Size Matters: You Got it, You Blur it, it’s Still Fuzzy

Gotta love it when anonymous, fictionally-named “reporters” lay down non-expose, exposes…

Such was the case today with the KC Tribune’sAnita Gadfly” and her attempt to fashion a mini controversy about Web traffic. For starters the basic premise of Ms. Gadfly’s post was bogus:

“Whose is bigger?” her headline queried. “A small kerfluffle erupted online recently here in Kansas City about web traffic and whose is bigger,” she continued.


Gadfly’s story centers on a couple posts and comments made by myself and

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2 Responses to Size Matters: You Got it, You Blur it, it’s Still Fuzzy

  1. Anonymous says:

    midtown miscreant
    Internet pissing matches, dick measuring, and blog wars drive traffic. The uglier they get, the more traffic they draw. Having engaged in a few myself I can attest to a decent bump in numbers.TKC is a decorated veteran of the blog war, so he can attest to the added numbers they bring. Sounds like KC Tribune might want some much needed boost in numbers. After posting my comment about your numbers, which by the way wasn’t combative, I did a little research. I tried 3 or 4 different websites that track hits. They had me drawing between 40 hits a day, to like 15 million. Turns out the 15 million counted traffic to blogger, and not just my site. My actual numbers run from a couple hundred to 1000, depending on who links me, or if I get hits from google searches. RSS feeds also jink the numbers, because they dont always show up in your traffic stats. However many hits KCC is actually getting is kind of a moot point. You are getting paid, and thats more than most can say.

  2. Anonymous says:

    jojo imposter
    I can assure you i can tell the difference between 10 and say 7 inches.

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