New Jack City: AMC lays down the Law!

First AMC slapped our hands for contraband candies
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9 Responses to New Jack City: AMC lays down the Law!

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey jack…stop the phony german accent…you’re
    older than hitler and the accent shold have
    worn out by now…
    I’ve been to hundreds of movies hearne/jack
    and I”ve never had a problem with anyone in the
    Where do you guys go? The hood?
    So far in all my years..i’ve never seen anyone
    wearing a mask..displaying a shotgun…completely nude…flipping someone
    the finger…so where do you guys go to watch
    movies and see this kind of behivaior.
    Maybe you urban guys need to move out to where
    people act like humans and follow rules..
    come see a movie at town center ande see how
    reall people react…but don’t stay too long..
    leawood police will arrest you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pee wee
    As long as I keep my pants on, I can still touch myself correct? Its why they invented a zipper

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dino Martini
    Those are all good and all, but the reserved seating is a pain in the ass.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I really like the reserved seating. No more getting to the theater a little early, getting settled, then right before movie time, the late crowd arrives and can’t believe the whole tribe can’t get seats together in the middle of the auditorium. And no more having to “move together” to accomodate the late arrivers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Johnny P
    These rules are fairly standard and this article is pretty useless. Common sense should be used at all times, even in the movie theater. Put your damn phone on vibrate Jack

  6. Anonymous says:

    Reserved seating is ok, but the Fork and Screen in Olathe had an inaccurate online seating chart when I went to see Avatar with my daughter a few days ago. Our assigned seats were shown as together on the chart when I ordered, but when we went to the auditorium, they were separated by a wide aisle. It was a big hassle to have to go talk to the adolescent “coincierge” whose solution was to shrug his shoulders.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey Johnny P.
    I don’t take my cell phone into the theatre. It stays in the car.
    But it’s not the vibration that irritates the hell out of me—after all I like a little vibration in my pants—it’s the glowing light of the cellphone in the dark auditorium that’s so damn distracting!
    So to those inconsiderate Illoustrious Basterds who feel they mast check or send message during the movie, may an entire crazed Kansas City snow removal crew date your sister.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    people who light up dark theaters with their mobile phones should be removed and have the device forcibly inserted into an orifice.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    I am a recovered A-Hole texter. I used to blackberry my tail off. I thought I was very freaking cool. But guess what–? I do not text anymore. NEVER. Now I send clients well thought out, and articulate e-mails from my desk that have minimal to zero typos. If I have to deal with an emergency, I immediately find a quiet place, away from other people to make a phone call. I am not being self-righteous. It just works for me. My sales are way up in a recession, and I do not look like an A-Hole.

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