Tony: KC Drunks Have Bigger Problems Than Holiday Cab

Just a quick reminder to Kansas City party-goers who want to continue lying to themselves about the nature of their alcohol dependency: Don’t Drive Drunk.

While I’d love to mock the missteps of some of the influential people who read this blog, I don’t want anybody killed in the process.

So, despite the fact that Holiday Cab isn’t exactly free and a great many people complain about the slow pickup times. It’s better to bother a sober friend or acquaintance than end up with your face held out for mockery all over the Internet or, even worse, the street.

Holiday Cab will be offered from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m., Jan. 1, courtesy of Yellow Cab. To book a ride, call is (816) 777-1115. It’s much easier than a DUI or actually dealing with the underlying psychological demons that contribute to alcoholism.

Tony Botello
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2 Responses to Tony: KC Drunks Have Bigger Problems Than Holiday Cab

  1. Anonymous says:

    Matt Helm
    Yellow Cab service sucks and they never apologize. Its PR 24/7 with shit service. Most regular riders wouldn’t ride with them if every night included a $25 “handout fare”. Tony has embarrassed himself proffing such bullshit company.

  2. Anonymous says:

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    I was just talking with my coworker about this yesterday at the resturant. Don’t remember how in the world we got on the topic actually , they brought it up. I do remember eating a excellent chicken salad with sunflower seeds on it. I digress…

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