Holy Guido Toledo: KC Refugee Tears It Up on Facebook!

Once upon a time, in a place far away – Blayney’s in Westport – there was a band called 4 Sknns...

It was the 1980s and tunesmith Joe “Guido Toledo” Welsh was at the top of his game. Sure, he would later move to Nashville and sell out by performing corporate rock for Wal-Mart, but the real question was, would he lose his edge?

Now, thanks to the miracle of Facebook, we can attempt to answer that question.

For starters Welsh describes himself as a “Fifty-something Muso meandering through the world wide web with the rest of humanity, looking for a dry place and a smiling face!”

His religious views: “I believe dinosaurs once ruled the Earth and that there is life elsewhere in the Universe.”

Check out Welsh answers in Facebook’s “about me” section.

“About Me:

Enough about me. What about YOU?

What do YOU think of ME?


I used to model short and squat fashions for J.C. Penney catalogs.

I can make my own clothes. I love to cook food that is really, REALLY bad for you. My specialty is Teddy Bear Meatloaf.

My hair was once called “the Rings of Saturn”.

I’m sick & tired of buying clothes to make myself look younger. Going forward I’m only gonna’ buy clothes that make me look like Raymond Burr.

I cannot look at pictures of food on menus.

I am afraid of clowns, especially if I see one smoking a cigarette.

I cannot watch obese people eat.

I’m the only guy I know who doesn’t “text”. If you look at or make a text while I’m standing there talking to you I will walk away.

I get all weepy when I go whale watching. I have fallen in love with Humpback Whales. I knoowww!

And pics of my granddaughter make me tear up as well. I knooowww!

I am a coffee snob. I also only eat one brand of Italian sausage and red sauce from Scimeca’s in Kansas City. And the ONLY BBQ sauce I use is Gates regular, also from KC.

I HATE broccoli. My Mom was a terrible cook, so I blame her for this. Also cauliflower. Both make me gag. She could fry anything and make it good but veggies? She cooked the frickin life out of them.

I have no patience and can’t stand bullsh*t, so I never leave the house. Except to work or to got to Cape Cod.

My only real goal at this point in my life is to own a tiny beach property in Sandwich, MA.

I have in my will that my ashes are to be scattered half in the Atlantic Ocean and half at Fenway Park.

I don’t understand what happened to us as humans after 9/11.

I can’t stand the constant political bickering and confrontational rhetoric and posturing.

I’m sure I’ll think of some more…”

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3 Responses to Holy Guido Toledo: KC Refugee Tears It Up on Facebook!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Highway Star
    Those were the days my friends..I freekin hate that I say that, I said I never would …but it is true. Those days at Blaneys when they played were so fun. Before DUIs were so serious, before terrorism before the modern BS terror wars for profit …..dang it was fun..and guido toldeo was a great frontmen,,,so much fun .They used to start a song (I foget which one now ) and then … lo and behold it would blend perfectly in to Highway Star( Deep Purple) It was a discovery, for me anyway, about haow som any songs have the exact same muscial setup……pretty awesome..and it is awesome hearne did this lil thing..

    I dont know where the heck his MA. comes from …but I wish him well, ya gotta love / admire a guy who says …..

    “the ONLY BBQ sauce I use is Gates regular, also from KC”


    “I have no patience and can

  2. Anonymous says:

    J. Edgar Hoover
    Why does this post feel like reading somebody’s mail without his permission?

    Could you let us know where Guido lives so we can go through his trash cans?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Joe Guido Welsh
    Hey, thanks, Hearne! I’m honored y’all remember old Guido!

    And, J Edgar… I leave my trash out on Wednesday nights.

    I do miss Kansas City. I visit oldkc.com when I need a fix of Old Kansas City.

    Still home to the best Italian food and BBQ in the world!

    New music on my FB page….. Joe Guido Welsh

    Cheers and Happy New Year!

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