Storm Swami Lezak Conducts Touchdown Dance Over Holiday Blizzard

When you’re hot, you’re hot…

Which is a bit of a contrast when the topic involves ice and snow, but that’s not stopping KSHB weather wonk Gary Lezak from celebrating the successes of his newly developed weather casting system.

“You know, right now I’m at the place of the incident where Breezy bit you,” Lezak says. “But oh boy, what a storm! Do you realize that I predicted this storm on december first, 24 days before it happened? And I did a 12 days of Christmas (forecast) predicting it two weeks before using my LRCLezak’s Recurring Cycle. I have a business called LRC ( and we provide forecasts for companies so they can be prepared. Like snow removers. And using my theory we can give them advance notice and we did.”

As for the White Christmas most Cowtowners bunkered for, “We just had a four day snowstorm – measurable snow on all four days,” Lezak says. “That’s very unusual; four days in a row of accumulation is amazing.”

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2 Responses to Storm Swami Lezak Conducts Touchdown Dance Over Holiday Blizzard

  1. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Boy did that suck, just what we needed in this economy was being shut down for the entire weekend….hope that doesn’t happen again…oh, yeah, there was our white xmas…fun, huh…

  2. StevenB says:

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