaze me–I had completely forgotten about the Barbie story. Thanks for digging it up. Retelling these stories really captured the essence of Wendell–a rather formal gentleman perhaps itching to break out a bit. And I did go to his website to view some of his fine Kansas landscapes. Maybe because of his fascination with flying, but Wendall painted enormous cloud structures in his western Ks. farm scenes. God help us if Katie Horner ever sees them–or she will interrupt programming to chat about them for an hour–even right during the Tony Awards!

    I thank you, Hearne, for a fitting tribute to Wendall. And yes, blogger Rick, you are a jerk. I feel sorry for anyone who must live with your nitpicking self. One karma demerit for you, Rickster. Why in the world would you look for something bad to say about a man who gives roses. Do you give roses? Or are you the kind of guy who only buys flowers when you’ve screwed up.

    Obviously, ANNE wasn’t upset–she was Wendell’s bedside with the family when he died. Now THAT is a remarkable story of partnership and caring. Good for Anne. And you, Hearne. Fine reporting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Concur with Hearne doing a great job. Concur that Anne was and is a class act. Her comments about Wendall passing were very moving. It was/is clear that her feelings and adoration for him was genuine.

    Yes I obviously was aware that some may feel my comments were that of a jerk. I’ll take that. I am also a huge Wendell fan. That being said Wendell like all of us was not perfect. And quite frankly you and I, I believe, said the same thing. You state “A rather formal gentleman perhaps itching to break out a bit.”

    My take using a different language and less tact. Wendell was a bit of a stuffed shirt. Which was common for his generation. Men were not suppose to show much emotion. Were roses after a 15 year relationship and demotion an appropriate and personal enough gift? NO. Not in my view. Were they what Wendell felt comfortable with and most likely he never gave thought to anything else. Yes, most likely.

    Tracy you seem to be an intelligent person. I’m surprised you did not see or have not encountered men, especially older ones that have trouble expressing themselves. Men are from mars women are from venus type of stuff. Anne put a lot of thought into her gift she gave Wendell and had an inscription on it. Wendell gave her roses. My guess COMPLETELY in his character. But it still doesn’t change the fact that it was lacking.

    Since you took some personal shots at me let me respond. Usually I don’t give roses. I like to buy flowers and then make my own arrangements fitting the person’s personality. Some women like plants instead of flowers because flowers die.

    So Tracy let’s put the ball back in your court. V-day is coming up. You good with flowers and a box of chocolates? And NOTHING wrong with that whole industries survive on that. Or would you like it to be different, a surprise, out of the ordinary, something memorable, something unique to just you and your personality?

  4. Anonymous says:

    How about Jerry Mazer in a Cupid outfit reading you a poem and then asking for a donation afterwords. Now that would be SOMETHING.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Rick–spare me from Jerry Mazur, puhleeze! Yes, I do love creativity, I’m an artist and writer. And I am impressed that you can and do arrange flowers. I agree flowers and chocolates are not a great gift. Sounds like you have already mastered this.

    I do think one needs to not KICK THE DEAD or criticize them when they cannot blog back. You have no idea if management was involved in the orchestration of their farewell event. You judged without investigation. It’s just tacky.

    I could ask Charlene Pryor, I guess, she’s an editor there, and painter, who knew Wendall well, since they painted together in Robert Von’s studio. But despite any facts, it’s just icky to criticize someone the month of their death.

    For many years I have been on Hearne’s case to NOT kick the dead. He finally had a breakthrough on that bad habit. So I am at least consistent in my harping on my theme, and that meant calling you out, Rick. You sound charming.
    I invite you to surprise and delight me, Feb. 14, Rick! I’m easy to find.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Concur it is tacky to speak ill of the dead. Feb 14th…u got to be kidding. A-Their is no surprise or creativity in that. Everyone is doing something on that date. What’s the fun in that. Much better to surprise you on a day you don’t expect.

    2-It’s a mad house on the 14th. Lucky those poor delivery drivers don’t kill each other.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Tracy Thomas
    Wow, Rick–
    You TOTALLY surprised me Feb. 12 with the singing bear and the fiber optic light show and the propeller fan!! You completely made my day/weekend/month!!! I agree, I love surprises on a non-expected day. As opposed to “days of obligation”, I think the Catholics call them.

    Your gift was remarkable, “just right” as Goldilocks would say about the porridge. You came through for me, when so many men have disappointed me over the years. Five karma points, Rick!!! Hope you find this note, or I guess I’ll blog you when you blog on a current Hearne post.

    He taught me how to navigate this unsearchable site: instead of scrolling endlessly, you google the subject, combined with KCconfidential, and Google takes you right to the post.

    Hope to meet you someday, Rick. You are a keeper.
    tracyadv@gmail.com 962-1100

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