Hearne: K.C. Confidential Wants You!

Heading into 2010, K.C. Confidential wants to up the ante…

That’s right!

Our newly-redesigned Web site is on its way so it’s time to boost the body count! Music, news and opinion writers, step up, be counted. Photographers, cartoonists, artists – we want to hear from you too. Sales, marketing and promotions people – come on down!

Look, there’s a ton of Internet action out there – Web sites and blogs that look good but are embarrassingly content poor and/or snoozefests.

They come and they go.

Who needs a place to take an online nap anyway?

Check out that new Web site with the huge billboard downtown. Exciting, huh?


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One Response to Hearne: K.C. Confidential Wants You!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sara B
    Internet snoozefest, eh boys? Yeah, I take one right here after I check out your daily Internet dump-fest.

    Who would honestly want to work with you guys?

    Hey kids! Come party with Hearne and Tony at Jardine’s. Flip off the camera and forget your forty and fifty-something cares! Get a DUI! Talk shit on your old pals at the Star! Look at soft-porn with Tony!

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