Glazer: Comments King Weighs in on Tiger, Cheech, DUI

The truth is fairly simple: Tiger Woods will be bigger and richer than ever before – no doubt about it…
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  1. Anonymous says:

    whens the movie coming out? Any updates on

  2. Anonymous says:

    Craig interesting take but totally off base. Let’s take some of your guys and respond.

    JFK-His lifestyle was only revealed long….. after he was dead. So middle America did not know about his lifestyle while he was living. Though it was well know by insiders. Quite frankly back in those days he would of never won reelection and no way a divorcee would of been considered a candidate. My proof of this-see Gary Hart he came literally decades after Kennedy. See Ted Kennedy. Now an affair would be no big deal. But it was not accepted in his day. So bad example.

    Brad Pitt. I don’t think their is any solid evidence that he had an affair on his wife though it was suspected.

    Bill Clinton. Good example but Bill wasn’t doing endorsements. He wasn’t a brand except for the Democratic party and you saw how Al Gore ran from him when he ran. Also a key for America is simple. If the wife forgives they will forgive. Doesn’t appear that is going to apply with Tiger.

    Let me counter with a Bill, Bill Cosby. Once it was found out he had affairs and illegitimate children no more pudding pop sales.

    Tommy Chong. Part of Tommy’s comedy and humor was the usage of drugs. So yeah that had no impact on his comedy. It would of been like Dean Martin getting a DUI.

    Martha Stewart. Did you not catch her interview about the MILLIONS and MILLIONS she lost.

    Kobe was found not guilty and apologized to the public via television. Tiger has chosen a very impersonal and NON HUMANIZING route of posts on his web site. That ain’t going to wash.

    Next I’ll respond to why u r wrong about Tiger and the difference between him and others.

  3. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Rick, so you want to debate this, ok….simply put, all of these and hundreds more celebrities have had scandal, true a few did not bounce back, ala Pee Wee Herman(though he is doing ok now), but at Tigers level no matter what you say here…all those folks continued to be wealthy,high profile, and sought after…I don’t agree Kennedy was not going to be re-elected, but we will never know. Maybe John F. was not the best example, since he died in office, however he is still beloved now even though America knows he was a player during his marriage to Jackie. He is still considered, right or wrong, a top name president of all-time with Lincoln,Washington,F.D.R. and maybe Ronnie…he’s up there, right?

    Yes the public did hear Brad was with his current gal during his time with Jennifer,but all that said(People)my point is still the same, if Tiger wins, he stays right on top….Cosby is very, very rich, and still a legend in comedy entertainment.

  4. Anonymous says:

    But Craig your point isn’t that he/they will stay rich. You state “Tiger will be bigger and richer then ever before-no doubt about it” Obviously I have doubts. More within the next hour.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why Tiger won’t be richer and he will take a serious hit (actually he already is as sponsors are dropping him left and right).

    Tiger situation is unique. First off this does not humanize him. We’re not talking about a guy that had an affair. Or maybe a couple of affairs. This is a guy that is a serial adulterer. He is up to 14 total women that he was having an affairs with. Many simultaneously. The term sex addict has come up when speaking about him. Is that NORMAL? Yeah maybe in my fantasizes I’ve wished to have a Hiram of women. But the reality is most men are not doing this nor can they relate to this.

    Craig how many sponsors is Hugh Hefner doing ads for? Has the play boy ways of A-Rod and Derek Jeter helped them land sponsorship deals? Does anyone remember when Wade Boggs came out and confessed he was a sex addict? Did that earn him extra $$$$$? When Evil Kenviel was arrested right here in Kansas City for soliciting a prostitute that helped his career how? Craig you are old enough to remember the first head coach of the Comets who was fired for the same charge. Apparently it didn’t make him more attractive to sponsors as they tried to get the team off the ground. How much did the gambling scandal help the greatest baseball player in history?

    So the idea that Tiger is going to come back from this and be this bigger, better, badder star is just ridiculous.

    The sponsors WON’T be lined up for him when he returns. They won’t want their product identified with him. Eventually just like with Kobe he’ll get some. But it will be no where like what he pissed a way.

    You are right when he comes back it will get HUGE coverage. Just like the Michael Jackson trial. But you are confusing morbid fascination and a tabloid mentality with popularity. These are different things. We wanted to see if Micheal’s nose would follow off in the trial and hear the gruesome details. That didn’t mean we liked him. We want to know what Tiger will say and if he can still win. That doesn’t mean we like him, will buy products he endorses, or want him as a role model for our kids (which any parent that would look to a public figure as a role model has issues anyway but that’s another topic).

    Will Tiger still make boatloads of money from golf? Yeah. If he wins. He’ll also, at least initially attract huge crowds.

    The bigger winners in all this besides attorneys. Media-lots of magazines sold and rating for this story. His wife, she is sympathetic, relate-able, strong, beautiful, a mother. She if she chooses can write a book, get millions to stay silent, grab bucks for a TV interview, return to modeling. Some of the “other” women are garnering attention but it will be short lived.

    Now to respond to your response. Again I can assure you Kennedy wouldn’t of been reelected. The Gary Hart deal proves that point.

    Brad and Angeline have both denied they were involved while he was married. Did the public hear of them having an affair. Yes. But that does not make it accurate. Is everything heard and reported about you accurate?

    I think we concur on the rest. Yes, if Tiger wins he stays on the top. But that is just logical. If Greg Norman wins he stays on top.

    Yes all you mentioned continued to be wealthy, high profile, and sought after. But that doesn’t mean they were what they were before, they achieved a greater success, or they achieved as much as they could of if they had stayed out of trouble.

    All that being said their are those that have achieve fame based on bad behavior, i.e. Paris Hilton. But Tiger will loss more then he will ever have gained form this scandal.

    And bottom line. He was an idiot to cheat on her. She is a goddess. Now he is a walking STD.

  6. Anonymous says:

    hollywood hal
    Craig: What’s up with your new movie?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tony’s scabies
    Umm, people … sodomy is a crime in almost every state. Tiger and his stable of whores committed many, MANY crimes … allegedly.

  8. Anonymous says:

    glazer imposter
    Now that Charlie Sheen took a knife to his wife’s throat he will be a bigger star. This humanizes him and makes him more relate able because haven’t we all wanted to kill the *itch in our lives. Maybe he can sell Ginsu knifes. Him and OJ should hang out because OJ was pretty much a no body until he hacked off a couple of heads. And if Charlie and his wife break up watch OUT!!!! The ladies will be lining up for him.

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